Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Garage Addition Planning

One thing that was always in the plans was to build a garage to our two story colonial. After living with out one for three months, its safe to say we are definitely garage people and miss having one so much! {Our last house had a carport, exterior storage room and shed...which worked fine but we much prefer a garage!} We have worked with a few different builders now to get estimates and are hopefully getting close to where we want to be. Not only am I excited about having a garage again to hide our junk, but I am also looking forward to the landscaping around it! I think it will be the perfect way to put our "touch" on our backyard. Due to the way our lot and house is set up, there will be a breezeway that connects the house to the garage. Here is what I have been daydreaming about, found on my pinterest board "exteriors"....

What do you all think?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Cooking Lately + Dinners Next Week

Since the start of the year we have been cooking a ton of Skinnytaste recipes when I want to follow a recipe out of a book. We average homemade meals about 5 nights a week, 1 night at my in laws for dinner, and 1 takeout night a week. Occasionally we get brave and go out to dinner as well ;)

I will do a post soon on the Skinnytaste recipes we have tried and how they turned out. Chances are you have probably made one of Gina's recipes. I love that she somehow cuts down on the bad stuff and never skimps on flavor. It still sort of baffles my mind! After making her recipes I feel like I have learned some little tips on substituting and how you can eat healthy and eat really well at the same time. So that has been fun!

One thing I have been thinking about doing for so long is trying out a meal delivery service. {No this is not sponsored, I'm just like you all!} I have no less than four coupons for them laying around the house, stuck in those dreaded "piles" of miscellaneous papers and magazines and mail we all have. Finally, my Mom forwarded me her coupon code to try out Hello Fresh this week and it just so happened that both kids were napping and I took 2 minutes to sign up. The deal is for three meals- $20 for your first week {taking $40 off the weekly total} Heck, $20 for 3 meals? That is way more cost efficient than our daily trip to the store {true story}...so I am giving it a shot this week. Our delivery is set for Saturday and here is what is on our menu for the week!

Tater Topped Pie

Butter Basted Sirloin Steak with Parsnip Wedges and Creamed Spinach

Sassy Soy Chicken with Broccoli and Lime Peanut Sauce

So those all look pretty delicious and I feel like we are getting a bang for our buck for $20, and honestly, also at the full price of $60. I'm excited and will report back how everything turns out! I probably won't do this every week, but maybe about once a month.

Are you subscribed to a meal delivery service? So, if you are like me and are new to this you can use my personal code {everyone gets one} to get the same deal. You get rewards for referrals, so why don't we all take advantage of this deal and pass your own codes on too! Win win! :)

Here is my link :) {KRHILLM}

Happy weekend y'all....hope it's a pretty one for you!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February Date Night (Valentines!)

I thought it would be fun to continue to document our date nights since I started off with a recap in January. You might remember I said we are shooting for once a month {big goals!!} and Valentine's Day was the perfect reason for date night this month. 

Stephen made reservations for us at our favorite restaurant, City Kitchen, located right on the water in Beaufort. Most of the time you are able to catch some of the prettiest sunsets from their porch {the restaurant is upstairs over a marina} but we ended up missing that due to Daylight Savings. The restaurant is pretty dim so I wasn't able to perfectly capture the food, but I'll just tell you- it was all incredible and we have never walked away from this restaurant disappointed. Stephen had an arrangement of pink roses and mini roses on the table from our favorite florist, which was a nice touch!

Appetizers are my love language and this sampler board is a sure fire order each time we visit. Amazing pimiento cheese, picked okra, cucumbers and onions, country ham and toasted bread/crackers to accompany. Of course, pimiento cheese is wonderful for many reasons but the pickled veggies...they were incredible.

We each ordered the special which was fresh locally caught fish with a pineapple salsa. If you ever go, a safe bet is always the special because the specials truly are unique and once again, special. Ha! I didn't get a great photo of our entrees but the next photo is our dessert. Once again, we don't visit City Kitchen with out Karen's Date Cake...complete with creme anglaise and fresh whipped cream! This dessert tastes like it would be chocolate but somehow isn't, and is just worth every single calorie.

