Friday, February 26, 2016

Five on Friday: Currently Loving

So many fun things I am loving lately! First off, I'm definitely drinking the Target Pillowfort koolaid. I just happened to need to get a few things from Target yesterday, and luckily the selection was great. Baby girl got that ah-dorable unicorn wall head. I only wish they made all of the bedding in a crib size, because I am seriously obsessed with those whimsical woodland sheets. I stood in the aisle contemplating how I could use the fabric of the sheet into something for baby girl's room!
unicorn throw // pom pom throw pillow // unicorn head

Can't forget the precious little gentlemen! I also found some things that would work great along with Weeks' room design. You can't beat a set of sheets for 29.99, and they felt so soft! I already had a wall shelf with hooks but the oar is hard to pass up. And I love the varsity monogrammed pillow!


Because I like to scheme bargain buys for myself, I found these to be completely acceptable and adorable for an adult's room! The white ball lamp is so pretty...and those sheets! They are so cute! The storage bin would be perfect in a closet and while the pineapple lamp is on the smaller side, it could make a quaint space extra chic. I love the white wicker basket and that just might be making an appearance in our new bathroom closet!

floral festival sheets // pineapple lamp // glass table lamp // rattan white basket // fabric bin

I read somewhere that this was a great drugstore mascara that had lasting power with no crumbly/smudging throughout the day. Mascara flaking is probably my number one complaint, so I was intrigued! Usually I alternate between a department store mascara and drugstore brand to get the most bang for my buck, so I just picked this one up. So far, so good! I actually think this is a great mascara and with some careful coats I can build it to get my lashes the length I want.


Another sweet find from Target, these little Easter birds! My Mom got us the Christmas version and they were so sweet. When I was in Target yesterday I spotted these with the Easter candy and baskets. Looks like they are sold only in stores and are a little steal for your Easter decor. Not pictured, but I also got this pretty Easter egg filler for a bowl in our living room. LOVE the colors.


Since I have now successfully shopped you out, here was my favorite lunch of the week. My Mom used to make these when we were kids and it was always fun to get this as a surprise in our lunch box. Just toast your eggo mini waffles like you normally would, but turn it into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Makes a great sandwich twist for kids! So good!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Master Bath Renovation Progress

I figured it was high time to give y'all an update on our Master Bathroom progress! If you want to see my initial inspiration for the bathroom, you can visit here. This was definitely a project we were pumping the brakes on for as long as we could, but finally decided that now was the best time to get it over and done with. Anyone that has completely renovated a bath or kitchen knows just how much time, effort, dust, CLEANING, work, and money that goes into it! With a baby due this summer, and a toddler needing a big boy room, we decided to go ahead and tackle this monster head on during winter so hopefully our Spring can be full of fun projects and time outside! 

Warning: this post is not full of pretty pictures. We are just beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel here, that all the work is actually worth it! 

Here is where we started: the deepest, darkest, furthest corner away from the public eye of our house: 

Below is a different view, where you can see the bifold doors to the linen closet. You can imagine the door to the bathroom knocking up against those bifolds umpteen times a day! Fun fact, when we moved in the old owners housed their washer and dryer in this closet! Venting the dryer into the master closet. Pure craziness!

Here is the complete plan of action:
-Remove wall for toilet/shower area
-Remove soffit boxes over sinks and shower
-Repair drywall in corresponding places
-Remove shower pan/tile and replace with new 
-Tile new shower
-Remove linen closet bifold doors/add new closet and open shelving unit
-New floor
-New vanity
-New toilet
-New sinks, fixtures, lighting, shower faucet
-Install new shelving in closet and open shelving unit

Here is a quick reference for the removal of walls/soffit boxes:

The first thing to do was remove the soffit boxes and the wall separating the two spaces and OH.MY.GOSH I was having multiple panic attacks looking into this room or even thinking about it. We ended up tearing out more drywall than was absolutely necessary, but decided it was beneficial since the walls have been wallpapered, been exposed to humidity from shower steam for years {with a bathroom fan that we learned was never even plugged in, it was just creating noise!!!} and just seemed old. I like fresh and new. 

