Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016 To Do Part 2

Upstairs Cleaned/Organized
Our upstairs is an awkward, small "bonus room" that we have a treadmill, free weights, TV, small bookcases, lots of junk, and then two alcoves that we have divided up between Stephen and I. His side holds things like his sports memorabilia, and mine holds blank canvases for painting, craft supplies etc. I am slowly working on cleaning out unused craft supplies that I know I just don't have the space for anymore. Once this space is cleaned up we can fill it with items that will be overflow from the guest bedroom, {see that below}.

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Clear out Weeks' New Bedroom {Current Guest Room}
Our guest room is like most guest rooms are: it is pretty decent, but holds lots of random nick knacks and furniture that didn't go anywhere else. It is a great size room and has been so handy for this! It also holds my desk with my sewing machine, which will be relocated upstairs. Before moving it, I would like it to have a fresh coat of paint and for the drawers to be cleaned out. The closet is in better shape already because I have been weeding out my clothes over the past few months. I'm trying to be a stickler for donating or consigning things I haven't worn in the past 1-2 seasons, depending on what the item is. There isn't TOO much to clear out other than the closet and picture frames, books, etc...but I am sure it will seem like a lot when it comes down to it!

Weeks' New Room
YAY, now we are getting to the fun part! Once his room is clear we can start moving him in. He will need: a full size bed and mattress, bedding, dresser, nightstand, lighting, art, window treatments and additional rod/shelf in his closet. I am thinking something sort of rustic and coastal, with warm wood tones and pretty shades of blue with navy.

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Nursery Designed
The nursery will maintain essentially all of the main furniture it currently has: rocker, crib, changing table/dresser. There is also a nightstand and toy bench that I am not sure will stay in here or go to Weeks' new room. Of course, it would be fun to design a completely new nursery with new furniture too, but that just doesn't make sense! Plus, its kind of neat to use the same crib for every baby. Tear. And, I'm thinking doing it up total girl: sweet and pink.

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Alexandra Bee Blog said...

You've got quite a bit on your list...can't wait to see how you adjust these spaces! Loving your nursery inspiration pic!