Friday, February 27, 2015

Hall Bathroom Update

The major things are wrapping up in the bathroom now and I wanted to give y'all an update. 

Since my last post, we have:

-finished the drywall install 
-painted the walls
-new countertop installed
-new lighting installed
-replaced crown moulding as necessary for new drywall / primed / painted 
-removed the shower door
-painted the final coat on cabinet bases
-{almost} finished spraying the cabinet doors!
-caulked about a million places
-ordered lots of new hardware

I feel like there should be way more to show for a long list of things that we have accomplished, but this is what we are working with. First lets start with a pretty picture...all gold up in here and I love it!

Cabinet Knobs / Robe Hook / Soap Dish {Antique Find}

Boy am I glad to have the drywall work done. If you are familiar with that you know it = dust. Lots of it. And, if you are the woman in the family, you are the one meticulously cleaning that up, even after it's already been cleaned up ;) I might mention that Stephen decided to tackle to drywall job himself and he did a FABULOUS job. My Dad helped him one weekend get the sheetrock up and he did the rest. I'm so impressed and thrilled we no longer have to pay someone for this task for future endeavors!!

I still need a little more paint to finish the walls...the paint store sweared I wouldn't need more than a quart, and against my better judgment I agreed. Grrr...making things take longer than necessary.

After the drywall went up, we installed new crown in place of the old soffit boxes that hung over the vanity. {See them hereThank you, over and over again, to my husband..that you agreed to rid our bathroom of these hideous boxes. Our bathroom now joins the ranks of the 21st century with out those babies. {Tell the master bath to catch up}!

Removing the shower door was pretty painless, and I was so surprised. Remove the screws, out comes the door and then you repair whats left behind. Stephen was impressed {I think} that I found this amazing tool to help remove the mountains of caulk that our dear, former owners left behind. Seriously, go get you one if you need to remove some caulk. And turn on some music and just scrape away. Works like a charm. Besides the screw holes in the tile shower wall, you would never know there was a door installed there. We will address the tile wall later- haven't decided its fate yet.

In my ideal bathroom, I would have sconces flanking the mirrors, but we ran into a few issues. Our double vanity has two sinks set at opposite ends, and extremely close to the wall. After you place a mirror over the sink, you don't have any room for sconces. After crossing that idea off the list, we considered one large, triple sconce in between the sinks and mirrors. Then, we ran into an issue with the wiring placement and studs. Too much for my novice mind to consume. I finally agreed to overhead vanity sconces and they are working out just fine. We do need all the lighting we can get in this bathroom with no windows.

I painted the cabinets in BM's Advance High Gloss line and I can't wait to see it all come together. The bases are painted and I am waiting for the weather to warm up a tad to give the doors another coat. We also gave the cabinet doors the same "Shaker Style" that our kitchen has. Since I never recapped that process, I will do it this time around. Hold me to it!!

As far as the counters- love them!!! I am obsessed. The company we ordered from refers to this as Ventano Quartz. It is very marble-like, more so than our kitchen counters. Beautiful.

In between all of the good stuff, there's been countless times of sanding / cleaning / patching / sanding / cleaning / painting and doing it all over again. I think it is important to mention the fact that these projects are no slice of cake {at least not for us!!!}, they come with unexpected issues, but it is worth it to us in the end. Sometimes I read blogs/links on pinterest that make huge projects look simple and I don't want anyone to think this remodel happens in a day {not in this house anyway!} and I am certainly not the most budget savvy DIY'er {ask me how many paint brushes and tubes of caulk have been thrown away} But, we enjoy it and are certainly loving the transformation in this house. Thanks again for following along! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring Dreaming: Indoors and Out

Wouldn't a pretty table, with a menu full of fresh foods, on an equally gorgeous day be nice right about now? I feel like 90% of the last two months has been cold, windy and dreary. I know its nothing like what everyone has up north, but I'm over it. I cant stop pinning gorgeous garden pictures too. Keeps me thinking forward to Spring and all that we want to do in our yard {see more on that here}. 

I can't wait to see my hydrangeas start budding. It is truely a joy for me to watch them grow and peek at them every morning. They make me happy.


My mother-in-law gave us a root off of this plant, called Mock Orange. Isn't it so pretty? It is very fragrant and very old-timey. I've never seen it in a garden center before.


