Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flowers For Your Tuesday + Photography Tip

Just bringing you some gorgeous blooms for your Tuesday! I picked these last Friday over at the beach. The hydrangeas must love some salty air and seaspray because they just look amazing and have hundreds of blooms on each plant. 

I just wanted to snap a quick photo of them but once I saw how pretty they looked on my camera I kept taking more. The light was streaming in our kitchen window (major plus) but our table was cluttered (always) with magazines and some white poster board from our yard sale on Saturday. I couldn't help but notice that the white paper (especially in the first photo) bounced the light off in a really pretty way giving the prettiest glow. I didn't edit these one bit. Granted, my 50 mm lens did most of the work for me. It's my fave. I gradually removed all of the white from the table in the progression of these photos. (The top being the very first photo I took without removing any white from the table)

Below, I removed all of the white paper and magazines. While this last photo is still pretty, there is not as much glow especially on the green leafs. Just a fun idea to play with next time you want to snap some photos. PS I am no pro by any means but I do love taking pictures.

Have a wonderful day y'all! 


Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Looooove! My absolute favorite!!! xx

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Wow...gorgeous! I have never seen hydrangeas that shade before!

Karen King said...

Your pics are beautiful and that pink - wow! Apparently the different colours of Hydrangeas come from the different minerals in the soil, they obviously love the salt from the sea. Kx