Friday, March 18, 2016

Big Boy Room Update

We are finally starting to get some things accomplished for Weeks' Big Boy room, which feels so nice. That is totally necessary in order to get the nursery empty enough to start on it. I feel like we are really behind and it's time to kick things into high gear!

First off, I hit some snags. The one inch check that I fell in love with was backordered until late February and I patiently waited. Then it was changed to early March. Then mid-March. Then pushed all the way back to mid-May! Ok, so that just won't work. I also tried searching everywhere I knew how for this fabric and it was out across the board. 

Onto plan B. I decided I would go with the smaller 1/8" check in the same colorway. While it isn't quite what I imagined, I still love a tiny gingham and I'm hoping these things work out the way they are supposed to! The fabric arrived this week and it is my goal to get them done this weekend. I had planned on having them made but I have decided on a fairly simple, relaxed style and it makes more sense for me to do it instead of paying and waiting...

When I was ready to buy the rods, the West Elm version I originally fell in love with was sold out, now it appears to be back in stock {go figure} so I frantically searched for something similar. I stumbled upon this simple rod and didn't even realize how similar it was until I placed them right next to each other. I have ordered the look for less, and hope it works out. The main difference to me is the finish, but it is so hard to tell shopping online anyway what either will look like in person. If the less expensive version doesn't work, I will just go back and order the original! They should be arriving soon.


FOR LESS: here or here {on Prime}

Weeks got his new sheets, duvet cover and comforter for his birthday! Now all we need is his bed! His dresser {my Dad's old chest on chest} will be getting moved from Raleigh in the next few weeks, hopefully.

Once we have these big things in place I really feel like we can sort the rest of it out, get things in place and see what else needs to happen.

I also have had the Ikea rast hack finished for several weeks now, but I am waiting to have the drapes hung for the reveal! It turned out sooo good and I love. Definitely worth a little effort to get the campaign look! 

Keep your fingers crossed for me that the drapery panels will go smoothly this weekend! 


Chasity Munn said...

I found your blog through Home of Malones and I'm so glad to have a new mama with great style to follow! We're both due with little girls. When is your due date? I had no idea about Kate Spade layette either....somebody better hide my wallet!!!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Can't wait to see the final product!!

Stephanie Chalk said...

I can't wait to see how it all comes together, I know it's going to be perfect! Xo, Stephanie