Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tell Me About Yourself

I saw this cute post on Design Darling and thought it would be a quick, fun way to
 get to know me at the moment! 

At the top of your wishlist right now:  This wallpaper for baby girl's nursery {I'm obsessed} and these wedges for myself!

Blog(s) you’re loving lately: I am loving the creative mind of Julie Blanner and the realness of The College Prepster.

Favorite thing about spring: Hands down, looking at the green pop out out on trees and grass, and of course, having some fresh pretty flowers to go along with!

The next trip you’re taking: We are headed to Asheville for a mini vacation with my family in the beginning of April! We are staying in a house/cabin and I can't wait!

TV show you can’t stop watching: After being hooked on so many series back to back, we are at a loss for a new addiction and I am looking to fill this void! We had been watching a show each night after Weeks falls asleep, and over the past month that time has been filled with miscellaneous chores and projects instead. TV sounds like more fun! ;)

Copy and paste this below into the comments with your answers, or use it in a post of your own and link back to me to let me know! 

At the top of your wishlist right now:

Blog(s) you’re loving lately:

Favorite thing about spring:

The next trip you’re taking:

TV show you can’t stop watching:


Alayna said...

Just found your blog about a month ago!

At the top of your wishlist right now: Home renovations. We moved to Charlotte in 11/14 and rented for a year and actually just purchased that house. We've done some repairs but are planning major electrical work and we're getting the hardwoods redone this summer.

Blog(s) you’re loving lately: - hysterical recaps of the trash tv I watch. She's in Chicago.

Favorite thing about spring: enjoying the backyard, not needing a coat

The next trip you’re taking: Taking a week in June to drive around North Carolina and explore. I've been traveling like crazy across the US since our move, so we're excited to check out the backyard area:) Also heading to Chicago in August. I just returned from a two week work trip in LA and my husband flew out to visit for a Santa Barbara weekend - it was beautiful.

TV show you can’t stop watching: any trash tv on Bravo, but I've also gotten into the OJ mini-series

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

What a great idea for a post! I love that wallpaper! Top of my wishlist...Tory Burch Lexington wedge and some bright fun new fashion pieces for spring! Lately I've really been loving the blog Katie Elizabeth. Favorite thing about spring...warm weather and all the beautiful blooms! Next trip is to Charleston with one of my best girlfriends in late April for the Southern C Summit! Jealous of your Asheville's on my list! I just started watching the new ABC thriller The Family last night and was immediately hooked!

Melissa said...

Love this so much I did one of my own. Thank you for sharing!