Friday, July 20, 2018

Nordstrom Sale Faves

As I promised, I wanted to highlight some Nordstrom sale faves. I know I am not a fashion blogger and you all are not here for those pics :) You are here for some honest recs and that's what I am going to talk about. I steered clear of heavy duty winter items that I wouldn't wear for another 4-5 months. In years past, I have occasionally bought a coat or boots but the way our fall and winters have gone the last few years (i.e. very warm) - I just can't do those purchases this early! I would much rather spend money on some transitional items that we can actually wear in the near future! 

This is one purchase I have wished I made in years past. A cardigan with a good weight is hard to find, and once you get into the fall season they are pretty much not to be found! It's all heavy once you get into the true fall months- and since we are a mild climate - I snagged this now.

Never met a striped sweater I didn't like- and I added this one in white/black to my closet! Love the weight of this one as well.

These jeans are crazy inexpensive and the fit is great. If between sizes, I would size down. I could have gone down a size but I will rely on my dryer to do the work for me.

Repeat after me, "buy these leggings every year"... ok? Got it. I buy them whenever they go on sale, and I have numerous pairs. Like, crop style, full length, multiple colors etc. The really old ones get phased out or they become my pants that can withstand yard work or spray painting a piece of furniture :) That being said, they will look great for at least a few years and you will get your moneys worth as they suck you in!

Another sweater that I stalked last year and didn't get the chance to buy on sale. I ended up asking for this for Christmas 2017 and and it is every bit of softness and cozy you could ask for! I highly recommend (and pair with above leggings).

I got these last year in a similar style and I literally cannot tell you how many people asked me about these shoes. I mean, I myself really enjoyed them, and loved the comfort and style sooo much that I wore them every day this Spring. But, strangers would stop me in the grocery store to tell me they liked my shoes. I mean, really? This is my pair! (BTW- This is the fall version to my original pair..and probably next on my list! They are that good.)

Love this style from Tory Burch. Again, if you live in the South you still have several more months of sandal wearing! These are in my cart :)

I have these in grey and loveee them. I only wear them for athleisure, not necessarily true active wear! But they step up my leggings or even jean shorts when I am being really casual. 

FA got a pair of these for her bday and I now understand what the hype is all about! They have been so good for summertime- she literally walks outside and wants to play with the water hose, stand in her plastic pool and run around all at the same time. These are perfect for all of that! 

What was your favorite find from the sale?! Hope you snagged some fun things!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hey Yall :)

After talking with some friends the other day, they told me they missed my postings! And honestly, I did just got so busy for a while and something had to give. As always, the most up to date way to follow along with me is on instagram (katiehchalk) because it is just so much easier! I love posting house things, art things, kids and food, weekend fun..all of that, mostly on stories but also in posts. So please follow me there if you aren't already! I will try to be better about catching up on here as well, because some things just don't fit on insta. If you do follow me on instagram you probably have seen that I have done quite a bit more with art lately than anything, which is honestly what took the place of blogging. Art is such a release for's "my time"...I enjoy creating and always have (blogging was my first version of "creating" and putting something out there into the world). I have done really well with oyster crosses and getting into my true love, which is painting. A big thank you to everyone who supports this little venture and cheers me on along the way. It is truly a passion! You can check my etsy shop HERE.

I have plans to combine several things, so when you go to my instagram page you can click a link that will take you to my "home page". From there, you will easily be able to navigate from my etsy shop, blog page, and also fashion and home finds that I am frequently asked about from instagram. Hopefully that will make everything easier for you all to find everything, and also easier for me to keep it updated!

We are in the thick of summer, and all the free time I have is really spent with the kids. I do have a great babysitter that helps me a few mornings a week while I am at home. This is when I can sneak in a little art time, get laundry done, do my grocery lists etc. We have had tons of fun so far at the pool and the beach, and we sure have been busy!

boyfriend jeans (love these!!!) // shoes- similar // pom pom sleeve top

Next up, I will cover the Nordstrom anniversary sale (after getting a few questions from you all!) and share my picks and what I purchased. I always enjoy this sale every year and know you all do too! Anything else you are wanting me to post on? Please send me a message or comment below. It lets me know there are still readers out there!! Happy Saturday guys- I've missed you! xo.

 white jeans // shoes - on sale // pink top