Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Two Month Faves

Two Month Faves

Straight from my little man...his favorites from month two!

I wish I had this little bed from day one, but we didn't get it until month two. It's the only way he got out of our bed. True story. Not that we slept the first month anyway. We love, love the Fisher Price Snugabunny Rock N Play that lets him sit on an incline, which is so necessary for him and his frequent spit ups.

In case you didn't know, babies can be picky. This came as a recommendation from Weeks' slightly older cousin. He loves, LOVES looking at his Tiny Love Mobile. It was hard for me to choose one ahead of time, so I'm glad we waited for a good one!

We've moved out of the puj and into the Whale Tub. He was slightly surprised at first to be dipped all the way down in the tub, but is well adjusted now. I love the whale and think he will only grow to love it more. It's so nice that he can be supported enough so we can be washing him instead of holding him up.

When your little one gets a bad case of diaper rash, nothing can treat it fast enough. We started using Triple Paste and it is our go-to now.

Most of his bottles are by Tommee Tippee Bottles and they've worked really well for him.

Little man is a huge fan of his Graco Pack N Play now! We can lay him down with his mobile going and he is so entertained and can stretch out. He loves it.

If you plan on using bottles, invest in a sterilizer. We are using the Avent Bottle Sterilizer and it is so nice to know his bottles and pacis are all perfectly clean and sterile. It's a must.

His Fisher Price Musical Gym is so much more fun now that he is interacting more! It's the best place for tummy time.

I can't wait to see what his three month favorites are- I think these lists are getting more and more fun. Looking back I should have listed diapers, wipes, onesies, more diapers, more wipes and pacis for month one. That's all a baby really needs then, haha! 



April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I bought that whale tub for a girlfriend. It's the cutest!

Caroline said...

E still loves his play mat!

Meggan Kibler said...

Such a great list!! I am about to move Avery from the Puj to the whale tub too! Just made that comment to Kris last night :)

Nat said...

I got a rock n play sleeper because one of my friends swears by it (hopefully baby boy will like it) and I also got a bottle sterlizer too- glad to hear you like yours because I wasn't sure if I was going over board or not.

[darci @ the good life] said...

Great picks!! Looking at these really makes me miss Jackson at this age.... he spent a whole lotta time on that "musical gymn" for tummy time! :)

Your little guys melts my heart --- gahhhhhh, and now I have baby fever!