Friday, February 24, 2017

Cooking Lately + Dinners Next Week

Since the start of the year we have been cooking a ton of Skinnytaste recipes when I want to follow a recipe out of a book. We average homemade meals about 5 nights a week, 1 night at my in laws for dinner, and 1 takeout night a week. Occasionally we get brave and go out to dinner as well ;)

I will do a post soon on the Skinnytaste recipes we have tried and how they turned out. Chances are you have probably made one of Gina's recipes. I love that she somehow cuts down on the bad stuff and never skimps on flavor. It still sort of baffles my mind! After making her recipes I feel like I have learned some little tips on substituting and how you can eat healthy and eat really well at the same time. So that has been fun!

One thing I have been thinking about doing for so long is trying out a meal delivery service. {No this is not sponsored, I'm just like you all!} I have no less than four coupons for them laying around the house, stuck in those dreaded "piles" of miscellaneous papers and magazines and mail we all have. Finally, my Mom forwarded me her coupon code to try out Hello Fresh this week and it just so happened that both kids were napping and I took 2 minutes to sign up. The deal is for three meals- $20 for your first week {taking $40 off the weekly total} Heck, $20 for 3 meals? That is way more cost efficient than our daily trip to the store {true story} I am giving it a shot this week. Our delivery is set for Saturday and here is what is on our menu for the week!

Tater Topped Pie

Butter Basted Sirloin Steak with Parsnip Wedges and Creamed Spinach

Sassy Soy Chicken with Broccoli and Lime Peanut Sauce

So those all look pretty delicious and I feel like we are getting a bang for our buck for $20, and honestly, also at the full price of $60. I'm excited and will report back how everything turns out! I probably won't do this every week, but maybe about once a month.

Are you subscribed to a meal delivery service? So, if you are like me and are new to this you can use my personal code {everyone gets one} to get the same deal. You get rewards for referrals, so why don't we all take advantage of this deal and pass your own codes on too! Win win! :)

Here is my link :) {KRHILLM}

Happy weekend y'all....hope it's a pretty one for you!


Julie said...

We just started back with Hello Fresh and it is a mother's lifesaver :)

Tess said...

I had never tried one, but just this week cooked a salmon pasta dish at my cousins house via Peapod and it was delicious! It was fun and easy....and somehow feels more of a treat than a "regular" home cooked meal! Hope you guys enjoy it too