Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday Deals and Steals

I snagged the smaller size basket below to line Weeks' bookshelves with yesterday. The ones I planned on getting were actually too tall {don't you hate to have to go measure something!}, but I love this look even more. They will be sturdy for toys and smaller books, and you have to love the gold braided edge. Only $9.99! Such a steal!! I also love these as another option, and heavily discounted too.

My favorite flip flops are on sale from last year at a great price! I wore these things everywhere- beach, errands, dinner, traveling, you name it. The foot bed is really comfortable and the nude color goes with everything. 

I may or may not know a certain baby that already has this hanging in her closet in this pattern! This one has more sizes so I wanted to highlight it instead. So. CUTE.

Also, the gingham beach tunic I mentioned yesterday is now an additional 30% off, making it even more of a must buy for summer! J.Crew is running their 30% off sale: I'm eyeing this shirt, this beach tunic, and these denim shorts!

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