Friday, April 1, 2016

Asheville Bound

We are headed up to the mountains of North Carolina for the weekend for a little getaway. I grew up going to Asheville visiting my grandparents and to see it change over the years is just amazing. Every time I go there is something new that I haven't heard about since my previous trip. This time we are staying a little outside of Asheville in a big house with my family, which is something we haven't done before! Usually we are in the heart of Asheville in a hotel or staying at the little country club that we have so many memories at. While the guys get their golf fix tomorrow, I have my eye on some outlets I haven't been to before...Restoration Hardware outlet anyone? Hoping to find some nursery finds while I am there! Please send me your very favorites from Asheville. Specifically, maybe a lunch spot that isn't crazy busy? I would love to swing by this coffee spot Sunday as well.

This picture is from our fifth anniversary trip last year {yes, I am WAY behind!} when we stayed at The Grove Park Inn. Maybe I will double up and do a recap from last year and this year. It was such a treat.

Happy Weekending!


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

We are dying to visit Asheville! We have 4 nights worth of Hyatt points we need to use and are considering using them for a trip there!

Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

Safe travels! Y'all have fun!!! Love Asheville! xx

Alayna said...

RH outlet??? Wow, didn't know about that. I do know there's a great Dillards outlet there too. It's the only one! Have a great weekend. I was also super impressed with the chest hack - beautiful!

Samma said...

My husband is from Asheville! When we were dating I would always stay at Biltmore Forest Country Club- the rooms were so quaint and charming. Anything in Biltmore Village would be a great spot for lunch- I love FIG, Rezaz, Corner Kitchen, and for more casual Wayside Tavern is delish!!

Erin Phillips said...

Asheville is awesome! I agree that it has changed so much, my grandmother was born and raised there and she can't believe how different it is now. I am giddy to get there and visit the Restoration Hardware outlet, I hope you find some good stuff!

Erin, Attention to Darling