Friday, November 6, 2015

Nordstrom Sale Musts

There are all kinds of fun things that were just added to Nordstrom's clearance sale and I had a wonderful time perusing the selection. So many fabulous finds, but sizes do seem to be getting picked over- that means there are good deals to be had! Let's get started!

For watch lovers, this is gorgeous, right? I have to admit I am not a daily watch wearer. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I usually have a phone nearby and I use that for time keeping needs. But this one almost doubles as a pretty piece of jewelry, so it works!
This is a FABULOUS deal on a pair of Tory Burch boots! Looks like the brown is only available in select sizes, but the black is gorg.

What a fun twist on a pair of flats! I used to wear Jack Rogers all.the.time in Raleigh when they were mainly just sandals. Their flats are so cute though and I love the tassel detail!

Another great find on a cute, great deal. I'm really shocked there are sizes left in this one! Booties are my fave and I love, love these.

I have these from a few years ago and I still love them. If you don't own a pair you are really missing out! They make cold mornings...or all cozy!

Zella is hands down my favorite workout wear. The quality is all there...cute styles...and great prices. You really can't beat it. I love this because I am so picky about long sleeve workout styles.

Everyones favorite wrap from last year is back!!! Remember this one? I bought it in pink and red. But I am very close to getting this one. I cannot wait until its cool enough to wear these again!

I have become quite picky on the style of purse I need. It cannot be large, but it has to have enough room to hold my necessities. If it's too big I end up carrying around way too much junk and things get lost. I hate fumbling around for keys and my phone. I love this size!

Not sure why, but I am really digging the lighter color ways in leather this season. I love that this one could carry you well into Spring, making it a year round bag. It's a steal!

Hope y'all have a great weekend! We will be knees deep in the One Room Challenge and we have a date night tonight! Enjoy a pretty fall weekend! 

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