Luckily, the exposed walls did not last long, and Stephen and his Dad hung the new drywall on a Sunday when it was frigid, rainy and wind gusting like a tropical storm. Nothing like cutting sheet rock in those conditions! They also took the time to add a lot more insulation behind the scenes since our house could benefit from more of that since the way things were done in 1970. The sheetrock you see is purple, which is a little pricier than your average but it has a mildew shield.

Next, we hired a drywaller to come in and do the nitty gritty work for us of getting the new walls nice and smooth. We also hired a tiling company to install new cement board in the new shower. Although not cheap, it was worth it to make sure the slope of the shower floor and all of the under layment of the shower to be done perfectly with no room for mistakes and leaks! You can also see that there are now two cut outs on the right, which is where we converted the larger linen closet into one closet and one opening for open shelving.

The below picture gave me hope that we were actually getting somewhere! The new door is hung, the open shelving unit is framed out, and the walls and ceiling are primed and ready for paint. Saying goodbye to the bifold doors made me SO happy.

We were absolutely ready at this point to have a working shower again after two weeks of not having one. Stephen and his brother Thomas spent the majority of Friday night and Saturday working on our new subway tiled shower! We used white subway tile and a hexagon accent for the shower niche and the floor. I really wanted to do something marble but was advised of a slip hazard with marble, and since I am pregnant and all...well that's not a good idea. However, I am really genuinely happy with this classic, all white combination!

And another shot after the grouting. The tile still needs to be sponged down a few more times after the grouting, which will make the tiles less matte than what they appear here.

I should have my mirrors in any day, which will be so nice since we tore the old giant rectanglular mirror out during the drywall work. We also have to get the ceiling painted with it's final coat so the new bathroom fan and the can light over the shower can be installed. {We waited until after the painting so we didn't have to cut in}

We will do all other painting, install new crown molding, add shelving to the two closets, and install the shower faucet next. We have ordered a custom vanity locally, and that is going to be probably about a month before it is finished {eek!} but it gives us plenty of time to knock out the other items on the list and get the new floor down. The majority of the big, bad work is done and I am over the moon! While I haven't participated in the labor in the bathroom, I have chosen the accessories that will be going into it. I decided to go with an all chrome fixture/accessory theme. I love me some brass but it is so difficult to pick it out over the internet, and I think chrome is timeless with lots of bright white!

bath accessories

shower faucet // mirror // sconce // sink faucet // hooks {remind me of anchors!}

What do you think about our plan of action? Anyone have any bathroom reno tips for me to consider from here on out?

Friday, February 19, 2016

Spring + Easter Baskets!

Although we have had a very mild {yet, wet} winter, I am certainly ready for Spring. I realize everyone is saying that, but Spring just sounds so good...and then comes summer, and that's when we will have a new baby! While browsing Pottery Barn Kids I came across some seriously cute stuff. And then it dawned on me I HAVE to order Weeks' a new Easter basket. For the past several years I have waited too long and they have sold out of the liners or the basket that I wanted. By the way, I have looked and looked, and nothing really compares to the PBK baskets and liners ;) My Mom got Weeks a PBK basket for his Easter basket at their house, but we still need one for us! Tip from me: don't wait on a huge sale for these because they are a hot commodity! Plus, they are currently running a 20% off special anyway.

Before we get to the baskets, here are a few fun Springy things I found. How gorgeous is this crepe paper wreath?! I am semi-obsessed. Not only for Spring, but it might be just darling in a little girl's nursery hanging over the crib! 

Fresh doormats are a great way to welcome a new season. They get old and tired looking, and Spring is the time to bring in something whimsical like this one.

How sweet is this apron for a little helper in the kitchen?

These family tote bags are on major sale and such a good deal. I am a big fan of this gray stripe and it would be the perfect bag for pretty much anyone. We take a lot of quick weekend trips and this is the perfect size for the car, or even on the beach!

And for the Easter baskets, here are my picks! I am going with an uber classic look with gingham, and I like the navy since it isn't quite as babyish. 

I prefer the natural basket, and of course we have to get the large size for extra room for treats!

