Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Shopping: LOFT finds, Beauty Buys + Pregnancy Pillow Help

I used up my Christmas gift card from Sephora and got a few new things and an old favorite. Don't you just love a gift card?! I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the Living Proof Restore Shampoo and Conditioner and I really wanted to give it a go since I was almost out of my Bumble and Bumble {I still would recommend the B + B, but my hair does better with alternating products}.  After a week, I have used it and I have to say I love it! My hair feels fresher, lightweight and healthy. The overall feel is the biggest improvement and I think it has been easier to style as well. My hair smells so fresh all day, and it actually did much better with going days in between washing. So happy with it! I also purchased this Mask Treatment in December, and I use it about once a week. I am also really happy with it and how healthy it has made my hair feel!

I used this concealer a while ago and I am circling back to use it again. I am pretty picky about concealers and I really like this one. 

I got a sample of a Tory Burch trio of perfumes and my favorite is the one below, Jolie Fleur Bleue
Two things I have purchased from Loft {non-maternity} that are 40% off, and so in love with each:

Relaxed Swing Sweater
Just got this sweater this week and it is fabulous. Since it is oversized being a swing sweater, I went with my normal size {small} and it is a great fit with plenty of room for a growing bump. I wish they had the cobalt blue in a small because that would be perfect with white jeans for early spring!

Powder Jersey Tunic
I got this right before Christmas and it is so cozy and cute. I also went with my normal size here and it fits fine. It's a really lightweight material which is nice because sometimes the sweatshirt look can seem bulky on. Highly recommend!

So, I have come to the conclusion that I most definitely would like a pregnancy pillow. I held out with Weeks, and I've made it almost halfway through this pregnancy with out one, but after some recent back pain and struggling to stay comfortable at night...I'm going for it! Stephen is thrilled there will be some giant noodle shaped thing in the bed. But, I would love your tips if you have used one before. Momma needs a good one and I obviously have no prior knowledge to these other than reviews online! The two below I have looked into but I am open to hearing about others, and I would like to order soon. Please send me your recs Mommas! 

Cracking up over this next one and that caption:


Kelly said...

I love love LOVED my BumpNest pillow!!!! It was literally the only way I could get comfortable in my third trimester, but I enjoyed it even at the beginning of my second. I ended up being able to sleep well up until the night before I delivered -- that good. So worth the investment. I got mine from Nordstrom but I'm not sure they carry them now. You can get them on Amazon or BumpNest's website though!! Good luck & happy slumber!

A Carolina Mrs. said...

I have a couple Living Proof products I love - their humidity shield is incredible. I have the Snoogle and it has been a life saver. I will say that now at the end of my pregnancy I am not entirely comfortable even with it, although there is no way I could survive a night without it. I got it via Amazon Prime so it arrived the day after I ordered it.

Nikki said...

I second the Bump Nest! It was a lifesaver when I was pregnant, but my husband was SO happy to see that thing go, haha!

Elizabeth James said...

Bump Nest pillow!! Hands down. I couldn't find mine at Nordstrom's here in charlotte so I just ordered it from their website. I read time and time again it was worth spending the money on that one over some of the others- and while this is my 1st pregnancy I would have to agree!

Justine said...

I agree with all the comments above- Bump Nest Pillow ALL THE WAY! I used it with my 4th pregnancy, didn't stop using it once I had my 4th baby :) and am now religilously using it for my 5th pregnancy. We ordered mine directly from the Bump Nest Website and it only took a few days to arrive. I love that you can wash the pillow and the cover!

Brooke said...

I bought the same swing sweater from Loft. I'm 36 weeks preggo and still able to wear it! I get so many compliments on it. Also, I've had the LeachCo Snoogle pillow since about 19 weeks and I have no complaints. It has kept me on my side and definitely helps with lower back pain. Question - I have fine hair. Do you think the Restore products would weigh it down?

Lindsay // Vineyard Loveknots said...

I want to give that shampoo a try... I've only read good things.
My friend gave me the Snoogle and I LOVE it! I drag it back and forth from the bedroom to the couch... my husband laughs about it. I didn't realize how much I rely on it for comfort until I traveled recently.

Amber said...

I had a hand me down pillow and should have splurged on a new one. I was tempted several times to purchase another during one of the zulily events but struggled through with various other pillows too. Definitely get one. So worth it!

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Allen jeley said...

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