Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Meal Guide

So if we are being honest here, I have not been much of a cook lately. I have gotten out of the swing of planning/shopping/cooking and we have been throwing meals together at the last minute or resorting to the old reliable, takeout. I'm hoping by doing a little research on good old pinterest, our dinner hour might get a little better soon. If you are in the same boat, rushing around at dinner/happy hour for something to eat, just turn to this. Of course, you need to visit all these amazing sites for the recipes! And, please if you try anything let me know! 

A few things we have had recently:

Toasted Fresh Chicken Salad Sandwhich, Perfectly Boiled Corn and Tomatoes Drizzled with Italian Dressing. Does it get more summer than that? I got everything except the bread and dressing at our local market.

Fresh Soft Shell Crabs and Rice and Black Beans. I never knew that soft shell crabs only have a very short window of time when you can actually eat them, but apparently that's true. Soon they will have their hard shell around here. Stephen fried them up and we served them with a side of jasmine rice, black beans and a little sour cream. Have I mentioned how much I love rice and beans? Love them. Usually we have avocado with this side too. So delish.

What is your favorite summer meal? Please share! 


melissa said...

The softshell crab looks amazing! So impressed you made that at home. I've never attempted that one. For summer, it's hard to beat a BLT. Or anything from the grill.

I love the recipe you shared a while back for baked zucchini and squash - I mentioned it on my blog today, in fact! Thanks for sharing that one. So good.

KatiePerk said...

All of these look delicious. I am a big cold supper fan when it is so hot. I have not been cooking too much lately. I need to get back on the meal plan train!

megan said...

I made Pioneer Woman's grilled veggie wraps (and added steak for my carnivore hubby) last night, and they were SO good! You should definitely try them out.

My Life as A Plate said...

I am the same way I have been majorly slacking on meals lately, and we have been ending up throwing something together last minute or going out, and I want to get back on the wagon and start planning. ALL of these meals sound incredible, I am going to print out all of these recipes. Thanks for sharing.