Friday, December 20, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Kitchen

Just popping in to tell y'all what I've really been up to this past week. Stephen and I decided to paint our kitchen a few weeks ago. As in, the few weeks before Christmas.

Go sell crazy somewhere else. We're all stocked up here!

Kidding. Maybe. It was quite a task to take on though. I might mention Weeks was cutting a tooth and chewing on all of his bottles, we made a last minute trip to see Santa, and all three of us were battling colds. Mine was three weeks long. Stephen and I are still married!

Stephen and I took the task of sanding/priming/sanding/painting/painting the frames and drawers of the cabinets and we hired a professional to spray the cabinet doors. We get them back this weekend- just in the nick of time for my sanity and Christmas! 

But just in case you want to see whats really hiding in our cabinets... here's one shot of a corner in our kitchen. Just imagine that with a pretty painted cabinet door with a shiny new knob on it. The little boxes on the right are where spice drawers hide all of our knick knacks, not spices oddly enough. I haven't decided on what pulls/knobs for those yet since there are so many of them. I'm thinking I will wait and decide after all of the other hardware is in place. Thoughts?

Anyway, I know y'all can't get the gist of my major love here, but it's true and it's real and I have a white kitchen. Something I've always wanted!

Stay tuned, I want to share some Christmas photos around the house, and also- I would love to hear your favorite Christmas Eve meal, dish or cocktail! We are hosting this year and I'm pulling something together at the last minute. As if there was another time for it!


Dana Frieling said...

Oh girl, you've been busy! Smart way to tackle this project and make it look good and be affordable at the same time. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Glad your marriage has survived. I know that feeling oh too well!

JMO said...

Can't wait to see the finished product- white kitchens go especially well with all the Blue/White and Blue Willow :) Have a great weekend!

Laura Wyatt said...

AH! Can't wait to see more of your kitchen. I've always wanted a white kitchen too, and I think 2014 is our year to renovate ours! Merry Christmas! xo

Ashley Brickner said...

So exciting!!! We have a white kitchen and love it! Happy holidays!