Thursday, October 29, 2015

ORC Week 4...Bookcases and Another New Rug

Welcome back for Week Four of the One Room Challenge! If you are just joining me, we are making over our living room into a more functional, tidy, yet family friendly space. The links below can catch you up to speed!

We are inching are way towards the finish line but have so much more to do! In fact, I feel like this is the point in time where the list seems like it is branching off into more little lists with a mind of it's own. This week we focused mainly on our...drumroll...custom bookcases! No, we are not pretending to be carpenters, thank you very much, but we {as in Stephen} is doing a fine job creating the perfect book cases for our space. He is consulting me every day about the next step and the next decision {i.e. shelf placement, molding, chair rail etc} to make sure it is all what I am envisioning. Biggest round of applause for him for taking on this project. The hardest part about it was the plan. In our pinterest-age-era we are so used to being able to do a quick search to crank out a new project. I have learned book cases do not fall into this category. Yes, there are tutorials out there, but you are most likely going to have to grab a tip from one source then google another one to make yours work. There are so many variations that go into your custom project that it's pretty much impossible to follow ONE tutorial. This is why you pay big bucks for a custom bookcase! I think we are on our way to getting it done unless they just fall to the ground in shambles...I'm determined at this point! 

{this is very much in progress, seen below}

There will be one on each side of the fireplace and they will be anchored to the wall but not connected to the fireplace. I really liked our fireplace the way it is and did not want to mess with it at all. The case on the left will be fitted for our TV, and the right case will be strictly bookcases. When I saw the living room below by Honey and Fitz, I got inspired for this concept. 

They are primed and will still need at least two coats of trim paint after all of the building is done. Stephen will also have to reattach base boards, toe kicks and chair rail back to the walls to complete the project. 

In other news, we have another new rug! Yes, things change quickly around here! Remember last week when I said I will keep the wool hooked rug until I can afford a Karastan? Well, funny story. The rug below pops up on the feed of a local consignment shop and it caught Stephen's eye. He sort of ran it by me but when I saw it online I really didn't like the colors for our room. However, my Mom and I decided to run in the store on Saturday just to check it out. Turns out I loved it and it is beautiful in person. I know this rug will stand the test of time with our busy family and crazy dogs and I am really relieved about this. It was a deal I couldn't pass up, in great shape and it's a vintage Karastan! And, don't forget, it is actually soooo much prettier in person. The red tones are more of a pinkish red. Stephen just dropped it off to have it steam cleaned and we will have it back next week! Stay tuned for where my -other- new rug is headed next!

{Also, try and remove that lime green table from your line of sight!}

I also ordered some blue and white lamps. I am seeing blue and white as almost a neutral these days in my home. Almost every room has a touch of it and it sort of ties it all together. I ordered them through the shop I work for and I'm hoping they are a quick ship! 

Also, making some headway in the throw pillows department. I'm a tad hesitant to order them with out having the rug back yet but it is now crunch time. Wish me the best of luck in this department! 

Here is the master plan:
More throw pillows {always nice to list the easiest and fun things first} working on it!
Add toy storage
Fix ottoman situation
Decide on shelving to the left and right of the fireplace {should it match?!}  in progress
New lamps / Decide about painting end tables  ordered!
Switch out sofa
Switch out drapes and rods
Add paneling detail over fireplace
Update fireplace surround?! May not be an option {its gone!}
Find a new rug  did this twice!
Style and photograph!

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Nat said...

The rug is gorgeous!! I totally know what you're saying about the colors. My mom's house is full of vintage rugs and I feel like you have to see them in person to see how good they are. Love the built-ins you're doing-way to go Stephan!

Maggie said...

You have a great eye - looking forward to seeing the finished room! And you're inspiring me to move forward on some much needed updates in my home :)

megan said...

Love following the progress of this room! I know it will turn out awesome!

Holly hcbinteriors said...

The rug is a great find! And I'm impressed y'all are doing DIY builtins. They are looking great!