Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Organization Pretties + Organizing Christmas

To get us off to a fresh start, here is what is inspiring me right now:



I don't know about you, but this is one of my favorite times of the year to get organized. As soon as Christmas is over, I am pretty much ready to clean up the house, banish clutter and soak up that fresh feeling of a tidy home. I know many people leave their decorations up a week or so past Christmas which I totally understand. I knew ours were coming down the Sunday after Christmas because I wanted the house cleaned for the New Year! I totally got into the groove of organizing that day and splurged on buying an entire cart full of new Christmas storage containers. I only wish I had done this sooner because it made taking the tree down a breeze!

This container had the rounded holder for ball ornaments, I ended up getting several of those. Especially nice to see my stash of gold and silver balls, I have a ton but they don't all necessarily go on the tree.

This container had adjustable plastic dividers. I fit a ton of ornaments in these containers, mixing the more delicate ornaments with some softer ones, but still keeping them secure. 

When I was done, I had fit almost all of my ornaments into the new containers. I think I had one more tub full of some that wouldn't fit. I am so thrilled, it's funny!

And I went ahead and got a wreath storage container for the ornament ball wreath I made this year. So excited about this one! I usually end up putting those kinds of things in a trash bag and then the following year I am scared to open it ;)

I guess I didn't snap a photo, but I use washi tape each year to relabel my Christmas storage boxes. Inevitably, the contents in the boxes change, so it is an easy way to peel off the old label and add a new one. 

I bought all of my containers from Wal-Mart so if you happen to be in the market- I would definitely check them out! I think most of my containers were about $7 and so worth it! 


KatiePerk said...

I do the same with the trashbag. Yikes. I need to get one of these!

BLovedBoston said...

Oh the organized closets are the best!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!! xo, Biana - http://www.blovedboston.com/2015/01/january-goals.html

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Love this inspiration...especially before I tackle the Christmas tree today!!! xx

Jennifer Miller said...

Yes! Thank you for the motivation :). The containers, especially the adjustable ones look great. And love the clean and cozy BHG images! Here's to an organized 2015'

Mree said...

Love this. I go those same containers for mt ornaments. Makes it so much easier.

Mree said...

Love this. I go those same containers for mt ornaments. Makes it so much easier.