Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Big Boy Room Plans

The time has come y'all...I can't believe my little baby will be transitioning over to a Big Boy room! I have thoroughly enjoyed his sweet little nursery for the last three years, and I want to give him an equally as special "Big Boy" room. Things are kind of up in the air because he will be totally switching rooms into the larger size bedroom, and that room is currently full of our stuff, other furniture, odds and ends. I am chipping away at it little by little to make room for him, his clothes{so many!}, toys {even more!}, and his furniture that we will be using. If I make one more trip to the thrift store to donate...whew! ;)

Here is what I have come up with so far: 

Big Boy Room Design

As you can see, a mix of patterns and some gold and neutral tones. The check will be the drapes, with a brass rod and I am oh-so-excited about those. Side note, if you have sourced a ready made drape in a 1 inch navy check, holler at your girl. It would be so much easier than getting them made or making them myself, by all means. I am so smitten with those sailboat sheets and I can see that sweet mop of blond curls on them now! The chambray will be the duvet cover...so classic boy to me. I think my brother might have had a chambray comforter growing up? If you follow me on insta, you saw the Ikea rast campaign sneak peek. I love that this will be a great source of storage. Weeks also has a three shelf bookcase that I would like storage bins to line it and be filled with his toys. The numbers are cute, right? A fun magnet board at his height will be super sweet. 

Not pictured are his bed, dresser, and possible nightstands; which will be a mix of white and wood tones. Stephen is planning on building Weeks a double bed, something sort of farmhouse style. We haven't begun that project yet. The dresser I am hoping to get from my parents- my Dad's old dresser that he isn't using anymore. It is a classic chest on chest style and I hope that works out. We also have a nightstand from the nursery we can bring in as well, with a fresh coat of paint.

That is it so far but I am loving the direction we are headed! So much to do, but I am so excited about this room for our darling boy. 


Unknown said...

Love the sailboat sheets and brass accents, so cute. Definitely styles that he can have for a long time. How does time go by so fast?! The thought of a big girl room for my daughter makes me a little sad, but excited at the thought of all the fun things to come.

Erin, Attention to Darling Blog

KatiePerk said...

Ooh this is going to be delightful. I like the classic direction this is heading in! Can't wait for the campaign hack.

Pris said...

I cannot wait to see this finished product! Love the checked drapes and sailboat combo -- perfect for a little boy!

Christina Lea Loves said...

I love the navy idea paired with those patterns you picked - can't go wrong with checkered and sailboats. Too cute! I can't wait to see the final product..

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

You have such fabulous taste...I can't wait to see the progress! Especially, love the checked curtain fabric and magnet board!!