Friday, April 7, 2017

March Date Night

This date did happen in March, even though I am recapping it in April! We had a really busy month with our vacation to Amelia Island falling in the middle of the month. Right before the trip, Weeks got an ear infection, I had a sinus infection and Frances Ann got a cold. Everyone was better for about a week and we had a boomerang effect and everyone got sick again. I tell you what, it has been crazy with sick kids, out of our routine, Weeks home from school, me not sleeping (ugh! the worst!) because of this terrible allergy anyway, all of that to say we snuck in our date night at the very end of the month at the very last minute. It was so necessary and so blissful!

We went to Pescara, which is in Atlantic Beach on the town circle that is being revamped. It's an adorable looking beach house with a twist on Italian food. I joked as we walked up to the restaurant, asking Stephen if he would have flowers waiting on the table for me like Valentines Day. We laughed when they did have a sweet little arrangement of Astromeria on the table. The house wine was buttery, which is my fave. Sidenote- the first time we came here a few years ago the wine selection was all Italian and was not my taste but since then things have really improved! Just an FYI in case you have been before too and couldn't find what you wanted.

We ordered the charcuterie platter to start with and it was incredible. I am still dreaming about how good the fig preserves were, as well as the soft cheese. The salami and prosciutto were so, so good too. I cannot wait to have it again. Might even go just for this and a drink in the future!

I ordered the eggplant parmesan, which is usually my go-to at an Italian restaurant. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that likes eggplant- it was delish. Those noodles? I tried not to eat them all.

And once again, we were able to sneak in a photo as we were leaving.

jeans // top // wedges (similar)

It was so last minute and we were both exhausted but it was so worth it to have a little break from the kids and an hour or so of peace and quiet! I am so glad we opted to go for it! That's a wrap for date night in March. We are headed out again for our April date night this weekend, in honor of our 7th anniversary!

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Owen Davis @ Davis Duo said...

I have yet to try this restaurant but will definitely try it this summer! Italian is my favorite!!