Friday, September 30, 2016

Five Beauty Favorites

Things are all kinds of crazy busy over here and I promise to fill y'all in soon. I literally am not near my computer at all these days except to do a Harris Teeter to-go order {best idea ever!} for groceries. I think I mentioned I started back work, Weeks is in school {which requires time for drop off and pickup} and of course we have a four month old! Just wait til I tell ya what we have been doing ;)

So, I wanted to pop in real quick to let you know about these five favorites in my routine right now. They are pretty permanent but I'm not sure that I have shared them. I also have a slew of things I am putting in my draft section of posts - including the follow up to the Fall Classics post that so many of you all enjoyed!

So here we have it:

1. Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo

I picked this up in Charleston a month ago and absolutely love it. It is everyone's favorite blush color, "Orgasm", and paired with "Laguna" in the bronzer. I instantly look awakened when I use this pair each morning.

2. St. Ives Apricot Scrub
Such a cheap thrill. This scrub smells great and I use it on my legs and arms for smooth skin. It feels so good and is so cheap. Use it before shaving and applying shaving cream for a really good shave! Your skin will thank you.

3. Rodan and Fields Eye Cream
I cannot sing the praises of this little jar enough. I haven't mentioned it in a while but I am a consultant and swear by these products. I did a before and after on my eyes from last year to this year and I COULD NOT believe the difference. True believer over here. I am doing a big order tonight so if you want in on the goodness, email or comment and I will invoice you for a jar at PC pricing {$55} with no commitment! Shipping is $3.

4. Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

Holy cow, this is the best dry shampoo ever. I feel like I just washed my hair after using it and the scent is pure amazing. Disclaimer- I don't really need dry shampoo for oily hair because my hair is thick and tends to be on the drier side. I use it mainly for the amazing smell and fresh feeling! Bonus- it also comes in two shades to help with your roots! I'm using light tones.

5. Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner

It's a pretty penny for this shampoo and conditioner but I don't mess around with post-pregnancy hair. I really feel like using this for several months has improved the health of my hair a lot. I am also using this Aveda Damage Remedy for my ends.

I am out of my Living Proof Deep Conditioner and am open to trying something else in it's place- anyone have any tried and true favorites? Anything new to your beauty lineup I need to know about?

Have a great weekend, it's gonna be a busy one for us!

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Chelsea said...

I love that dry shampoo!!!!

Jennifer Miller said...

A simple condition which works wonders for my hair is Jason's restorative biotin conditioner. It works beautifully but doesn't have all of the extra chemicals or weight my hair down. Great price & many of the health foods store like Fresh Thyme or Whole Foods carry it. It was a huge game changer for me! said...

The Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask is a great 1 X week conditioner. (Which is about how often I wash my hair.) ;)