Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sale Review - My Picks

Since the Nordstrom sale is wrapping up, I figured I would do a review on what I purchased {and what I think I might be ordering shortly!}

This was my first pair of Onzie leggings and I can't stop wearing them. The fabric is almost like a swimsuit material and is supposed to be great for when you sweat during a workout. Love these and their fun colors, and I really don't mind paying $36 for a good quality pair. Here is a similar pair of tennis shoes- I'm an Asics convert.

My Mom got me this pullover and I didn't waste any time wearing it around the house even though its a heatwave right outside my door. I will live in this thing this winter and I might order another color! {Sorry for the bad lighting}

I bought this bag for a cheapy way to carry around Weeks' stuff when we are out to dinner, etc and not have to worry about food/spills/drinks etc. Looks really nice for a cheap pricetag!

I mentioned this body set (currently sold out but here is the body wash) and it is truly delightful and an insane deal! I bought the body wash last year and loved the delicious scent while showering. This set came with a shave cream which is so much better than your drugstore brand, I promise you! The body cream is amazing as well. So worth it. If you broke down the cost of these it isn't too far off what I would have payed per item for the nicer drugstore brands.

I bought these boots but they hit me in a weird place on my leg so I sadly returned them. I thought I either needed to be a little taller or a littler shorter! Still in love with the style though. 

As I've mentioned before, I am obsessed with these Zella leggings. These are the capris I'm wearing in this pic at the Greenbrier after a long trail {excuse the rugged appearance!} And I did get another pair of the full length leggings too- they are too good of a deal and you will be wearing them all fall and winter!

Normally, I do not shop all at once this much but as everyone knows- these prices go up after the weekend and it is the one time of year I really "stock up" on things I can't buy here in town {always shop local first!}

Now decision time...which booties....these or these? I'm thinking the wedge. A lot of the sweaters are almost sold out from this post, I should've taken advantage of those sooner!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Living Room E-Design #2

This design was created for a reader with a growing young family that wanted to inject some color into the space. They pretty much had a blank slate except for the dark brown furniture, which we needed to make work. I was excited for the challenge! Here is what I came up with....

E-Design #2

And here is where we started:

We definitely need to add some pattern to break up the brown furniture and add some life to the space. I love this combination of pillows: an animal print that is so versatile (I think I am ordering it myself!), a fun floral and an easy stripe. I would buy the largest size possible and use the same size down inserts so they are really "full". I think having a rug and drapes would really make things cozy. I kept those neutral so she could change up the  look later on down the road if she wished. Personally, I am one that adds in certain pillows at Christmas etc, and its nice to have a neutral backdrop. Artwork is very personal, but I chose this one to pull out the blue from the floral. I love it! Totally a personal preference, but I think this one doesn't compete with other prints on the pillows, etc. I think adding the glam factor with metallic lamps and a mirror over the fireplace (not pictured) would be really fun. Although the above design shows the large artwork in between the windows, it would be more ideal on the large blank wall. A framed, smaller piece of artwork in between the windows would be perfect! Also, painting or whitewashing the brick is always an option to keep lighten up the space a tad!

What do y'all think? I have to be honest, this design has completely turned my opinion around on dark brown furniture. Having a leather chair with layers of texture seems so cozy...especially with fall right around the corner!

As always, email me if you would like to discuss an e-design. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Blue and white for days...

Ain't no shame in my game, I am a true lover of blue and white. It not only applies to my home, but also my wardrobe. Blue and white is such a classic look and one that I can reach for in my closet for an easy, well put together style. I rounded up some of my current favorites in this tried and true colorway...heck this may even become a regular occurrence because it was that fun to browse!

blue and white for days
peplum top / seaport plaid top /  vintage scarf dress / wrap front blouse {more colors & on sale!} / double happiness jar / vase  / acanthus pillow {on major sale!} / knob / towels

I also have my eye on this happi coat...adorable. Wouldn't these be such cute bridesmaid gifts? 

Any fun plans for your weekend? I had to miss out on a shower and bachelorette party tomorrow night for my sweet sister-in-law to be so I'm a little bummed. It was just too far and a stretch for my little family for me to make it all that way. Instead, I will probably be working around the house and still catching up on things. Tough call but I know its the right thing for us after just being gone a whole week! Did I mention Weeks got car sick on our way home? Now THAT was a fun mess to clean up in the middle of nowhere! Poor buddy! Anyway, I hope your weekend is wonderful! xo.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DIY Industrial Gold Curtain Rod + Hemming Drapes

Hey y'all! I crossed off one of my to-do list items for summer this weekend and it felt so good. One room that is relatively untouched in our fixer upper is the master bedroom. It is pretty much a blank slate but I am slowly adding touches here and there to make it come together. The whole project was very painless on the DIY scale. {Sometimes I bite off way more than I can chew, but that was not the case on this one!!} We didn't have any major plans for the weekend and stopped in Lowes Saturday morning. Since Stephen was with me, I felt way less intimidated heading into the plumbing section for my supplies. I have been wanting to do this forever but always had another project lined up ahead of it. It was the perfect time to get what I needed! Here was my list of supplies, however I won't do a full tutorial here because it has been done well other places {I used this one}. 


