Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Weeks: Two Months Old

Happy Two Months Weeks! 

So much has changed since the first month with our baby. One of the biggest changes- he is an armful now! I love watching him grow, but I found myself already missing that tiny handful he was when he was born. At his two month checkup today, he was 11 pounds 10 ounces, and 23.5 inches long. A whole five pounds bigger than when he was born! Moving on up in the percentiles buddy!

Our Sweet Weeks,
You love to stretch and kick around. I keep reminding everyone that I told them from your very first kick that you were a strong baby. You sure do have some legs on you! I'm thinking you will be a little soccer star.
 It's been so much fun to see you pay more and more attention to your toys and jungle gym. Now we can really tell that you are seeing them and following them with your eyes! I love your inquisitive looks that you get on your face! 

You had quite the busy month full of firsts...

We finally got to see your sweet smile with your eyes open! You love to smile while you dream, and while that is one of the sweetest things on Earth, we couldn't wait to see you smile at us. We can't wait to see you smile more and more.

You got to take your first trip on to the beach, the first of many. You loved laying on the blanket and stretching out. We can't wait to take you back and dip those toes in the sand!

You made your first trip to Raleigh, Mommy's hometown. You did so great in the car! Daddy was hoping you would make the trip with no stops to eat and you managed to do it on the way there. You just slept the whole time! You got to see your older cousin and we loved seeing how you two have grown and interact. Sweet little baby hands reaching for each other!
You actually rolled over from your tummy to your back several times! This happened when you were seven weeks old, pushing your strong little body up and over.

You have the sweetest little cries ever, everyone agrees. Your voice is just precious and we love it when you "talk" to us! Even in the last few days, you have begun talking more and more. We are now having conversations back and forth and we keep asking you to tell us more stories!

While having tummy time, you are trying to crawl! Your little legs are moving and grooving, it will be no time before you are on the move and Mommy is chasing after you.

You've settled down a little more into a routine, which Mommy is very thankful for. We finally are past the point of eating every two hours, and are more on a three {sometimes four} hour daytime schedule. At night you are up around 1 am and then up early with the birds sometime around 4:30-5:30. As soon as you get a full belly and get changed you are ready to go back to bed.

You are just the sweetest snuggler ever and Mommy can't get enough. Now that you aren't eating as frequently, we have more time to cuddle and enjoy nap time. Mommy cherishes that time so much!

You aren't a crier, you are just a happy boy with a full belly and being in Mommy or Daddy's arms. The only time you fuss is when you have a little tummy ache, but that seems to be improving too.

We love you so much buddy and can't wait to see what happy moments your next month brings.

Mom and Dad


Valerie Griffin said...

happy 2 months, sweet Weeks!

Meggan Kibler said...

Weeks is just precious!! Love his sweet smile!
xoxo Meggan
Vintage Modern Mom

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

Oh my goodness, 2 months already!?

Miss Southern Prep said...
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Miss Southern Prep said...

So precious! I love that family pic!

Nat said...

So sweet! Cant' believe he's 2 months old already!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

He is one handsome gent, and may I say that he has the BEST wardrobe! What a stylish and comfy man. These two months have flown!

erica said...

What a stylish little guy! Love all the clothes you have for him, he's too cute! xx