And I cannot wait to see the grass return to green. We have grass that goes dormant in the winter and turns a shade of brown. Not the prettiest sight.

While I love sprucing up the outdoors, I always keep in mind inside as well. I love freshening up the tabletop with new placemats, I think I buy some each season.

These are pretty and would work well with my new buffalo pink check chairs and blue dishes.

Loving this set of dishes, they also come in several other colors. One can never have enough blue and white. At least I can't. 

I adore this rug! So fun and not the normal graphic print. Adore it.

Flaurina Sheet Set
Don't these sheets look the softest?! Oh my. They are gorgeous. Nothing like fresh sheets on a bed, on a Spring day with the windows open.

Enjoy your day and stay warm!! Or at least, have warm thoughts. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Recipe: Ramen Noodle Slaw

This is a tried and true favorite in our household. I had it several years ago with my great, fave college buddy couple, Ashley and Nick, for a Memorial Day dinner we had together. I've been hooked and making it ever since and even my extended family has asked me for the recipe. It's one of those recipes that I have never written down and I end up texting Ashley last minute begging for the exact measurements! So I am thrilled that I can now search my own blog {haha!!} and stop pestering her for the recipe {even though shes so sweet I bet she didn't mind ;) }


-Bag of Cabbage Mix
-2 oz of slivered almonds
-Oriental Ramen Noodle Package
-1/3 cup oil
-1 heaping tbsp sugar
-2 tbsp of red wine vinegar {I add this, but the original recipe does not include it}
-Onion Powder {or spring onions}
-Black Pepper

Heat oven to 325. Crunch the pack of Ramen noodles and toast with almonds in the oven {just watch until they are toasted! Usually takes my oven about 5-10 minutes} Take the seasoning packet from the noodles and mix it with oil, sugar, vinegar, onion powder {a few shakes depending on your taste} and black pepper and stir. Place your cabbage in a bowl, add the almond/noodle mixture, and toss with dressing. I usually wait about 10 minutes before serving.


I have never, ever been a fan of mayo based coleslaw and dare say I ever will be. This is completely different, light and so delicious! We have it a lot of times in the summer when we cook out on the grill, perfect to go with burgers, hot dogs, chicken, seafood... you name it! Stephen grilled hot dogs the other day when we had a little rise in the temperatures...such a teaser for Spring! It is a great alternative when you aren't feeling a salad but you can still get your green fix. And did I mention...SUPER easy.

Thanks Ashley and Nick for letting me share this!! xo.

Enjoy and let me know if you try it!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Shopping

Tassel Tie Tunic {20% off with code SHOPPINGTIME}
Obsessed with this cover up! It also comes in white, but I think I prefer this pretty lilac shade. Most of the time, I lean towards a cover up with a waist, so this is perfect for me. And great with a black swimsuit.

Beaded Zip Top {20% off with code SHOPPINGTIME}
Lusting for this too- probably my favorite picks from J.Crew right now. Would love to wear it with a great pair of jeans on a warm Spring day. 

Loving the flutter sleeves- this one also comes in ivory and black- great staple colors but in a fun piece.

Stripe Drawstring Maxi Dress {30% off with code MAJOR} 

Loving this maxi. I pretty much live in comfort clothes day in and day out. Would look super cute going to an outdoor lunch with a fun hat and sunglasses! Ahh. Spring dreaming. 

Available in 8 colors, for $36.99. I would use this as a baby bag, looks big enough and I'm trying to pare down on the stuff we drag around with us! If you aren't in the market for a baby bag though, its perfectly cute for Spring. 

The husband is rushing me to get ready for our weekend trip to Lowes {true story!} and I'm hoping to see the temps warm up a little bit today. Enjoy your Saturday friends!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fun Finds at Hobby Lobby

I had a rare chance last week to really stroll the aisles of Hobby Lobby and found lots of fun goodies that were "new" to me. Most of the time I make myself run in and out with no cart, because if I have a cart I will fill that thing up faster than no ones business. I am a craft, fabric and holiday obsessed hoarder and I just need to stop myself before I start. So basket shopping it is!

How cute are these childrens size eames chairs!? I think they were around $30.

Loving these Kate Spade-ish canisters. Doesn't suit my kitchen, but oh-so-adorable. There were other plates, bowls etc that matched this style. 

