Monday, July 27, 2015

Living Room E-Design #2

This design was created for a reader with a growing young family that wanted to inject some color into the space. They pretty much had a blank slate except for the dark brown furniture, which we needed to make work. I was excited for the challenge! Here is what I came up with....

E-Design #2

And here is where we started:

We definitely need to add some pattern to break up the brown furniture and add some life to the space. I love this combination of pillows: an animal print that is so versatile (I think I am ordering it myself!), a fun floral and an easy stripe. I would buy the largest size possible and use the same size down inserts so they are really "full". I think having a rug and drapes would really make things cozy. I kept those neutral so she could change up the  look later on down the road if she wished. Personally, I am one that adds in certain pillows at Christmas etc, and its nice to have a neutral backdrop. Artwork is very personal, but I chose this one to pull out the blue from the floral. I love it! Totally a personal preference, but I think this one doesn't compete with other prints on the pillows, etc. I think adding the glam factor with metallic lamps and a mirror over the fireplace (not pictured) would be really fun. Although the above design shows the large artwork in between the windows, it would be more ideal on the large blank wall. A framed, smaller piece of artwork in between the windows would be perfect! Also, painting or whitewashing the brick is always an option to keep lighten up the space a tad!

What do y'all think? I have to be honest, this design has completely turned my opinion around on dark brown furniture. Having a leather chair with layers of texture seems so cozy...especially with fall right around the corner!

As always, email me if you would like to discuss an e-design. 

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Susan Hillmann said...

I absolutely love the changes! Took it from a room with not much character, to one that is inviting, and looks comfortable too, and isn't that what we all want?