(1) 1/2" wide pipe {measure your window and add several inches, according to your preference}
(2) 1/2" floor flanges 
(2) 1/2" x 2 1/2" nipples  {a man must have come up with this name..only in the plumbing section!}
(2) 1/2" 90-degree elbows
Goo Gone
Glass Cleaner or other general cleaning spray
Screws and Wall Anchors

I knew I wanted my rod to be gold so there was a little prep work. I took off all labels and tape from the pipe and doused it in Goo Gone, then cleaned it up with some glass cleaner and water. After all of the parts were dry, we assembled the rods and I spray painted them with this and let them sit overnight because it was dinner time. 

Sunday, I had to unscrew one end to add my curtain rings on {I already owned them and just spray painted them as well}. After the measuring, up they went. The rod itself is heavy and my drapes were too, so we used drywall anchors. I added a little touch up paint on the screws and it was a done deal for the rod! So easy.

Next, I attached my drapes. These drapes were in our living room in our last house and were a wonderful present several years ago. I am still not tired of the classic, neutral colors and they are proving their worth by working in multiple rooms! Unfortunately, they had to be hemmed because we had a story and a half in our old living room, making for extra long drapes. It was painful to cut the beautiful hem off of these  but they look just as good as ever! Here is my method of hemming...I have had to do this multiple times in this house already and I personally think it is the most painless {no sewing required}.


The easiest way for me to do this is while the drapes are hanging. Sounds sort of crazy, but if I do it while they are hanging I know I will get the exact length I want. Also, have you ever tried to hem a drape {or sew one} with 3+ yards of fabric getting tangled up? I make way to many mistakes when there is excess fabric in the way, so this is a simple way to keep it contained.

1) Hang your drapes!

2) Pin the new hem in place as you want them to hang. I like mine just touching the floor. Also, in my case, I had 10 inches or so of excess fabric so I went ahead and cut off about 6 to get rid of the weight, making it easier to get a straight hem.

3) After they are pinned, pull them onto your ironing board and press your new hem line in place (starting with around 6 inches or so to start). I do this first, even though its still pinned, in case I lose pin or it slides.

4) Once you have pressed your hem, slide a piece of hem tape under your fabric and follow the directions on your package. It usually takes my iron a little steam to really get the tape to stick.

5) Work your way across the rest of the drape, pressing the hem in place and adding your tape underneath. If you have a lining, you may have to repeat this step to get that layer to hold up too. After you have your new hem in place, you can trim off any excess fabric and make it as neat as possible.

6) My fabric was extra thick on the ends so I pulled out the hot glue gun because the heat from the iron wouldn't work through 6 layers of fabric and lining.

Works like a charm and I would never be able to tell this was a no-sew job!

I found the chair at a consignment shop recently and immediately snagged it. The throw on the ottoman is also vintage and I got it for Christmas. It can be a tablecloth or bed throw- so pretty with some pink embroidery. I just got this new-to-me print from this shop last week and wasted no time framing it. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Sale is Public...

I gathered up some of my favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale from last week and added in some others that have caught my eye over the past week. If you don't buy anything else, indulge in in that amazing whish body set or the will not regret it! See below for the rest of my finds! 

accessories NORDSTROM

Right now I am looking for great deals for transitioning my wardrobe over to fall. Think light sweaters, jackets and booties you can wear with dresses! 

A few other things worth mentioning....
This drum basket is perfect for corralling toys, blankets, extra throw pillows. Love the design! If you are in the market for pretty bath towels, I love this jacquard bath towel and hand towel set. So cute and the blue is beautiful! This sierra rug is so fun, I think it would be great for a back door entry, hiding lots of dirt! ;) And last but not least, these are my two favorite handbags from the sale: plaque tote and the take your marc hobo----the color is divine.

What are your picks? I am really having a hard time narrowing down what I will buy without going overboard!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Back from Vacay + Prime Day!

So I'm sure if you follow me on instagram, you are well aware where we went for our family vacation the past five days. We spent an amazing five days at The Greenbrier in West Virginia with Stephen's family. There was something for everyone and endless eye candy in the form of gardens, interior design, golf courses, tasty food and drinks, and natural landscapes. It was truly wonderful and we had such a hard time leaving. Of course, when we finally arrived home after the long car ride, it was so nice to be home. I took A TON of pictures because I am so excited to share on here how beautiful the resort was, and for our memories, but also I took them because I would love to do some paintings based on some of my favorite spaces there. I can't wait to share! The good news is, the camera and the resort itself did the work so I shouldn't need a bunch of editing. I still have pictures from our anniversary trip to The Grove Park Inn, plus many more occasions I have fallen behind on posting...maybe one of these days I will catch up! :) 

Ok, so in the meantime, I am going to be browsing the Prime Day sale for the next hour or so. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you are eligible for the exclusive deals that are only available today. Yes, a few more hours! Luckily, you can sign up quickly here if you are not, and if you are already a member...well, you know how easy it is to shop and check out. 

