Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pregnancy Style 2: Current Favorites

Let's go ahead and file this post under "I need a wardrobe intervention". Yesterday was one of those days. I had nothing to wear. Everything seemed like I had already worn it 54829 times. And, all of my yoga pants were in the wash. Oh, the horror.

I decided since I am almost to the third trimester {YAY!!} I will absolutely have to break down and get some things for Spring and early Summer. Like any mother-to-be, I certainly don't want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes, but I also highly suggest that Moms treat themselves too and not feel like a drowned rat {sorry!} every day with the same old, same old {or worse, wearing something that looks 2 sizes too small!} I scoured, and I mean scoured for some cute maternity stuff for us ladies. Here are the current picks. It looks like Spring is just starting to roll out, so we can expect more of a selection soon.

preg 1


These are another option for the white shorts, but at a higher price point. I have a pair of white AG maternity jeans and they are the best fit I have found. If you are looking at going through the whole summer pregnant, I would think an investment in one good pair of shorts would be well worth it.

Maybe my very favorite find of all. Today you can take an additional 40% off making it quite a deal. I would snatch this up not pregnant if I saw it! 

I think I will order this and see if I want it in every color! I bought a grey muscle tank from Gap last summer and wore it constantly. Such a good basic for being around the house, running errands and not feeling sloppy.

So those are my current finds! Please share if you have found some new favorites as well, y'all have pointed me in some great directions for maternity and pregnancy items so far! xo.


Laurie Lowery said...

The link to the leggings is wrong. I would love to know where those are from!

Tess said...

I spent all of last summer pregnant - and mostly in dresses! I never found a great pair of shorts but I think you're right that if you do, they're worth the investment!

Stephanie Chalk said...

You are the cutest! I'll have to share your post with my sister, I know she will enjoy your picks! Xo, Stephanie