Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Little Inspiration

It's been a while since I've done one of these. But they always speak to my heart! I've always been drawn to quotes- even reading them once can make an impact. When I was little I used to cut them out of magazines or write them down for later. Now, thank goodness, I have dear old pinterest for that. Just a little thought for your day. And if you have an inspirational board on pinterest I'd love to know about it! XO.







Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday

Here's whats going on lately in my little corner of the world.

I used to work for a handmade jeweler in high school and learned all sorts of skills for making jewelry. I thought it would be fun to pick that hobby up again and make some necklaces, bracelets in my free time. Actually, I thought what I really needed was a "hobby" when I'm not doing house projects, house work, etc. Does that even make sense? No. No, it does not. Most normal people would plop down in front of the TV but I am wanting something to do when I have free time? Ha! Anyway, here was my first necklace....

And then I made one in black for my sister...

I am loving it and have worn it so many times already. Perfect transition into fall.
Side note: I was wearing Lilly Pulitzer beach pants. The perfect thing to wear in the car because I like to be comfortable, not cold when I travel. Stephen asked if I was wearing pajamas? No, no.

Who can relate to this one?

Bills and Sales

It seems like we have had an onslaught of bills lately and I am so over it! Why do they all seem to come at once? In the mean time, I am going through my closet to get it ready for fall. I think I have too many things I am not wearing anymore. I was thinking about doing a blog sale. Anyone interested?

We are also going through our upstairs room that has not been touched since we moved in. {Lets file that project as #the20dollarchallenge} In fact, we keep loading it up with more "stuff" that doesn't have a home. I started going through my fabric collection, and gracious- I need to get rid of some! I was also thinking about listing some of it for sale. 

Big Little Lies

I just started reading this and I can't wait to get into it. My sister said several of her friends said it was the best book they have ever read. Reading it yet?

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Thoughts for Thursday

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall Shoe Roundup!

I love browsing shoes and this is my favorite part of the season to do so. I like to buy early so I have all fall and winter to wear them. So anyway, I had so much fun coming up with a round up of shoes from some of my favorite sites to order from. Take a look and let me know if I missed out on a key style for Fall!

First up, Sole Society. If you aren't familiar with their site, they offer on trend shoes at great prices. You can find booties under $100 that look much more expensive than they are. It looks to me like a lot of their cute pairs are selling out quickly!

Next, Piperlime. I love Piperlimes shoes. I think they are the site that most closely resignates with my style. It's really the best of the best and the selection isn't SO big you get lost and confused browsing.

Next we have J.Crew. I tend to love their selection of flats. I think they seem to be a little better priced than I remember them being in years past. Right now, some of theirs are on sale too!

And lastly, have you ever heard of the site 6pm? It is new to me. But you can score some serious designer shoes at majorly discounted prices. I'm sure they aren't shoes that are just hitting the racks for fall, but you can find some classic pieces that are well made by a good designer. I like to search by my size to weed out any styles that aren't available for me, and then by color or style. It's worth checking out!

I hope you enjoyed my picks for fall! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Design Idea: Stenciled Walls

Stenciled walls are nothing new, but I loved finding some fresh looks with a stencil. I bought this stencil for our mud room because I was dead set on using it. I love it. Now I can't decide what color(s) to use in there. I planned on navy and white originally, but that's all up in the air now. Would love your suggestions, pretty please! 

I love the color scheme below, originally inspiring my design for the room. Not sure if this is a stencil or not. 

And here is a look at one side of the mud room in progress. We have done more since then, but you get the idea. White cabinets, quartz countertops and nickel hardware. You can see where I tested out some blue paint, which I really didn't like. I'm thinking more like the shade of blue above.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer Days...and Fall

Can you believe that summer is over? I really can't! I know we were wrapped up in house projects most of the summer, but we did get a few good beach & boat days in, finally. We realized yesterday that a day on the water is so much more exhausting with a toddler and two dogs than we remembered it being. I was tired all day! As much as I am sad to see one of my favorite seasons end, I always look forward to the beginning of fall. Well, usually it's like a mild version of summer for us here that I look forward to...new things like tailgating, changing out my pots, fall foods of course!!!, taking out my fall decor and rotating my closet around. I am always ready to pull on a pair of jeans about this point and grab my boots! Oh, and one of my favorite parts about fall? I love coming home at the end of the day and putting on some comfortable sweat pants and a sweatshirt. And don't even get me started on my favorite robe being acceptable for lounging in most of the day. Also, the steamy humidity and the mosquitoes...I'm over them. So, so long summer, I guess I'm ready for you fall. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Game Day Looks

Game Day Looks

Crochet Hem Sweater | The Skinny Jean | Excursion Vest Skinny Flare Jean | Shirttail Sweater

Is anyone else attending a football game this weekend? I am always excited about the first game: the tailgate we put together, the excitement, and the fun times ahead. Our colors are red and white (and black) so I am always on the hunt ahead of time to have plenty of options for unpredictable weather. I have definitely sweated my butt off at a game in November before, and been frozen the next week. While I won't be sporting these looks this weekend (heat advisory!) I will most definitely be looking forward to assembling them soon. I am so surprised that those two awesome pairs of jeans are on sale right now. Such a good deal! And I am loving the look of the vest with the skirt. A soft pretty lace looks great with denim thats a little edgier. And I know I already mentioned my favorite shirttail sweater, but it's worth mentioning again. Happy Labor Day weekend!!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

$20 Challenge Round 1

Morning! Did everyone have a good weekend? Just checking in to let y'all know that I didn't forget about my $20 Challenge. We did go out of town last week for a long weekend and so not much was done. But we have been working on several projects here and there around the house and being mindful of our spending. It feels good! Right now I am enjoying sprucing up some fun decor items....

Serena + Lily Lookalike Basket
 I found this basket on major sale (around $5) a few weeks ago at Michaels. I pretty much collect baskets like these. I have them everywhere and they are my favorite for coralling toys. I thought I would spruce this one up with a royal blue, like my favorite Serena + Lily baskets. (Blue is no longer available). I simply taped off the bottom for a straight edge, and then covered the top with plastic bags. I bought the Krylon mini spray paint (30% off at Hobby Lobby) for a few dollars. So easy I don't know why I'm mentioning my method here :)

I haven't quite decided what I will use it for. It might be for paper towels or toys that sit in the kitchen near the high chair.

Here it is in the pantry. Did I ever mention how nice it is to have a pantry? Our last house was with out and it was not fun. 

Ottoman Facelift
I got this ottoman a few years ago at the Antique Barn in Asheville. If you visit Asheville, you must check this place out. It is like a gigantic warehouse full of antiques and furniture. I got it for Stephen's office in the old house, but now it is in the living room. I originally liked the cowskin seat cover, but it had a tear that kept on getting worse. And it didn't fit in with our living room anymore.

First, I had to remove the old cowskin which was really gross. It had deteriorated underneath and was really dusty. I thought I was going to have to get Stephen to pull out the nailed in tacks, but I was able to accomplish that myself. I then took it outside for a fresh coat of paint. I spent $5 on my new favorite spraypaint- Black Lacquer - to give it a glossier, modern finish. It looked rather rustic before.  I bought the ikat fabric (I'm a fabric hoarder) in July, with out knowing if it was going to be for pillows or the ottoman.

I am still finishing attaching the new fabric with nail heads (I ran out last night!) but I am so excited about the new look. I will show the finished ottoman in the room soon!

Have a great Tuesday :)

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