Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Body After Baby

Several weeks ago I was cleared for resuming exercise, something I have been looking forward to and also, not looking forward to at the same time! At 30 weeks, I was put on modified bed rest after having several contractions in an hour during a non-stress test. So, needless to say, it has been quite a while since I worked out- the longest stretch I have ever gone before! I have to say, I really didn't miss it while I was pregnant. It was more of a relief that I had the perfect excuse not to incorporate a 30-60 minute workout session into my day. Instead, I spent time with Weeks, lounged, worked from my computer, decorated a nursery, RESTED and prepared for our baby girl's arrival.

Fast forward to one month post partum, I was really getting the itch to add back some physical activity. At that point I still had about 10-12 pounds to lose, and I was more than ready to kiss them goodbye. {For this pregnancy I gained about 25 pounds, with Weeks I gained somewhere around 23 I believe}. I wasn't really sure what kind of workouts I wanted to go for, but I ended up trying out barre3 which has been very enjoyable for me. I was a little hesitant on how out of shape I was, but I am happy to say it has been ok on me and each workout has plenty of modifications if needed. Holding a full arm plank is the area that could use the most improvement at this point! I am also adding in the occasional treadmill session to change it up. I would love to take the kids for long walks but it is just so dang hot outside, that isn't happening for any of us. I am much looking forward to that capability come fall and cooler temps. I can already tell some differences in my muscle tone with three weeks of barre and I am thrilled over that!

I would love to hear how other Mama's got back into shape after baby and how long it took. I know it is a delicate balance if you are nursing/pumping with your food consumption, and there really is no bargaining there. Most days I am absolutely starving by meal times so I am adding in protein snacks in between {a must for me!} and giving my body what it needs.

You can sign up for barre 3 online classes here. The online workouts are my best option right now as I am squeezing them in as children allow, right in the comfort of my own home. You also get the luxury of choosing the length and area of focus for each workout, and there are so many to choose from. It's really been nice for options. PS- I am in no way being sponsored by barre3, just sharing my experience. I also purchased this workout on amazon which is done by the creator of barre3, which I absolutely love and can flip on with my Roku. Not only is it a fabulous workout, but the setting is beautiful and sort of "takes me away" for that session, if you know what I mean. 

Here are some of my workout faves since they are big inspiration to get myself moving!

wrap hoodie is this not so cute! // shorts because we will be wearing shorts in NC for quite a while // hooded jacket a great layering piece for early fall // nikes love this colorway and it's a great time to purchase // leggings mentioned these must haves plenty of times, they are the BEST // high waist crops I love the fun print on these // sunglasses polarized and chic for outdoor activities

work out

Friday, July 22, 2016

What To Buy, Return and Wish For

Ok y'all, the Anniversary Sale has officially begun for the public! I really don't get this excited about any other sales throughout the year, but this one is too good to miss. Brand new fall clothing and accessories- discounted ahead of the season! The way I usually navigate the sale is searching for pricier items {think boots and jeans} that I could use a price break on, and then adding in some less expensive items that are trendy that can step up my fall wardrobe game. 

I am so excited about my new jeans! Truth be told they were sitting on our doorstep last night and I have not tried them on yet, but I am almost positive from all the reviews they will be keepers. I had a hard time deciding between these and the coveted AG skinnies, but price and versatility won me over here: 

Speaking of AG, here is the pair I am still lusting over. I adore these.

If you haven't picked up a pair of these yet, you are seriously missing out. THE leggings of all leggings are always part of the sale and they do not disappoint. I wore them my entire pregnancy {totally stretched them out} but they made me feel that good, it was worth it. This time I am getting a pair of the crop style since I skipped those last year. Click add to cart...trust.

I ordered this dolman dress as an easy go to dress I can throw on with boots and a scarf this fall. I need more of that middle of the road clothing- casual but put together. Having a few options for dresses will be nice, especially at a bargain price. I ordered the burgundy but I think I am going to switch it out for the olive color.

You might have heard about this  deep v neck tee, available for $15. I got the olive color below and it is really cute on. I wore it with white cut off shorts yesterday and it was so comfy. I also got it in the white but it has a small pick on it, so I will be returning that and probably getting it replaced. 

I also ordered this sweater {yet to arrive} in the charcoal grey which is no longer available. I tried to be really sensible on things I really need and wear the most for this sale. As much as I love blouses, on the days I am at home with kids I am pulling out what is comfy and washable and simple. This sweater will do all of that, and get me out of the house easily with a pair of jeans and boots.

I love plaid shirts and something about this colorway sold me! It's nice to have the button down while still nursing as well, even though I don't wear that style every day. I'm hoping it is a good fit that drapes well. I hate a button down that looks boxy! 

I mentioned these boots before and I'll say it again, they are the best! Riding boots that you will have forever. They are gorgeous and this is the time to purchase them! I love the color of this leather too.

These are on my wish list...debating. They are gorgeous, are they not? They are water resistant and have all the perks of Uggs, in a beautiful tall boot. What is not to love?

Love these lace up flats!! They are so much fun and at a great price point for a trendy piece. I've heard they are reallllly comfy, which is key for me. I tried a pair last year and they were promptly returned after not being able to bend my foot.

I really wanted to find a new handbag during the sale. This might be my favorite right now. It is different than anything I already own and screams fall. I love the braided handle on the Regan Satchel, and the rich color. The other contender would be this tote- I love the shoulder straps on this one for when I have my hands full.

