Monday, April 25, 2016

Pregnancy Favorites

pregnancy favorites

These are always helpful to me so I wanted to round up my tried and true favorites from this pregnancy. Every pregnant woman wants to avoid stretch marks like the plague and so far I have lucked out again. My skin is always on the drier side so I don't know how it's managed to do this well with no stretch marks for 2 pregnancies {come on baby girl, let's not start that now!}. My morning routine includes the mustela cream {such a good cream, pricey but WORTH it} and at night I use the coconut oil. It is a pressed oil so just scoop a little out, warm it up in your hands and put it on.

Sometime this winter I broke out in dry patches on my sides, which ended up being eczema after a visit to the dermatologist. Good news: my skin looked great for my yearly checkup! She recommended always using a good body soap like Dove {not a place to skimp}, and then within three minutes of getting out of the shower I must put on a cream- {no lotions or anything coming from a pump}! This cerave was her choice and I am hooked. Good for anyone, pregnant or not, and my dry skin issues are resolved on my body. That is a great feeling!

I tried lots of maternity jeans and AG was my favorite this pregnancy. The legging jean is so comfortable and flattering, and the belly part is not too low which was my complaint about so many other brands. I have the Hailey shorts and they are just as amazing! My advice is to invest in a good jean or short {or both, in my case} depending on what season you are in. Take them off at the end of the day and wash and wear them again, over and over! Fit is key.

I never found a true favorite maternity legging this time around, which was disappointing. I had my issues with each, and nothing compared to my love: the live in legging by Zella. I am still wearing these at 33 weeks, stretching the heck out of them, but they work! Nothing sucks you in like Zella, and I stand by that! Since summer is coming up, the capri version would be another pick.

I have had so many allergy issues, colds, and even a stomach bug this pregnancy. Combine all that with getting up to use the bathroom numerous times a get a tired Momma. Thankful for my eye cream that combats those dark circles better than any other eye cream I know of. Yep, I'm a consultant and I swear by it. I'm happy to chat if you have questions. Whether Rodan + Fields annoys you or works.

I have loved these boyfriend t-shirts for days when you could care less and just want to throw on a t-shirt. These work instead of having to go through my husbands drawer for one!

There are a few other fun items that have been a big part of baby #2 like Zantac, Tums and Sprite. Also worth mentioning, I really wanted a pregnancy pillow to work out for me but I just did not like the feeling of confinement with the shape of the pillow. I like to be able to move and the pregnancy pillow made that more difficult. Instead, I found a firmer {think, cheap} regular size pillow that I could use to support my side. I know so many women swear by the pregnancy pillows, it just wasn't for me!

If I'm missing anything, send me your favorites to make these last 5 weeks go smoothly! 


Natalie H said...

All great options! I could not get into the pregnancy pillow either. It just never worked for me and it felt so bulky in my bed. I had heartburn 10x worse the second time around, now idea why either.

Megan said...

I need to get some Zella leggings; I never found a pair of maternity ones that I really liked and now I'm too far along to bother. The zella ones sound like they would be perfect for post-baby too!!