Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fall Wardrobe: The Classics

I've been thinking a lot about my wardrobe lately {ok, overthinking} and as usual I feel like something needs to change. I need more options. In my defense, my life has really changed in the past year. I went from one child to two. I went from a 2 year-post-baby body - to pregnant -to the post-baby body again. I started work back last week and I already am scrambling for options. To give you some background, I work in a retail store owned by family {i.e very casual workwear} and when I am working I am working with a baby in tow {i.e. still nursing}. Things need to stay as uncomplicated as possible in my office while I am trying to feed a baby, even if I do have a nice pink curtain to close off my space! After wearing a dress last week {The horror. Just really think it through before you are feeding a baby in your office in a dress, even with that nice pretty pink curtain to give you privacy. It felt very strange to me. I am modest.} I decided I must give in to the button downs. But I am not all that upset about it, because when I browse one of my favorite go-to's- J.Crew- I am really drawn to their classic looks. So, why do I always skip over these pieces? Great question. After coming upon this realization I wanted to pull together a small selection of clothes to really maximize my fall and winter wardrobe. Hoping it can serve a purpose for y'all as main goals here are polished, on trend yet classic. Something I strive for but am finally putting my finger on it! I didn't include my favorite selection of pants, but I think these blouses will work fabulously in the workplace with a pair of straight leg pants or skinnies, or even jeans {if you can go that route} for an effortless look with the right accessories. If they don't work for the workplace, they definitely work for a cute outfit for lunch on the weekend! I'm happy to do a round up of bottoms to go with these pieces if y'all are interested. Did I ever tell you I used to want to be a personal shopper?

I chose pieces that can mix and match with an outer layer, or be worn alone with a fun pop of jewelry.


Not on the list above, but I am smitten over this black and white jacket. I would love to incorporate it into my fall wardrobe. Did you see Olivia Palermo is now working with Banana? Love her style.

Also to come, working on a fun accessories roundup to keep these pieces FUN at the same time!


Brooke said...

Would love to see the bottoms you like. Also nursing and have found that LOFT has some really great blouses too. I love my J.Crew ones, but some of the LOFT prints are so pretty. Can't wait for the accessories post!

Kelly said...

I lived in Piko tops nursing Lilly last fall/winter -- they're stretchy enough to easily fit a baby underneath without having to yank down the neckline to whip out a boob, not to mention comfy and forgiving! I added a couple of colors this fall since it also works for maternity! Yay versatility!

Aine @ Adventures Abroad said...

Yes please do a bottoms post and can you add some shoes into the accessories. I find it really tough to find work shoes I can walk around in, commute that aren't uncomfortable or grandma style!