I'm having a hard time skipping these slippers- I mean, have you ever tried Ugg slippers? They are purely amazing and I love this new style.

If you want to see my first post on Early Access, see here. A few items have sold out since then, but these were my initial favorites! To see my beauty picks, see here! Lots of little add ons that won't break the bank.

Guess what, I haven't even looked at mens and kids yet! I am working on a round up of home items not to be missed as well. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and don't forget to shop before your faves sell out! 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Top Beauty Picks #Nsale

Who is having so much fun with the #nsale? {Who is tired of hearing that hashtag!? haha!} Every chance I get I find myself scrolling the pages to see what I have missed and what is still out there that is a must! Keeps me awake during our middle of the night feeding session too :) I always pick up a few things during the sale for beauty items- prices are just so good...and I do love a price break on beauty products!
beauty picks

I have been wanting to get my hands on a bkr bottle set, and this is a heck of a deal! I'm drinking a ton of water these days and any little push to do so more helps!

 I mention this whish body gel every year! It's a tried and true fave! I'm happy this year it comes as a stand alone bottle vs. a set, since the body wash is my favorite product. At this price it isn't much more than Dove body wash! 

This is another tried and true fave- philosophy set. The scent cannot be topped and makes a great gift. 

You must try rose salve, it is a beauty staple and you could divide this set up with sisters or friends! 

Lancome mascara is always one of my favorites in the department store arena. The quality and results speak for themselves! This lancome mascara set is a great buy! 

 My favorite perfumes in a set: jo malone set. This is the perfect set that you can layer, wear alone and have so much fun with!! 

This would be a new purchase for me, but I have heard nothing but 5 stars for this blending set.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access!

If you've heard lots of chatter about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it's for good reason! The Early Access Sale starts today, and if you are a Nordstrom cardholder {credit or debit}, you can shop brand new fall arrivals at a major discount- ahead of the season! It's truly my favorite sale of the year, I mean why not? This sale has me all sorts of excited for fall clothes, just like that! If you are not a Nordstrom cardholder, the sale opens up to the public next week. There are definitely some items that will sell out early, as I have learned in the past! Here is my initial roundup of favorites but I will keep posting on the sale as I have more time to work through it all.

These booties are so darn cute and are perfect for early fall. Last fall we had what seemed like an endless summer and I could have worn sandals well into November! Having a transitional shoe like this is perfect for southern climates.

Same goes for these heels below. Wear now and later, which is so nice. I love the neutral shade of these, they will go with everything!

This poncho looks like it drapes beautifully and I love the length of it. I live in this sort of thing in the fall and winter. PS- pregnant Momma tip: Buy this for something you can wear before and after the baby!

Most days when I am at home with the kids I just need an easy tee to throw on. However, I like that tee to be as cute as possible. I think I will get this in a few colors for fall to pair with scarves and skinnies for a quick outfit. For $15 you can't beat it!

I swore by my AG maternity jeans {I tried so many!!} and now I am itching for a regular pair. These are perfect in my opinion! 

These are also on my wish list for skinnies {by the way- I just put on my first pair post baby and it felt SO good!} I love the dark denim that will be so flattering on everyone.

Hello, gorgeous handbag! This will be a sure sell out. It's a stunner.
Jackets and coats are always an investment piece for me, so being able to get one on sale is a major plus. I have wanted a cowlneck leather jacket for a few years now and I love this style.

I also have a Barbour jacket on my wishlist. It will be perfect for football games and running around town. This is such a good price for Barbour!

I adore my Burberry jacket and this one is similar. I love the oversized lapel and the classic cut. Burberry is obviously quite the investment but you will have it, literally, forever.

Another favorite in my closet- my Fryes! Now is the time to purchase them, a little easier on the wallet. These will be in your shoe wardrobe for years to come- such a classic. I love this leather color as well.

I'll be back soon with more picks! What are your favorites so far? xo.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Currently Loving III

pink and gold
This umbrella is on major sale! Use it for the end of summer and it will still be in good shape for next year // I've had my eye on this drop stitch blouse...so chic and a great price! // Wore my sparkle jack rogers last night...easy way to upgrade your outfit while still wearing flats! These are 30% off!! // Nothing like a good pair of hoops // This magazine tote would be the perfect travel bag. I love the inside! // Not seen above but this top is right up my athleisure alley!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Currently Loving II

Did everyone have a good holiday weekend? I love the Fourth of July, really, I do. We spent the weekend at the beach house and came home yesterday morning. I am already aching for another afternoon on the beach, but luckily that isn't too far away! We had no crazy plans, unless you count baby feeding schedules and working in toddler naps. Stephen and I ran out for a quick trip downtown to listen to some music and that was the extent of my out of the house activities for the weekend! In true, busy Mom fashion...I forgot to give you this post over the weekend, meant for July 4th sales! Luckily, most stores are still offering incredible deals {some even better now} as we head towards the last half of summer. Here were some of my favorites!

GAP: take 35% off with code style, even sale items! These are my favorite shorts. I just got this workout top- love the tie in the back!

LOFT: 40% off styles... This top, this embroidered dress {extra 40% off} and this off the shoulder tee.

JCREW extra 40-60% off summer styles. THESE wedges, adorable eyelet shorts, a classic striped top in fall colors!

OLD NAVY: Take 30% off your order. This dress is only $12- for real {great for the beach}!  I cant resist a buffalo check tunic

Everyone loved Miss Frances Ann's swimsuit over on insta....it is pretty darn cute!

Weeks was just as cute in his matching rashguard!