Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A new brand and a few other picks...

As I mentioned Monday, I completely fell in love with the dress I found for my brother's rehearsal dinner. It is a new to me brand, Aqua, found at Bloomingdales. The fit and the quality were all there, not to mention it was insanely comfortable. I also think that this caliber of dress is really well priced. I found throughout my dress search that some of my favorite dress lines swear this fall they seem more so than ever?! Anyway, here are a few more picks...and the best part is Bloomingdales is offering their Friends and Family discount right now!
brand to love
pointelle trim fit dress /  v neck lace fit and flare   / floral side cut out dress

I have a small credit with Bloomingdales as well and am interested in finding a new shoe. I probably need to get a pair of flats more than anything because I grab them the most in the fall. Here are a few picks from a few shoe categories...

shoe picks
 gwendolyn basic heel / new louie booties / flex mouse flat

Update: I also purchased the striped turtleneck {on sale and runs a little big, I ordered XS} and gold tennis shoes I mentioned here. In love!

Thanks for all of your instagram love yesterday- thank goodness Weeks and Stephen are just fine after a scary wreck!!! Much, much appreciated! xo.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Wedding Weekend Recap

Whew- what a fun weekend we had celebrating my big brother and his new bride, Lynsey. Bobby and I are two years apart and we have always had that close brother/sister relationship...complete from best friends at a young age, to the other end of the spectrum through high school and circling back around to a great friendship and bond we have now! Seeing him happily married is certainly very special and we are so happy for them! Here's a few snapshots of the wedding weekend.

With my sweet Mom and sister, catching up on Thursday night...

The adorable welcome boxes...

My Mom did a fabulous job putting together the rehearsal dinner at the Evergreen Music Room at the Holly Inn...

Loved the boxwood wreaths to welcome us in..

My Dad and I before the rehearsal...

The Grooms cake was absolutely adorable with an emblem of their beloved black lab!

My little sister did the place cards after taking lessons in calligraphy. I'm making her start her own business, she is a natural!

At the Rehearsal Dinner with my love!

This is my look if you are interested...of course the dress is now on major sale with limited sizing- but I am seriously in love with it!

wedding style

dress / shoes / earrings {similar}

Wedding hair and pre-wedding outfits

The bride and their sweet lab, Lou- looking spiffy in his bow tie!

The wedding day is where my pictures slow down- you know the drill, you are so busy all day long and then taking photos with the photographer {thank goodness for professionals!} I can't wait to see them come back, but all I have until then is iphone photos :)

Weeks had just as much fun as we did in the photobooth. He seriously loves sunglasses!

Now onto another week! 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Wedding Weekend!

Hello y'all from Pinehurst! My big brother is getting married tomorrow and we can't wait to kick off the celebrations very shortly. Pictured above: Weeks couldn't hang last night- way too cute. Make sure you follow along {@katiehchalk} for wedding fun. We are trying not to let the rainy forecast put a damper on the old saying goes, it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day! 

How cute are the coozies?!

Hope y'all have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Uniform Ready

Who wants a new fall uniform? Me. I need something I can reach for and still look pulled together and somewhat polished. The past two weekends I wore almost the exact same thing because of this sticky transition season we are in. Raise your hand if you are obsessed with that turtleneck?! Me! Already ordered it and I know it is going to be on repeat this fall. I know I mentioned wanting a pair of black tennis shoes {still do for legit workouts} but these gold ones? Gold tennis shoes? Yes ma'am. I am due for a new handbag this fall…this one might just be on the birthday list. Those jeans are begging to be thrown on for a Saturday at the Farmers Market, or even my day to day ramblings around the house. Tie it all together with cute hoops and pretty ring set. Done and done.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Faves...Roku/Netflix and Fall Prep!

Woo hoo for Friday! It was a long week for me, busy but we also packed in a lot of fun with two evening boat rides {just beautiful here now} and I started working outside getting my fall plants ready. I also put together a fall tablescape I will show you next week! I shared this on instagram this morning {katiehchalk - new user name :) !! }

For Friday I thought I would cover some of my favorite series we have watched over the last six months or so! We have been proud owners of a Roku since last December- such a big changer for our night time tv.  If you are not familiar, Roku is a streaming device that makes networks like Showtime, Netflix, Hulu, Cable and much more at your fingertips with a click of a button. {And, there are other streaming devices, I've just always heard the best about Roku}. Is it good for us? Haha. I really do not know! We have always watched a little bit of tv here and there. Now it's kind of our wind down time- we watch an episode {or if time permitting, two} of a show each night. Truthfully, it's relaxing and I really look forward to it! I've never been a big TV person but it's somewhat fun to have a series you are into and can look forward to each night. Hooked!

Here are some of our favorites {which I was probably watching instead of blogging- whoops.}


I have always had friends talk about this show in years past and I never got around to watching it. Here is how Netflix gets you: you get to watch the show from the very beginning and BAM you are hooked. We really enjoyed the first several seasons and I'm sad it's over!

Blue Bloods

Such a good All-American show with the daily lives of police officers, attorneys and more in NYC. Each episode features a family dinner on Sunday nights together. I really love that because so many morals and traditions get pushed aside these days! 


