Thursday, November 5, 2015

One Room Challenge Week Five: Almost There.

Hey everyone! We are back again for the last week before the reveal...eek!! I can't wait to have a brand new living room this time next week. #eyesontheprize If you want to see our progress, click away below:

Let's cut straight to the chase this week: not a whole lot got done this week and there is LOTS left to do. My excuses? Out of town for football and Halloween. Also, working on a 2.5 week cold/allergy issue. Coughing like crazy over here and Stephen surprisingly hasn't kicked me out of the bed at night. But, enough with the excuses. There's a few new updates this week so lets roll with it.

I feel like I really haven't been able to show much besides the same things over and over again, so lets look at these pretty new lamps!

I'm obsessed!

They are the perfect dose of blue and white for the living room. I love the subtle, unexpected pattern with the gold detailing. After having two, mismatched {too small} lamps in here for a year, my symmetry loving self is rejoicing having these two pretties! Yes, yes, yes!

I also ordered a few new throw pillows that should be arriving any day but they will be saved for the reveal at this point. So excited to share these!

A few new brushed brass knobs for the bookshelves lower cabinets.

We've got our work cut out for us this weekend, here is the final to do list to pull it all together:
-Pick up rug from cleaners
-Finish building/trimming out bookshelves
-Two final coats of paint on bookshelves
-Attach cabinet knobs
-Reattach chair rail/baseboards etc
-Style bookshelves!
-Remove extra ottomans {pesky little task that is so simple, right?!}
-Possibly repaint fireplace surround {slate}
-Add additional throw pillows

Cheers to finishing the room up {hopefully with a smile} and seeing everyone race to the finish line with me! Make sure to check out the One Room Challenge here and linking participants here!


Anonymous said...

Love the lamps! Looking forward to the reveal next week!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Katie I love your lamps too!! Would you mind sharing the source? They are perfect for my blue and white obsession! I can't wait to see your reveal next week!!!!!!!!!

Daniela Gheorghe said...

Katie, you did an amazing job till now with the room. The lamps are really beautiful and the combination of white and blue is always fresh and nice :D Can't wait to see the final result!
Since I find you so interested in interior design, I would like to invite you to explore our rug world here: You’ll quickly find that Sukhi makes your rug the way you want it . What do you think about our Sukhi? :)

Stephanie Watkins said...

Katie I am in love with the lamps! I cant wait to see how your room all comes together Thursday.