Thursday, September 1, 2016

Let's Talk Strollers

I was thinking recently how much we have enjoyed each of our strollers and how important it is to find one (or four!) that work for you. They are definitely key in our lives and I'm sure even more so for people that live in the city and do a lot of walking places. Here is our experience on strollers. Feel free to contact me with any questions too!
strollerschicco keyfit // uppa baby vista and here on amazon cheaper //

{For reference we also use the Chicco Keyfit 30 Carseat for infants and Britax Boulevard Convertible Seat}

Chicco Keyfit Caddy

I used this all the time when Weeks was a baby while he was still in his infant carseat. It was literally one of the most convenient and useful things we owned. It is just the caddy, so you click your car seat in and are ready to go. Nothing is nicer than being able to take the baby from the car to out and about running errands seamlessly. I used it ALL the time. I used it on small shopping trips and out to the mall, stuffing bags underneath as needed!

In summary:
-A new Mom's best friend for getting out and about easily
-Chicco carseat clicks in easily
-Easy to unfold/fold up
-Good size underneath basket

City Mini Jogger

This is a wonderful jogging stroller! We received this as a wonderful gift from a dear friend and it is the gift that keeps on giving! I have thoroughly enjoyed so many walks and runs with this {on pavement} and I can't say enough good things about it. It is easy to steer, smooth, and incredibly easy to open and close. Now that Weeks is bigger, he can still fit very comfortably in it which is so nice. If we are going somewhere alone with him, we still use this stroller even though its a jogger. Weeks is a tall drink of water too, for reference! It doesn't come with a drink holder, so I should have added one of those but always forgot to.

In summary:
-Large canopy for good sun protection
-Easy to unfold/fold up
-Fairly heavy {not super lightweight but not enormous either}
-Smooth ride
-Easy to steer and push

Uppababy G Luxe

When Weeks got to be about 9/10 months old, we bought this stroller as we were going to be transitioning out of the infant car seat soon. It was another great purchase. The seat reclines far back which is great for stroller naps. It is such a breeze to get it open and closed as well- something not to take for granted! It folds up nice and tidy taking a small footprint in our mudroom for storage. We thoroughly enjoyed this stroller as well. The basket underneath isn't as large as my others- but I always made do with it. For example, when I was using the Chicco Caddy I always was hauling a diaper bag- but as Weeks got older I would just throw a few things into the stroller that we needed instead of the whole bag.

In summary:
-Great for everyday use
-Very easy to fold/unfold
-Small footprint for storage
-Comfy, reclinable seat

Uppa Baby Vista

Our newest to our stroller clan! This stroller is like the cadillac of strollers, I kid you not. I was never aware of such a handy thing until I saw a Mom with a toddler and a baby in a Target parking lot and took a mental note of how handy the thing looked. Full disclosure- this is pricey and I only recommend it if you plan on needing a stroller for more than one child {now or later}. When we were pregnant the first time I was not browsing strollers for two children, I was strictly looking for one, so this didn't even show up on my radar. So far, we are really only using it for Frances Ann to click her car seat in with the adapter. I put Weeks in it yesterday for the first time {in the smaller toddler seat} and his legs could basically touch the floor. As soon as Frances Ann is big enough, she will go in the smaller toddler seat {front} and Weeks will ride in the larger toddler seat {in the rear}. Not sure why it is arranged that way but that is what I have been able to find so far. Other than Weeks being really, really is an amazing stroller for us! I absolutely love how big the bottom basket is. I can literally go grocery shopping with it. Last week, we were on vacation in Charleston and Kiawah and we threw beach bags, diapers bags, shopping bags, purses...all of it in there. I love not having to carry heavy bags, especially after lifting a car seat in and out throughout the day. The ride is incredibly smooth. The wheels still get me some times because I am used to the width of a regular stroller...sorry for the bumps Frances Ann! It is also a bit more tedious to fold up and put in and out of the car. It's not much heavier than my jogger, just a little larger and wider. But y'all- it's a double's basically a mini bus! So, it is going to be bigger and heavier than your everyday umbrella stroller. I couldn't ask for more from a double. In summary, I would recommend using a single stroller until you need a double- the daily folding and unfolding, weight, and ease would definitely wear on me if I didn't need them!

In summary:
-Amazing double stroller
-Extra large basket underneath
-Adapter for car seats {we use Chicco}
-Ease of use- seats click in and out easily
-So smooth
-People will stop you on the street to ask you about it! ;)

So that is our stroller experience and I really can say I wouldn't do anything differently. Each stroller has served their purpose at some point in time that inevitably made my life easier and the kids comfy. I would love to know what y'all have used or if {heaven forbid} I need to add another to my clan. Seriously, I was thinking about a double jogger! Now we just need a stroller garage ;)


Katie said...

This post came at just the right time! My husband and I are elbow-deep in stroller research and have narrowed it down to the Vista and the Baby Jogger City Select. The husband is more in favor of the UPPAbaby Cruz and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT (neither of which convert to a double). Since this is our first baby but we're planning to ideally have #2 in the next couple of years, would you (from personal experience) say that it makes more sense to wait for a double until you actually need it?

The Chicco carseat is also our favorite, but it looks like the adapter is more tricky than others. Have you had any issues/annoyances with it when using the Vista, or do you just get used to it?

Sorry for the questions, but any insight is much appreciated :)

Natalie H said...

I need to check out the uppababy g luxe! I'm looking for a quick and easy stroller for just Matthew when I run errands with him while Miller's in school. We loved our City mini and our Chicco keyfit too!