Loving this black and gold tray to hold remote controls on your side table or a tray cotton ball, q-tip containers, etc in your bathroom.

I adore these bright red bins! Absolutely perfect for a boy's room, but I think they would be adorable in a mud room as well, or a beach house.

These are my favorite knobs at Hobby Lobby. Lucite and gold. Done.

Love this unique, carved shelf. Definitely looks like a nice piece that could have been an antique. If you aren't a fan of the turquoise, paint it any color you wish! 

Love this little shelf/sconce because of the tassels. Tassels all day / every day. 

Love this big open sphere light! I would probably spray paint it gold. 

What is your favorite Hobby Lobby find right now? Remember, if it isn't 50% off this week, it will be next week. Also, download their app for coupons {mine is always a 40% off one item} if you need something that isn't on sale and can't wait! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Recipes on my radar....

I've found several recipes on pinterest lately that I just haven't gotten around to making. Anyone made any of the below? I bought a zoodle/spiralizer thing a few weeks ago and I think I might try it out on the Kung Pao noodles below. Skinnytaste usually does not dissapoint! 


I'm also in freezer clean out mode. It's full and driving me nuts, so its time to start using the meat that I have bought on sale, all those bags of frozen veggies and stop rushing to the store for a meal that I can pull out of the freezer! Anyone else have that problem?

Monday, February 16, 2015

House To Do: Patio and Yard Updates

This might end up being one of my favorite inspiration posts. I adore, admire, lust and long for a beautiful yard and garden. I'm lucky in two ways- 1. the husband enjoys yard projects 2. part of the reason we bought this house is the enormous sprawling yard! 

That being said, we seriously, have a ton of yard work to do. We did lots of work last year with weeding out the excess plants, but there is plenty to come. I want to replace some of the old, scraggly plants with new ones...and I cannot wait. We probably have at least 25 azalea plants and they are not my favorite. They look great a few weeks out of the year and that's it. Some of them have to go! 

 The plan: big boxwoods....we planted a ton last year with the hopes that thet will be growing together sooner than later. We were so inspired after visiting Charleston last Spring and seeing pretty gardens, full of boxwood hedges, and neatly kept beds. Of course, if you know me at all, you know I am obsessed with hydrangeas so there will be loads of them in this yard.
I also want to invest, or rather, find a good deal, on pretty planters. I want the ornate, cement kind...if you have any tips please share!

We also have a space in the backyard that is going to be a brick patio and have a special spot for the grill. This area used to hold an enormous palm tree {dug it up} and a rock pond {thats gone too} and lots of plants. It always looked messy and was a little bit of an eye sore. The plan is to build a brick patio, preferably in a herringbone pattern. I love the classic brick look, and it matches the style of our traditional exterior, which will soon be painted white.

I don't think I ever mentioned that we do not have any kind of walkway to our front door. Not sure how the previous owners lived here for 30 years and had visitors walking through the grass up to their front door all that time. It drives me nuts! Of course, the back door has its own decent entrance with a driveway, so its manageable. We don't use the front door that often but I would definitely like to make it pretty and accessible. I think another brick walkway {wider than below} would be perfect to connect to either the side yard or out to the street. 

I love boxwoods for front yards, they are neatly kept and uniform. I prefer a tidy front yard with evergreens and my pretty blooms to grace the side yards and back yard. We would love a little white fence one day as well, since I'm dreaming. 

My List of "House To Do"

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Shopping

I got a pair of sunglasses last summer that were black, and I swear I got the most compliments on them! Since we live at the beach, I tend to pick up cheap pairs for when we are on the water so I don't have to worry about them. I'm pretty sure this is the exact pair in tortoise and they are 50% off making them even cheaper! So cute, I think I will go ahead and get them for the summer. 

Loving this steal of a bracelet for a little pop of glam on your wrist, but nothing too big. Take an extra 10% off with code LOTSTOLOVE.

These are really similar to the pair I mentioned above, but in black. Take an extra 10% off with code LOTSTOLOVE. So chic and affordable!
I got this coat for my birthday and I love it. The bright coral color is so beautiful for dreary winter days. I have also gotten a ton of compliments on this coat. There are some sizes left in the coral, and more sizes in the other colors. It's a complete deal now and you can take an extra 40% off with code WEEKENDMUST.

