Friday, April 29, 2016

Mothers Day Gift Guide

I've always tremendously valued my Mom and celebrating her on Mother's Day, but once you become a Mom, you realize how special it is not only to be a Mother, but to be honored by those that love you. The older I get the more I realize just how much my Mom has done for me and continues to do. Mom's deserve it all, really! Nothing means more than quality time, sweet gestures and genuine love...but these ideas below certainly don't hurt!

mothers day

This pretty andy bracelet is beautiful for any mother at any age. Keep it classic with a pearl stone. It always feels good to have a cute new pair of flip flops. I love these jelly flip flops, and you could add a pedicure gift certificate to go the extra mile. I included two of my favorite perfumes: peony and blush suede and wood sage and sea salt. I wear these year round, sometimes even layered. I love the way Jo Malone scents age throughout the day! It's fun to drink out of a cute mug and I choose this take a bow mug. This lulie wallace candle would be pretty on a bedside table, especially on the coast! These tassel earrings are the perfect amount of fun for a summer night. Y'all know how I am about my robes. Gotta have a good one and this waffle knit robe is the perfect weight for summer! You can't be sweating while you get ready now. For the classic blue and white lover, I love the double happiness pot...add a sweet flower to make it extra special and sweet.

For the record, sweet husband... I will take the robe, earrings and bracelet. Love you, mean it! ;)


Calypso In The Country said...

Beautiful gift ideas! I love Joe Malone perfumes. I have one of them but every time I am out shopping on spray on a few more. I can't believe it's almost May!

Zelle B. said...

Love your picks! That pot is the prettiest!

Southern Style

Chelsea said...

Great gift ideas Chelsea @

Susan Hillmann said...

Thank you for the sweet comments, feeling so blessed :) Being a Mother is hard work, and never ends, but make no mistake, it's the most important job you'll ever do........ Love all of the gift ideas, by the way!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

That bracelet is gorgeous!