Thursday, February 11, 2016

Outfits Lately // Crazy Winter Weather

What a week! I haven't had a chance to post a worthy picture yet on instagram, but we started demo on the master bath last weekend. We are up to our ears in projects and decisions but I hope to get y'all a quick update soon! We ended up doing all new sheetrock and removed all the lighting so we are working with a task lamp right now. I ordered a bathroom fan/light combo and I hope it gets installed early next week so we can feel like humans again in there!

Anyway, I've been taking some snaps of outfits lately because I have had some requests for that in the past and I am always curious to see how people dress throughout their pregnancies. It really is not a simple thing {as any Momma knows} and some days are total leggings and sweatshirt days for me. The other days I have been mixing in mostly regular clothing with a bit of maternity too. I feel like I have gravitated more towards buying maternity pieces this time over making my existing wardrobe work, just for the simple fact of wanting to feel good. I was sick for what seemed like months in the beginning and I knew I would need clothing for late Winter and into Spring and Summer. Practically all the seasons!  

This was on Tuesday: twenty two weeks, three days!

I just got this blouse and I LOVE it. Good news is, this is NON-maternity and so adorable. I went up a size and it is plenty big for me with room to grow as well. The pattern is a pink and green, and it feels so fresh for rounding out the end of winter and saying hello to Spring. I can't wait to wear it with white jeans! By the way, I will be breaking them {maternity style!} out so very soon.

I'm still wearing my favorite leggings ever, even though I am probably stretching them out. They are by far the most flattering I've ever tried and I'm cool with buying more next year! I have 2 pairs and I wear them for pilates or with regular outfits like here! :)

Our roller coaster weather continues here in North Carolina. Two Sundays ago, we were basking in the sunshine and enjoying brunch with a water view. I pulled out my new espadrilles {find them here or here} for the first time and I can't wait to wear them more as it warms up! They were really comfy, but I think I might get a heel insert since the jute is pretty much the only support on the footbed.

Espadrilles // Jeans {similar} // Fringe Wrap {similar}

Later that afternoon, it turned breezy and cloudy, but we still took Weeks out for a little wagon ride around the neighborhood {with blankets in tow!} 

On a very rainy day, I fully enjoyed being able to keep dry with my Hunters...seriously, I am so over the rain and we have had SO much of it! Bright red boots certainly made things a bit cheerier that day. I got this blouse for Christmas and it is fabulous for feeling put together when most maternity wear is full of stretch and spandex...this gives me a sense of polish! 
{Note: I would recommend going up a size for room to grow, especially since it does not have as much stretch as most maternity tops. Looks like you can take 25% off as well!}

Boots // Blouse // Jeans {similar} // Handbag

A few other items to note: I have been wearing the heck out of my Burberry Quilted Jacket because I feel like my heavier coats are not comfortable with more layers and don't seem to fit properly. Luckily, this jacket has been all I have really needed thus far for pretty mild temperatures. I also got a new pair of black leggings after reading April's rec here, and I will be trying them out today!


Owen Davis @ Davis Duo said...

You look amazing! So so adorable <3

Christina Lea Loves said...

So in love with your new espadrilles! Your maternity style is too cute.

Ashley Carole (Sweet Carolina Belle) said...

Those espadrilles are adorable. I am hating the weather here in NC and am so ready for spring.

The Reedy Review said...

You will love those Target leggings! I think I may need to get a second pair, I find myself doing a load of laundry just so I can wear them again.

Natalie H said...

You look adorable, as usual! I need those espadrilles.

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Your first look is my favorite!! I am so ready for spring and that top is the perfect transition piece!