Monday, March 9, 2015

Geraniums, Watering Cans + Garden Stools

We had a little taste of Spring this weekend and it was so sweet. For years, my favorite season has been Spring until lately. The last several years, we have had really rainy, dreary and cold Springs...which is not what I usually resonate with my favorite season. Other than allergies, I love everything Spring: I am smitten with flowers and plants budding, warm days and cool nights, the feel of the sun, pastels and bright colors and switching up to lighter summery meals. We have wrapped up our bathroom project {for now} and are looking forward to working on many outdoor projects soon. I am thrilled to get outside and focus our time there. As I mentioned before, a majority of last year was spent weeding out the old, and now we will have time to plant the new and make it our own.

Last week, it was another freezing cold one with plenty of days full of fog and misty rain. Enough to make me scream! I was in serious need of a dose of Spring and I spotted some geraniums at Wal-Mart of all places. I remembered a sweet neighbor lady telling me last summer that she has had the same potted geraniums for at least 8 years. She places them outside in the summer and takes them in during the cold fall and winter. Eight years? That is practically a pet! I seriously doubt mine are going to make it past the summer but I am willing to give it a go. They are brightening up my kitchen like nothing else right now and I love it. I also found three Snowball Viburnum plants on clearance and quickly scooped them up. See my post on those here, I so miss mine from the old house! Anyway, I am seriously looking like a crazy indoor plant lady with my geraniums, Christmas cactus and several others I don't even know their names. Since I have all these plants, I'm definitely adding a brass watering can to my mud room ASAP. I mean, these are decor, but they serve a great function. Sooo cute. And, if you are on top of your game, go ahead and scoop up a pretty watering can {or two} for Mothers Day! 

watering cans

In other news, I also added a "pin it" button on my images..finally! Duh!! Sorry these things take so long around here. {Hover over the photo and the "pin it" button will appear in the top left corner}. It's hard enough carving out some time to pull a well thought out post together, but it is so enjoyable when I do.

If you stop by Wal-Mart, check out their garden stool section as well. Because they look amazing in beautiful colors, are pottery-ish and are a whopping 39 dollars. I'm trying to decide where I can put one!


Ashley Carole (Sweet Carolina Belle) said...

Oh I love having a bunch of plants indoors it truly brightens up the place plus helps clean the air!!

Meghan at Champagne & Suburbs said...

Those garden stools are AMAZING! I am going to snag two for nightstands in our bonus room.