Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Recipes on my radar....

I've found several recipes on pinterest lately that I just haven't gotten around to making. Anyone made any of the below? I bought a zoodle/spiralizer thing a few weeks ago and I think I might try it out on the Kung Pao noodles below. Skinnytaste usually does not dissapoint! 


I'm also in freezer clean out mode. It's full and driving me nuts, so its time to start using the meat that I have bought on sale, all those bags of frozen veggies and stop rushing to the store for a meal that I can pull out of the freezer! Anyone else have that problem?


Molly said...

I get really crazy about keeping my freezer cleaned out. I keep a small sheet of paper with a freezer inventory list on the side of my fridge/freezer. Then when I'm making my weekly menu I can easily reference it so I know what kind of recipes I can make. That has helped me quite a bit!

Kristen {Miss Southern} said...

YES!! I am so bad at this as well. Tons of items in the fridge and I still run to the store. The snow storm here in Oklahoma forced me to use what I had a couple days this week!