I'm debating on going ahead and getting baby girl her basket for next year as well, and the pink gingham is timeless, but again I will use the natural color basket.

pink gingham liner

We have some pretty weather on the horizon for this weekend and I am thrilled. We are cooking out burgers {pretending it will be warm} and having happy hour {I'll be pretending the margarita is the real thing} and we have company in town! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Big Boy Room Plans

The time has come y'all...I can't believe my little baby will be transitioning over to a Big Boy room! I have thoroughly enjoyed his sweet little nursery for the last three years, and I want to give him an equally as special "Big Boy" room. Things are kind of up in the air because he will be totally switching rooms into the larger size bedroom, and that room is currently full of our stuff, other furniture, odds and ends. I am chipping away at it little by little to make room for him, his clothes{so many!}, toys {even more!}, and his furniture that we will be using. If I make one more trip to the thrift store to donate...whew! ;)

Here is what I have come up with so far: 

Big Boy Room Design

As you can see, a mix of patterns and some gold and neutral tones. The check will be the drapes, with a brass rod and I am oh-so-excited about those. Side note, if you have sourced a ready made drape in a 1 inch navy check, holler at your girl. It would be so much easier than getting them made or making them myself, by all means. I am so smitten with those sailboat sheets and I can see that sweet mop of blond curls on them now! The chambray will be the duvet classic boy to me. I think my brother might have had a chambray comforter growing up? If you follow me on insta, you saw the Ikea rast campaign sneak peek. I love that this will be a great source of storage. Weeks also has a three shelf bookcase that I would like storage bins to line it and be filled with his toys. The numbers are cute, right? A fun magnet board at his height will be super sweet. 

Not pictured are his bed, dresser, and possible nightstands; which will be a mix of white and wood tones. Stephen is planning on building Weeks a double bed, something sort of farmhouse style. We haven't begun that project yet. The dresser I am hoping to get from my parents- my Dad's old dresser that he isn't using anymore. It is a classic chest on chest style and I hope that works out. We also have a nightstand from the nursery we can bring in as well, with a fresh coat of paint.

That is it so far but I am loving the direction we are headed! So much to do, but I am so excited about this room for our darling boy. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Outfits Lately // Crazy Winter Weather

What a week! I haven't had a chance to post a worthy picture yet on instagram, but we started demo on the master bath last weekend. We are up to our ears in projects and decisions but I hope to get y'all a quick update soon! We ended up doing all new sheetrock and removed all the lighting so we are working with a task lamp right now. I ordered a bathroom fan/light combo and I hope it gets installed early next week so we can feel like humans again in there!

Anyway, I've been taking some snaps of outfits lately because I have had some requests for that in the past and I am always curious to see how people dress throughout their pregnancies. It really is not a simple thing {as any Momma knows} and some days are total leggings and sweatshirt days for me. The other days I have been mixing in mostly regular clothing with a bit of maternity too. I feel like I have gravitated more towards buying maternity pieces this time over making my existing wardrobe work, just for the simple fact of wanting to feel good. I was sick for what seemed like months in the beginning and I knew I would need clothing for late Winter and into Spring and Summer. Practically all the seasons!  

This was on Tuesday: twenty two weeks, three days!

I just got this blouse and I LOVE it. Good news is, this is NON-maternity and so adorable. I went up a size and it is plenty big for me with room to grow as well. The pattern is a pink and green, and it feels so fresh for rounding out the end of winter and saying hello to Spring. I can't wait to wear it with white jeans! By the way, I will be breaking them {maternity style!} out so very soon.

I'm still wearing my favorite leggings ever, even though I am probably stretching them out. They are by far the most flattering I've ever tried and I'm cool with buying more next year! I have 2 pairs and I wear them for pilates or with regular outfits like here! :)

Our roller coaster weather continues here in North Carolina. Two Sundays ago, we were basking in the sunshine and enjoying brunch with a water view. I pulled out my new espadrilles {find them here or here} for the first time and I can't wait to wear them more as it warms up! They were really comfy, but I think I might get a heel insert since the jute is pretty much the only support on the footbed.

