Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Inspiration

I seriously love Easter. Not only the meaning behind Easter and why we celebrate, but the fresh, springy, pastels and sweet and simple celebrations that go along with...it is just so special. This year I have found lots of fun inspiration for this day and this is a little selection of my favorites {for more you can follow me on pinterest here}...

Brussel sprout topiaries! So clever and just beautiful. If I was having a Easter brunch at my home I would so do these.

A sweet treat with only my favorite candy ever, ever. They are dangerous and I allow myself to go through one bag each holiday. Eek!

If you haven't seen Emily Henderson's pastel Easter brunch, head on over to check that out. It's so good!

Because Easter is also a reason to indulge just a leetle bit in some sweets.

Simplicity at it's best! If you are hosting a brunch, this would be such a simple, quick, yet special touch for your table and your guests.

On a side note, please let me know your favorite "Easter" recipe. I love seeing everyone's spreads that day and would love some family favorites!


Julie said...

I wish I hosted Easter because I love that brussel sprouts topiary!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

These are all so lovely! Easter decor is my favorite! As for recipes, one of my go-tos is Paula Deen's hash brown quiche! I posted it on my blog ages ago!