I actually remembered to get a photo {we are the worst at this} and again, dim lighting but such a good memory from a really nice Valentines Date.

I've had a few questions about my hair lately and wanted to share my styling trick- it is this curling iron. It's a splurge for sure, but after wanting it most of last year I asked for it for my birthday. I have a funny type of hair- it's a fine texture but relatively thick, can get frizzy and has natural curl. However, after babies I have noticed that my hair has held its curl less and less- but this curling iron fixes that! It's amazing and worth it. I also am really, really, really impressed with this finishing cream {amazon link here} that I run through the ends to make them look polished and soft. It's the best that I have found! 

And that's a wrap for date night! 
See January's date here

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day + Bee My Valentine DIY

Happy Valentine's Day! I wanted to share the little DIY bags I put together for Weeks' teachers. They turned out pretty cute and were so simple. 

-Burts Bees Chapstick
-Hershey Kisses (Hugs variety)
-Cellophane Bags

I saw a similar Burts Bees Valentine card on pinterest but added the Hersheys part myself. In all honesty, I did an online grocery order (best thing ever!) and thought I was getting Valentine colored Hersheys...but when the Hugs showed up it actually was perfect because the stripes remind me of bumblebee stripes! Some things are just meant to be :)

I tied the wooden tags with the handwritten note on with raffia ribbon and we were all set.


We are headed out for dinner tonight {usually we go the day before or after V-day} and then I am making our favorite turkey meatballs Wednesday for a special little family dinner. Weeks has been sick so we held off on our special family celebration until then. Hope you guys have the best day! xoxo.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Cutest Little Patio Refresh

instant patio refresh

Everyone have a good weekend? If anything, I hope you enjoyed some pretty weather. We did! It was such a welcome change and I really hope we can just stay like this for awhile. I spent time on the porch painting Frances Ann's new dresser, and even though it was work, the fresh air made it just fine. I definitely have outdoor spaces on the mind now, so...

Is this not the cutest little collection to instantly transform your patio! Patio in a box?! I wanted to pull this together for y'all since my porch is headed in a different direction and it's too late to change that. I will share those plans with you all soon! But, I could not resist how darling this entire set is. The little dotted pillows and touches of pineapple? Love, love, love! I love the adorable little bunny because I always add a dash of whimsy in each space to keep things light and fun. He would be so cute to gift with a succulent for Easter or even as a little teacher gift! Add some glossy black pots on tabletops and on the ground with a bright pink begonia for a fresh touch. In my opinion {or in my location} most things like throw pillows only last a season and it is fun to change it up each year. Our weather just takes a toll on outdoor items so prices are always good to keep in mind! 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday Shopping

Morning friends! I had a little time this morning to take a look at some weekend sales and wanted to share a few finds. Pottery Barn is doing their friends and family sale, and everything is 20% off {and you can take additional 20 off sale items!}. I don't know about you but I love PB Teen, haha. Who would ever guess you can find these things there?

Love this beautiful gold mirror that looks like an antique. I also really like this mirror, it would be pretty in a little girls room or an entryway. 

These nailhead shelves are so much fun! Smallest size is on sale.

I need to measure but, I am considering these pom pom valances for Weeks' room. They are so cheap! His room has 2 dormers and one window that sits near a wall, making it hard to use a full drape {which is always my window treatment of choice}...he also has the plantation shutter blinds which can be opened inward toward the room. I'm thinking the valance is our best option.

J. Crew is offering 25% off or 30% off purchases $150 and up....

I keep coming back to this striped off the shoulder top. Not sure what is is but I love it!

This is a great deal for upcoming beach season on this embroidered tunic. I love anything embroidered for beach season.

Gap is 40% off! 

I bought this softspun hi-lo top about a month ago and I have not stopped wearing it. Literally, I wear it 1-2 times a week! It's comfy, so soft and flattering. I'm ordering the white.

I also got this pink tie back top for working out. It is one of my faves and I love the bright punch of color this time of year.