Espadrilles // Jeans {similar} // Fringe Wrap {similar}

Later that afternoon, it turned breezy and cloudy, but we still took Weeks out for a little wagon ride around the neighborhood {with blankets in tow!} 

On a very rainy day, I fully enjoyed being able to keep dry with my Hunters...seriously, I am so over the rain and we have had SO much of it! Bright red boots certainly made things a bit cheerier that day. I got this blouse for Christmas and it is fabulous for feeling put together when most maternity wear is full of stretch and spandex...this gives me a sense of polish! 
{Note: I would recommend going up a size for room to grow, especially since it does not have as much stretch as most maternity tops. Looks like you can take 25% off as well!}

Boots // Blouse // Jeans {similar} // Handbag

A few other items to note: I have been wearing the heck out of my Burberry Quilted Jacket because I feel like my heavier coats are not comfortable with more layers and don't seem to fit properly. Luckily, this jacket has been all I have really needed thus far for pretty mild temperatures. I also got a new pair of black leggings after reading April's rec here, and I will be trying them out today!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Five Favorite Appetizers for Superbowl Sunday!

Since the Superbowl is this Sunday {Go Panthers!!} I am thrilled to share five of my very favorite, tried and true appetizers. I don't know about you, but my favorite way to enjoy the Superbowl is to have a nice, big spread of appetizers. Nothing better! Yes, I will watch the game {and actually be interested} but the food is of course the very best part. 

I haven't made these in a while, but oh my goodness, these things were DEVOURED at our tailgate the very first time I made them. Just a few ingredients for these tasty bites. Mixing sausage with cream cheese and crescent rolls is pretty much perfection!

My latest appetizer favorite. Since good old Chic-fil-A isn't open on Sunday, you could either get the nuggets ahead of time, find a similar version in your grocery store, or even better- pan fry your own chicken tenderloins. I promise, you won't be disappointed with this insanely easy app!


Raleigh {my hometown} has a fabulous little bakery that has THE BEST ham biscuits. I mean, they practically melt in your mouth. I've made my own little version of them, and while they aren't quite the same thing, they still are pretty darn good. Pictured below is the Ladyfingers ham biscuits we had with soup this week:

This is my version:

-1 Package Sister Schubert Yeast Rolls
-1/4 pound shaved ham (I think ours was oven baked, we couldn't find country ham shaved)
-1/2 stick butter
-3 tablespoons brown sugar

Bake rolls according to package directions.
Melt butter and mix with brown sugar.
Stuff each roll with ham and return to tin pan.
Baste top of rolls with butter and brown sugar mixture.
Bake for another 10-15 minutes until rolls begin to brown on top.

This is such a good recipe, and a fun twist on bruschetta. The combo of the sweet and spicy peppers, mixed with the gorgonzola- oh goodness it is tasty! Side note, when I make them I leave off the capers and basil, although I am sure it is great with that addition. I think the original recipe I used did not include them so that's the way I have always made them!

We love this dip and in terms of dips- it isn't all that bad for ya! My Mom usually makes a big batch of this in the summertime when we are all at the beach house. We can pull it out of the fridge and snack away on it. It definitely makes a lot, so you can feed plenty with it!

So those are five of my very favorite appetizers and I am officially ready to snack away on Sunday night. One thing I am thinking about making is this Hissy Fit Dip, because you have to have a cheesy dip for the Superbowl! I would love to hear your favorites as well. Enjoy your weekend!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Blue + White Tablescape

Last weekend we hosted a surprise party for my mother-in-law's 60th birthday. It was so much fun and we definitely have some good memories from a special night celebrating. Since she loves blue and white {and pink!} I thought that putting together a coordinating tablescape would be perfect for her. I pulled out lots of my blue and white jars and vases as my starting point. I knew our grocery stores would be hit or miss this time of year with a decent selection of pink flowers so I ordered a variety of roses, hydrangeas, tulips and greenery all within a set budget from my favorite florist. I ended up lucking out and grabbed as many pink bundles of tulips as I could from the grocery store to add to the mix. Here is how it all turned out! 

You can see a sneak peek of the new dining room set up as well. {This was our former den} and the old dining room is now a play room for Weeks and future baby sis.

I set out a tablecloth with a subtle weave of sparkle {TJ Maxx find on clearance!} on each table in the dining room, and kitchen {below} to dress things up a bit. 

Our kitchen island got a tablecloth as well and I let the straws and crystal glasses be the focal point instead of adding more flowers.

This is Weeks' playroom with a little Valentine decor as well.

We had a great time at the party, and with the help of all her wonderful friends we had a delicious food setup as well. Hope you enjoyed some Spring tablescaping inspiration. I cannot wait until flowers like these are readily available at the grocery stores and in my back yard!