Thursday, January 15, 2015

Let's Start...Paint the Exterior

I'm thrilled that I got some great responses to yesterday's post on the to do list for 2015. Obviously, this is a very over zealous list to think I can accomplish, but this is absolutely what is on the agenda, whether it happens to get accomplished in 2015 or even a little later. A home is always full of moving parts and it's constantly getting updated anyway. Why not make it fun!

I figure I will post the details/goals of each project in order of how they appeared on the list, no matter what order the projects might fall. Then, once the projects get worked on, we can revisit the inspiration post. Make sense? We really are so sporadic and I don't want to be tied down to one space unless I am trying to really get it finished for one reason or another. 

First on the list... PAINT THE EXTERIOR! 

I cannot tell you how excited I am about crossing this off the list. The dream has always been to have a white painted brick house with black shutters. It is so me. It is me to a capital T. As soon as I laid eyes on our house {via a listing} I messaged Stephen saying it would be an amazing house painted in white. The wheels were immediately set in motion after we surveyed the house.

We were thinking we would go ahead and paint the house now, with some money we have set aside, but the painting can only be done unless the weather is in the upper 50's for several days straight's looking like we will wait until March to do that. In the mean time, we will work on some indoor projects, of course! 

I won't be sharing full photos of the house for privacy purposes, but I will definitely show you some after shots. Until then, here is what has been inspiring me. 

Really, there's nothing like a classic white house. 

This is a pretty straightforward project {thank goodness for at least one} and we just have to choose the paint. Does anyone have any experience in paint types, and do you have any paint color recommendations? They would be greatly appreciated!! 


Courtney said...

The 2-story with the gate in front (4th down) is in my neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL and it is gorgeous in person! Love your house style, can't wait to see what you do this year!

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Yes, yes, yes! Can't wait to read about the transformation!!! xx

pam {simple details} said...

You know what I think of your choice! :) You're going to LOVE it Katie!

Оксана Смирнова said...

Wow! It is very good idea! I am sure that at you everything will turn out remarkably! You call on my blog:

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Our house is white brick with black shutters and I am DYING to paint the front door coral....still waiting on the okay from Bryce though, haha!

CackyBrown said...

What color did you end up choosing?? Selecting white paint is SO overwhelming!
Have loved reading your blog and following along with your house looks fab :)

Richmond Gordon said...

My wife has made the to-do list for me! But I've been planning on painting the exterior of our place for a while and your inspiration set of photos have convinced me it's really something I need to get done this year! I hope yours came out nicely in the end, I'll have to see if the wife wants white or a different shade!