I started my membership right after Weeks was born and haven't look back since. Back then, I mainly was ordering baby items {diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, nipples, cups, etc} and since then I have expanded into buying so much more. I actually don't buy a ton of every day items there at the moment, but more so things that are harder to find in a small town. I am looking into the "Pantry deal" where you can fit a bunch of items in one box for flat fee. Here is a random, but true list of what I have purchased in the last two months.

-Oakley Sunglasses {Stephen's birthday}
-iGrill thermometer {Stephen's birthday}
-Color Proof Leave in Conditioner {smells like cake batter!}
-Soy Tri-Wheat Conditioner Spray {what can I say, I like conditioner?!}
-Ikea Ritva Curtains {I needed them in a pinch and the closest Ikea is 5 hours away!}
-Freya Beach Candy Swimsuit Top and Bottom {not prime, but free shipping!}

Other times, I am spending my money on various home improvement items that might be hard to find. I've bought a tile transformation kita robe hook, a great scrub brush and even a paint sprayer

Anyway, back to the sale- there are various deals that are supposed to be comparable to Black Friday, and you can check them out here. Clothing and shoes and jewelry, 30% off here! I will be browsing along with you! Have a great night :)

Friday, July 10, 2015

My Sale Picks!

I know, everyone is doing it. I had to post my two cents on some of my favorite buys from the Nordstom Anniversary sale. As I've said before, it is a great time to stock up on basics for fall or even go for a higher ticket item you might not normally be able to do. In years past, some of my favorite purchases have been a Tory Burch handbag, Tory Burch booties, J Brand jeans, and Zella leggings. Here is what I am loving this year!


This just screams Katie. Truth be told, on chilly fall days you will see me in a comfy sweatshirt and leggings {keep on reading for my favorite pair}! 

Love this top. I love that workout wear is now cute enough to integrate into your daily wear. I have no shame in running errands in my workout gear. Don't even tell me if you look down on it!! ;) 

Which brings us to my favorite pair of leggings ever, ever. I own these in at least three variations. They are simply the best. I seriously remember this past fall wanting to save them for my daily wear instead of just working out! 

These are just as amazing, just in a shorter length. I tend to get hot when I work out so I reach for these a wholeeee lot.

mid rise skinny jeans
Absolutely love this black pair of skinnies. I'm thinking they are a must.

wrap dress
I love this pretty wrap dress! It comes in other colors too and I think the black one would be a great staple for your fall wardrobe.

woven tunic top
I love my NYDJ top- it has been on repeat all summer. The quality is great and it looks like a much more expensive brand than it is!

cowl neck pullover 
This pullover is so cute. I would wear it with a black tank underneath {check out how cute the back is!!} and black skinnies.

open drape cardigan
This cardigan might be the cousin of everyone's favorite cardigan from last winter. Love the army green.

plaid poncho
Ponchos are everywhere for fall and this one is a little Burberry-ish to me for 1/10 of the price. Adorable.

blanket poncho
Another cute poncho, seriously love this one.

scalloped flat
Genius to include the scallops on the flat, verrrry similar to this pair {they are amazing, by the way}. 

wyatt overlay boot 
This is the time to purchase a pair of Frye boots! I am obsessed with these.

plaque tote
A beautiful Tory bag, in the most versatile color.

bow wallet
I love my Kate Spade wallet, this one is so pretty in the ballet pink!

We are off for a family vacation- follow along on instagram (@missdixie30) to see where we are headed! I cannot wait. Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Links to Love

Writers block? I loved this round up of well thought out blog post ideas. Thanks Natasha! Major props for the round up that was fresh and inspiring. You will definitely be seeing some of these headed your way. I feel like I've been off the grid somewhat for summer, it is flying by and I have been enjoying it... How is it already past the Fourth of July? 

Are you guys ready for the Anniversary Sale? As I have posted in years past, this is an amazing opportunity to purchase a few items for fall. All brand new styles, on sale for a limited time. If you want to browse the lookbook ahead of time, check this out. Here are a few of my favorite pages!

I will be posting more later on in the week so stay tuned for my picks! :)

How amazing does this salad look? Chicken Taco Salad...yes please.

I'm working on another e-design {see here for my first one} for a readers living room, and sending some hardware ideas over to Laura {check out her jewels!!!}

Friday, July 3, 2015

Lots of Fourth Goodies...

Ok, with continuing on the Fourth of July goodness...

Here are a few foodie ideas that I would love to try out this year:
I love this idea for an easy chip and dip platter that keeps things festive with colorful chips! 

Dress up your shrimp cocktail with easy tinsel...

another festive appetizer {I love appetizers more than real food, can you tell?}

Did you miss my Five Minute Decor post for the Fourth? Here is a peek...

And I'm still loving the dresses seen here...

And everything here too!!
 striped shorts and top / chambray fedora {on sale!}

And a few favorite posts on the Fourth from years past....

All Things Fourth of July {great roundup of fun refreshments!}

Cool Whip Cookie Cake {Pleaseee make my favorite summer dessert!! PS- Seldon, I'm looking at you!}

....and a great refreshing margarita recipe... {not necessarily specific to the Fourth, 
but its a great drink!}

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July and 
don't forget about those who devote their lives to our freedom!