Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday evening and Saturday revolved around tailgate preparations I mentioned last Friday. Every year, NC State hosts a military appreciation day, and this year asked Wolfpack Club fans to volunteer to host a few from our military. What a great opportunity to give something back in a small way to those who serve our country. The weather was a little less than pleasant, and sadly I didn't end up taking as many pictures as I planned!
My sister and her roommate painted one of those "chef pigs" that my mom had to go with our Wolfpack theme. He turned out so cute! He proudly holds the American flag and a basting brush, of course.

Our setup, everyone braving the drizzle and cold temperatures!

Tailgate essential: a table centerpiece! We wanted to incorporate the flags for the military guys.

left to right: my sister's friend Madelyn, myself, my sister Stephanie

Then, we found out the National Guard was giving away freebies....of course we had to go grab these orange hats!

left to right: my brother- in-law Manu, hubby Stephen, and my brother Bobby

The chef with his amazinggg barbecue, almost ready to eat!

Chopping time.

Wolfpack on the field

Stephen got Dad and Bobby's birthdays on the scoreboard! He's a keeper:)

Stephen and I in the game (Dail club seats were an unexpected treat!)

Then, the guys decided it was only right that they all shotgunned a beer during halftime.

the pictures says it all.

Group photo of all the guys. (Military guests are mainly in center)
We started off hosting 2 men before the game started, and they brought about 4 other friends back to our tailgate at halftime. We like to think they told their friends how much fun our tailgate was, so their friends naturally wanted to come check it out. (I mean, who else was shotgunning beers at halftime?)

We really enjoyed being able to give these guys a fun night out. All have served overseas and all were so appreciative for a simple, nice meal at a football game. What we did for them pales in comparison to what they do for us.

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