A new show that is a little off the grid, but good. We got hooked after a few episodes. About a family  called the Rayburns in Florida that has all sorts of things going on: family drama, secrets, history, and eventually crime. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next season!


I watched a few episodes two years ago and was so happy to watch it again. Basically, Intelligence officers and the world they live in- complete with drama, love, danger, war, terror..pretty much it all. I really liked this show, we just finished up all current seasons. 


Currently watching. Haven't totally gotten hooked yet and that is probably because half of it is in Spanish with subtitles and here I am typing away at my computer! So far it is chronicling Pablo Escobar and the whole drug situation, Columbia, early 1980's etc. Such a crazy world that is out there.

As you can see, we tend to go for the heavy stuff I guess? At that time of day I need something that will capture my interest and we are always looking for new shows. Not mentioned are my personal shows that Stephen has no interest in {I don't make him watch Ladies of London for our nightly television fix!} Netflix has been my favorite channel and I cancelled Hulu after a few months of not really utilizing it. Tell me your faves please! And please tell me you are a Roku convert like game changer.

Linking up with April for Five on Friday / Amanda for Friday Favorites. Happy Weekend!

Friday, September 11, 2015

More Entryway Progress / Current Situation

Well the entryway has come together much quicker than most of my projects. Y'all know I am slow...thank you for bearing with know things don't happen overnight and you still tune in. So thank you for that! So, like I said I would, I pulled together things from our own home that could make a statement in this area, only spending money on things that we essentially needed. Still a few more things to go, but we are on our way.

LAMPS. How hard are they? I seriously have fits over them. I don't have a ton of resources in our small town so if I find a pair I have to jump on them. And how annoying is it to find a cute lamp with a hideous shade? So awful. Anyway, I luckily found this pair at TJ Maxx and they fit the bill…correct size, classic yet fun shape, neutral color. Done and done!

I moved around a few things: some estate sale artwork and the mirror from the living room, which I was not particularly tied to their placement. I hate to be one that moves everything around just to please the eye for the moment, but I feel good about this change. These should be here to stay.

And an impromptu portrait of Miss Dixie herself...

The chair had been in our den but was repeatedly forgotten about in the corner, usually covered in some sort of clutter, mail, etc. I love that it now has a front row spot where I can admire it much more. I plan to make a pillow in a lumbar shape also.

Last but not least, a little decor for fall. I love the cotton, an ode to North Carolina. The simple white pumpkin is the only touch of true "fall" I need here.

Have you added any fall yet to your home? I have done a few touches here and there and I will share next week! Let me know your thoughts on the new entryway…shew… she has come a long way! Stay tuned for more to come, I still have a few more things on the to-do list before it's done!
Happy Weekending Friends!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday: Workout Wear Refresh

It's almost time for a new season and I am ready to get a few new pieces for my workout wardrobe. I don't make big investments on these purchases because I like to update them seasonally. Having new gear totally makes me more motivated, I don't know about you....

workout wear refresh

side tie tank {so, so cute and it's a steal} / double layer tank / essence top {for more than just working out, I would live in this!} /  training tank /  airy pink woven tank {crazy cheap!}

I also have my eye on a new pair of tennis shoes. I am really thinking about going for a black pair so when I'm wearing leggings non stop this fall, it looks a little more polished than my bright pink and blue shoes. Big step for me, I have always sworn I hate black tennis shoes! I mean, they have come a long way from the black tennis shoes I have in my mind from years past {insert crying laughing emoji}.

And if you need a great pair of leggings, look no further. I've sung my praises before but go ahead and treat yourself if you haven't already! These are my two favorites: full length and capri {on sale with a few sizes left}.

I'm hoping to venture into the attic today and get some fall decor out! Wish me luck! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Entry Way Progress

When we bought the house:

This is pretty much what it has looked like for months....umm, no styling here at all. We pretty much let this be a collecting ground for random objects and books. I didn't really like the fact that it was a hutch at the front door either, it just doesn't seem right for an entry way.

Sunday morning I scraped layers of paint off of the transom window. I was in shock how much of a difference that one little project made. It was making me crazy every time I walked by to see the uneven paint edges up there.  Here is a before that doesn't even show HALF of the paint on the glass.

I also had to do something with the painted hinges. I had a weak moment and spraypainted them gold and then immediately regretted it. So I resorted to paint remover and a wire brush...

There was also a chair rail here that was removed and we never patched that drywall up. Finally, we also switched out the brass light switch. I know its a thing to paint your switch plates the color of your walls....but I will be hard pressed to paint my outlet covers after staring at mismatched ones for a year. #sorrynotsorry 

I also used some Brasso to clean up the door handle. I mean I have been scrubbing away at this brass. It's getting there...


I will take better photos soon, but here is a sneaky peak of that transom window.

And here is the status this morning! I was ready for a new look and gave it a coat of white enamel paint. I removed the top part of the hutch and we will be using it as a side board/ entry table thing. No accessories or styling yet but I am feeling good about the progress. And yes, only one knob made it back on the painting skills let a leeetle too much paint get in that hole. The table still needs some touch up work too.

Things we need:

Things we have that we will be placing here:
-Pillows for chair
-Lamp over table

What do you think?!