Friday, January 8, 2016

Easy Entertaining App

Just popping in real quick because I was reminded today about a seriously delicious app I made on New Years Eve that I had not shared yet! This is not reinventing the wheel or anything but it was just SO easy and SO good that I had to share! 


I had never made them before and was quite unsure of exactly how good it could taste together, with out adding anything fancy to it. But simple is best in this case, I think.

You will need Eggo Mini Waffles, Chic fil A nuggets, and maple syrup.

I toasted each Eggo waffle on the lowest setting, then flipped them and toasted them again {I think one side of my toaster toasts hotter than the other, plus, since these are frozen you want them to warmed throughout} Separate each mini Eggo on a pretty serving platter {to make things way fancier than they are!} and add one nugget and a toothpick to each. Drizzle with maple syrup and keep some extra on hand in case anyone wants extra for theirs! 

I ran to Chic fil A about 5:30 that night for a few 12 packs. By the time we ate, the nuggets were not even piping hot, but I sort of enjoy them that way. Is that weird? Seriously, make this for your next gathering and you and your guests will not be disappointed! Would be perfect for a Super Bowl party coming up soon!

Have a great weekend y'all! 


Melissa said...

Yum! What a fun idea!! This would be great for brunch, too. Thanks for sharing!

A Simple Southern Life said...

I have never tried chicken and waffles although I have heard good things. I like the idea of mini bite size versions! I'll have to try this soon... I love simple ideas!

Natasha said...

you had me at chicken and waffles... no additional explanation necessary!! i am TOTALLY going to have to make these soon