Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sale Review - My Picks

Since the Nordstrom sale is wrapping up, I figured I would do a review on what I purchased {and what I think I might be ordering shortly!}

This was my first pair of Onzie leggings and I can't stop wearing them. The fabric is almost like a swimsuit material and is supposed to be great for when you sweat during a workout. Love these and their fun colors, and I really don't mind paying $36 for a good quality pair. Here is a similar pair of tennis shoes- I'm an Asics convert.

My Mom got me this pullover and I didn't waste any time wearing it around the house even though its a heatwave right outside my door. I will live in this thing this winter and I might order another color! {Sorry for the bad lighting}

I bought this bag for a cheapy way to carry around Weeks' stuff when we are out to dinner, etc and not have to worry about food/spills/drinks etc. Looks really nice for a cheap pricetag!

I mentioned this body set (currently sold out but here is the body wash) and it is truly delightful and an insane deal! I bought the body wash last year and loved the delicious scent while showering. This set came with a shave cream which is so much better than your drugstore brand, I promise you! The body cream is amazing as well. So worth it. If you broke down the cost of these it isn't too far off what I would have payed per item for the nicer drugstore brands.

I bought these boots but they hit me in a weird place on my leg so I sadly returned them. I thought I either needed to be a little taller or a littler shorter! Still in love with the style though. 

As I've mentioned before, I am obsessed with these Zella leggings. These are the capris I'm wearing in this pic at the Greenbrier after a long trail {excuse the rugged appearance!} And I did get another pair of the full length leggings too- they are too good of a deal and you will be wearing them all fall and winter!

Normally, I do not shop all at once this much but as everyone knows- these prices go up after the weekend and it is the one time of year I really "stock up" on things I can't buy here in town {always shop local first!}

Now decision time...which booties....these or these? I'm thinking the wedge. A lot of the sweaters are almost sold out from this post, I should've taken advantage of those sooner!

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My Life as A Plate said...

I just bought my first pair of Zella leggings in the sale, I cannot wait until they arrive. I have heard such great things about them forever and I finally bit the bullet ( at that sale price I couldn't resist). Did you love the Greenbrier?? My Husband and I are debating taking a trip there for our Anniversary.