Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dare I Say...Another One Room Challenge

Ok, I have gone back and forth on this umpteen times since I saw Linda's announcement that it was already time for another One Room Challenge. I feel like I am just now recovered from pulling our hall bath together {it was a doozie}! If you haven't heard of the One Room Challenge before, it is a six week challenge to transform a room from top to bottom. If you are new to Miss Dixie, I am a wife, Mom and design/diy/home lover! I have transformed two spaces with the One Room Challenge so far- the den and the hall bathroom.

If you have been reading a while you know my fits over my living room and are probably tired of hearing me talk about how I really want this room to come together {yet I never do anything about it}! Well, I decided I'm going to give it an honest shot and see what happens. Instead of cleaning this room up and making the photos look decent, I left it in it's natural state....sorry in advance.

Here is where things get out of hand: the toys. Must find toy storage. That ottoman is really not ideal to be there, we actually have two of them that came with our chairs. Ottomans are great but we don't have space for these oversized versions. And, I know you love my 80's fireplace surround. Don't be jealous.

Our TV is to the left of the fireplace. I feel like the room would be more balanced if it was over the fireplace, but then again do I want that? I know it would be complicated with running wires to boxes and whatnot. I also love having a mantel that is pretty instead of a TV. What do you think? And the shelving here is looking way out of proportion, too small.

This is the wall to the right of the fireplace...empty.

This is looking at the entryway, which I will tie in with this room. I started it's makeover this summer and its essentially almost done...

Whoa, way too much clutter for my little mind!

Here is the basic plan:
More throw pillows {always nice to list the easiest and fun things first}
Add toy storage
Fix ottoman situation
Decide on shelving to the left and right of the fireplace {should it match?!}
New lamps / Decide about painting end tables
Switch out sofa
Switch out drapes and rods
Add paneling detail over fireplace
Update fireplace surround?! May not be an option 

Should be fun right? Hope you will follow along and check out everyone else as well here and here. Most addictive time of the year!

Xo, Katie


Laura Cox said...

I can't wait to see how this turns out! After following your bathroom reno last time, I decided to participate for this go round.

Laura Cox said...
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Zelle B. said...

Can't wait to see what you do! I should really consider doing this!

Southern Style

Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

Eeee! I already love the bones of this space. Can't wait to see your transformation, little stylista! xx

Unknown said...

I love your taste so I'll be excited to see what you do! Would you mind sharing the paint color of this room?

Unknown said...

Kids's always a battle with them:) Looking forward to watching your ORC!

East Coast Chic {Natalie} said...

Yay I can't wait to see how it turns out!! I vote TV over the fireplace. I refused in our old house to do it but the seller left us the tv already mounted over the fireplace in the new house and its been awesome. I swear it balances the room so much better! For toy storage-if you get shelves you could leave the bottom shelves open for toys and keep them in nice bins that Weeks could get into easily himself.

Karolina Barnes said...

Katie, I have the same dilemma about the TV above the fireplace. We have it as you have it currently, on the right, as well. I'm still not sure whether to move it but for now I'm leaving it where it is. I can't be bored with rewiring. Your living room is already looking nice but I get that toys are always a never ending battle. Can't wait to see your plan! Karolina xx

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Katie this room is already so pretty so I can't wait to see what you do for the ORC!! Look forward to following along with you!

JMO said...

I love your space! Can't wait to see what you do (that chalkboard is perfection!)