I also got this top for my birthday in grey and it has been on repeat. Perfect for being around the house, yet being put together. It's so comfy its crazy! It's roomy too, so you might could size down. It is currently on sale, loving the pink.

I am wanting to add the perfect white shirt to my wardrobe and I'm loving this one! {Comes in other colors too!} Great for throwing on with jeans or even black pants. Everything at Banana Republic is 40% off with code BRLOVEYOU. 

Happy Valentines Day Y'all! Especially to my sweet, handsome, patient, loving husband and darling boy Weeks. Love you guys to the moon and back, and back again and back again! 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Treat Yourself!

Treat Yourself
leopard print tee {on sale!} / pink party dress {25% off with code xoxpl!}
mosaic scarf {use code xoxopl}
metallic nude wedge {use code xoxpl} / magic cream 

Well this was a fun little list to round up. Just in case you are in the mood to treat yourself to something pretty, or something that makes you feel good, or something just plain fun! I think the party dress is just about perfection with the soft pattern. On the other hand, I'm loving the subtle leopard tee and the fun print on the scarf. Two things I would like to try: the eye shadow palette and a really good moisturizer. Go ahead and add those wedges and sunglasses to my lust list! And just in case you needed something fun {with a tassel, of course} pick yourself up those pretty earrings

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Shopping

I am obsessed with the simplicity of this dress! I think it would be so easy to throw on and I love the shade of grey. Would be perfect for parties early Spring!!

It also comes in a similar version, short sleeved, which is actually on sale with a few sizes left. I'm hoping to see this in some Spring colors soon.

Even though my mind is thinking Spring, we are still very much in winter. These are a great bargain that you can wear now and pull out again come fall. Love them!!

One can never have enough classic striped shirts, am I right? This one is only $27. Loving this one to get us into Spring. Wear it now with a cardigan, and of course then wear it all summer long. Would be so cute with white jeans and a metallic sandal! 

I never got this tunic last year, but everyone loved it. I love the white and it looks so airy and comfortable for the South's hottest beach days.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday

More details to come on my new chairs, but until then what you should know is that avocado toast is definitely worth a try. I don't know why I haven't had it before...but it's good. Real good. I mashed the avocado in a bowl and just spread it on top of a toasted piece of sourdough bread, since we had that on hand. I sprinkled mine with some pepper, but left off salt. So good! 

I'm pretty good about laundry, and I really can't  recall any major mistakes. Well, a few weeks ago I ran a load of stuff and washed our dog's Christmas collars in there too. Somehow one didn't make it out, and I ran a load of whites immediately after. Well. That was no good...everything was now pink. Including a brand new Biltmore monogrammed washcloth {part of a set my parents gave us for Christmas!} Everyone knows how amazing Biltmore towels are, right? They are the best. Anyway. I tried everything, even resorting to bleach and it didn't take out the pink. When I was in the grocery store looking for more stain remover, I saw this little box and decided to give it a go. Wow! Add it to a sink of hot water and the color run immediately dissapears in your damaged garments!! I was so happy!

What was everyone's favorite Super Bowl snack? No lie, I really, really look forward to the Super Bowl just because of the food! I love apps and it is the perfect day to pull out your best. We decided on nachos and kept the rest fairly easy with fresh popcorn from the Whirley Pop {best popcorn ever, ever} and my in laws brought veggies and chili. 

These goodness.

-Tortilla Chips
-Black Beans
-Pickled Jalapenos
-Shredded Rotisserie Chicken
-Chopped Tomatoes
-Diced Avocado
-Sour Cream

I broke it down in two layers {no one wants an empty chip underneath} and toasted them in the oven at 325 degrees until the cheese was melting.

I splurged on these new cleaning supplies and I am obssessed! Not only are they the cutest scrubbers you can find, they work about a million times better than what you can find in the grocery store. They are earth friendly, made of bamboo and recycled materials! Win, win, win.

Weekend plans include getting a coat of primer on the newly drywalled walls in the bathroom! Thanks for all of your comments yesterday! Definitely keeps me going and I appreciate that so much! :)
I think we are planning to make my husband's amazing shrimp as well, find the recipe here.

Linking up with the Ladies of Five on Friday!