Monday, December 2, 2013

Asheville Wedding Weekend

One of my dear, dear friends from college got married a few weekends ago in Asheville, NC and it was hands down, one of the most gorgeous weddings I have ever been to. My friend, Seldon, and her fiance, Mark, were originally going to get married in May of 2013 when an unexpected family tragedy occurred. Needless to say, this couple was so incredibly deserving of a special wedding day. None of the frills were necessary because of the love that radiated from them. But the frills were certainly gorgeous! Here's a peek from the wedding day.

One of our bridesmaid gifts- a monogrammed shirt to wear on the wedding day while we got ready.

The flowers were just insane. I mean incredible.

We had an amazing team of hair stylists come style our hair as we wished, and the bride and her family had beautiful, classic makeup done.

That's enough of amateur hour though, if you want to see her amazing photographer, check out AJ Dunlap PhotographyThis is just one photo of their wedding day! Based out of Raleigh, NC and they are an adorable couple that shoots together. Seriously, check them out.

*If anyone is interested, I can certainly ask the bride for more vendor information*

Back to the wedding day...My parents are members of the club that the wedding was at, so they were able to watch baby Weeks with ease at the restaurant while we enjoyed the reception. We rented two cabins for the weekend and almost the whole family came along. 

My Dad and I...

My Mom and I, my sister Stephanie and my brother's girlfriend Lynsey.

Weeks playing with Daddy {in the bar!}

Seldon, your wedding was amazing and I hope your marriage is even more beautiful than your wedding day. Love you lady! XO.

And one other picture of our mountain weekend...

This little guy took his first swing ride outside our cabin and LOVED it. I was busy with wedding festivities, so when I got this text I pretty much melted. 


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JMO said...

You're right- what a gorgeous wedding. I love the colors and you look stunning as well!!

My Life as A Plate said...

The wedding looks beautiful! I love the bridesmaid dresses and the flowers are stunning.

Megan {Willow & Co.} said...

loving the monogrammed shirt idea!

April of Smidge Of This said...

Gorgeous wedding and you and Seldon look like you could be sisters! I love the flowers, they are so stunning and unique. Especially the urn on the ground with the moss underneath, love!

Mary @ Eat Drink and Be Mary said...

That last baby picture is too cute! You'd bridesmaid dress is so pretty. I go to school really close to Asheville, small world.