Monday, February 16, 2015

House To Do: Patio and Yard Updates

This might end up being one of my favorite inspiration posts. I adore, admire, lust and long for a beautiful yard and garden. I'm lucky in two ways- 1. the husband enjoys yard projects 2. part of the reason we bought this house is the enormous sprawling yard! 

That being said, we seriously, have a ton of yard work to do. We did lots of work last year with weeding out the excess plants, but there is plenty to come. I want to replace some of the old, scraggly plants with new ones...and I cannot wait. We probably have at least 25 azalea plants and they are not my favorite. They look great a few weeks out of the year and that's it. Some of them have to go! 

 The plan: big boxwoods....we planted a ton last year with the hopes that thet will be growing together sooner than later. We were so inspired after visiting Charleston last Spring and seeing pretty gardens, full of boxwood hedges, and neatly kept beds. Of course, if you know me at all, you know I am obsessed with hydrangeas so there will be loads of them in this yard.
I also want to invest, or rather, find a good deal, on pretty planters. I want the ornate, cement kind...if you have any tips please share!

We also have a space in the backyard that is going to be a brick patio and have a special spot for the grill. This area used to hold an enormous palm tree {dug it up} and a rock pond {thats gone too} and lots of plants. It always looked messy and was a little bit of an eye sore. The plan is to build a brick patio, preferably in a herringbone pattern. I love the classic brick look, and it matches the style of our traditional exterior, which will soon be painted white.

I don't think I ever mentioned that we do not have any kind of walkway to our front door. Not sure how the previous owners lived here for 30 years and had visitors walking through the grass up to their front door all that time. It drives me nuts! Of course, the back door has its own decent entrance with a driveway, so its manageable. We don't use the front door that often but I would definitely like to make it pretty and accessible. I think another brick walkway {wider than below} would be perfect to connect to either the side yard or out to the street. 

I love boxwoods for front yards, they are neatly kept and uniform. I prefer a tidy front yard with evergreens and my pretty blooms to grace the side yards and back yard. We would love a little white fence one day as well, since I'm dreaming. 

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April of Smidge Of This said...

Beautiful inspiration photos. You have immaculate taste and I can't wait to see how it comes together!

Stephanie Chalk said...

I am loving all these beautiful photos, I know with your amazing green thumb that your yard will be beautiful! Xo, Stephanie

Tina Cromwell said...

Oh Katie, what a gorgeous yard and gardening attraction you revealed before us! Love it so much. Superb!!! Green plants, white bloomed flowers and super nicely lined tiny trees made the home outstanding and mind pleasing. I felt better than before I entered here. I felt the lack of proper adoring words to give you the right credit. Keep up the incredible job that made your fan-followers happy and joyous. Anyway, what if you I add custom gazebos or pergolas in your backyard? Hope this will bring an extra beauty to our home.