Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Morning y'all! Did everyone have a good weekend? We ended up taking a real "weekend" day on Saturday. We relaxed, didn't make plans, went out to lunch, {some of us napped, not me} and just plain took it easy. We all need those days and I can tell you ours are few and far between. We squeeze in projects and work all weekend and save the relaxing for after dinner. It's the way we function and we love it {for the most part!} so it works. I love being busy! 

Sunday however, I woke up and was straight to work. I knew the house was due to be cleaned, which could have waited, but I also wanted to tidy up each room in the house. We usually splurge on the house being thoroughly cleaned about every three weeks, but since I wanted to work on each room it just made sense that I cleaned instead this time around. I'm so glad I did, because I really spent a lot of time making sure things got cleaned that I had noticed had been forgotten about with the cleaning service. No matter how good they are, things get forgotten. I ended up rearranging the living room, did a good bit of rearranging in the dining room, purged toys, scrubbed the bathrooms and totally cleaned up the kitchen and mud room counters. Feels SO good. I love some Spring cleaning! We also had a cold snap this weekend, which sort of forced us into one last weekend of being indoors before we march towards Spring. Really, it was needed, and I feel better about starting new projects with having the house tidied and freshened up. 

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We have a super busy month ahead {can you believe it's almost April!?} so we really needed this weekend at home. Hope you had a great weekend! 


Samma said...

It's so funny- I never was a cleaner growing up. I still have my hidden messes, but I am such a cleaner now, and really enjoy my spring sprucing up/purging/scrubbing.

Jennifer at The Champagne Supernova said...

Love the marble kitchen counter and how "clean" everything looks.

Jeff The Bug Guy said...

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