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentines Gift Ideas For Her

Do you exchange Valentines gifts? We change it up each year depending on how hard Christmas hit our bank account, current projects happening etc. I must have flowers though, that is a must. Then we usually eat out one night for a date, and then at home with the kids for something special as well. I rounded up a handful of items that aren't strictly for Valentines, but more along the lines of things ya really want/things ya really need! 

sweets for her

I am in black leggings 90% of the time and I would love a fresh pair to switch things up. These tights look like they are the perfect pair for the athleisure look that we all love! // What girl doesn't want a pretty, feminine new top? This ruffle trim top comes in several colors and has a pretty back. There is something elegant about it. Ok, I wanted these super duper sunglasses forever and I got them for my birthday. Totally worth it. I am obsessed with them! This is a similar pair for $15!! I picked up this candle this weekend because it just smells like Spring to me. It's wonderful. I would love a pair of soludos for an upcoming trip. I've heard they are so comfy. This necklace is the perfect pop of color for Spring! I love this turquoise and the clasp is adorable.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Our Superbowl Lineup

Like a lot of you ladies, I get really excited about the Superbowl, not because the game, but the food of course! Truth be told, that kind of food is my very favorite food. I could snack all day, every day and not have a meal and be perfectly content. Even though the game is come and gone until next year, I secretly love to see what people have served for it! Because, whatever someone is having on the Superbowl is bound to be a good option to keep in my recipe back pocket for entertaining purposes to come. Everything we had was pretty simple, no recipes here. It also made for really easy serving come game time, not a lot of last minute hustle which is nice!

We ordered a few dozen wings from a local favorite at 4:30 and picked them up by 5. Then, we just let them sit in the oven on 350 to warm them back up when it was time to eat. Stephen is pretty picky about takeout wings and can't stand them to be soggy- this kept them crispy! PS- always get the ranch dressing to go with, Kraft from a bottle just doesn't cut it.

In my opinion, ordering the wings was probably the key in making this a simple meal because that would have been a big job and lots of cleanup. Definitely an idea to keep in mind for events to come.

My mother in law made the classic queso dip- velveeta, sausage and rotel in the crockpot. I love some cheese dip and I will eat it until I hate myself. I just can't quit it! We have really cut back on our dinnertime snacks and apps so I was really excited to indulge in this for a night!

Cucumbers and ranch! Never met someone who can turn these down. I like the english cucumbers this time of year, served with sour cream and a Hidden Valley Ranch packet. Mix that up ahead of time so it has time to combine and boost the flavors.

Last but not least, pulled pork nachos! My mother in law cooked the boston butt on low all day, and then Stephen shredded it at game time. I had toppings on hand: lots of mexican cheese, black beans, black olives, salsa and sour cream. They were delish!! If you make the boston butt, just know you will have a ton of leftover pork as well.

What did you all have for the game?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Five Amazon Finds for Home

Sometimes I tend to over think things. This post is not one of them 😉

Today I am sharing five things that I have purchased that we are using and loving in our new {but old} home! For reference, I really try to only buy things on Amazon that I can't buy locally or that might require a special trip/ hunt for an item, when I really don't have time to be doing that and unloading two kids and carseats and strollers out of the car!

Our bathroom vanities all needed fresh drawer liners after I cloroxed them. A good bathroom liner is hard to find, and I wanted something opaque that would hide any staining or discoloration leftover in the drawers. I actually think this tan stripe is really cute and a little bit coastal! 


These are one of my favorite finds! I wanted a good sturdy clip for the fridge to hang my favorite preschoolers artwork that comes home. They look neater than my random collection of magnets and don't slide down the side of the fridge!

Steaming is better than ironing, right? This is a new purchase and I think I will be using it quite a bit. Starting off with Frances Ann's faux silk drapes that need the wrinkles removed.

I bought a box of these at a boutique in Raleigh for Frances Ann, but when I was unpacking I realized I needed drawer liners - that day, that minute - so I stole hers! I looked them up and found the same thing on Amazon and have hers ready for her new dresser I am getting ready to paint. They have a light baby powder-ish scent and are so sweet.

I bought this for Stephen for Christmas so he can enjoy watching football games on the porch and keep warm. We haven't been able to use it much this winter so far but I know we will for a long time to come. I was thinking patio heaters would be more expensive than this, so I was pleasantly surprised.

What are your favorite finds on Amazon for the home?