Thursday, October 16, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week 3

Welcome back and I'm so glad that you are checking in on my little One Room Challenge! This week I feel like we accomplished so much, but we will see what you think.

First things first, I decided to go ahead and get a slipcover made in a white denim for the loveseat. I really wanted something I can easily maintain and this was the only way to accomplish that. The fabric will be pre shrunk so it will be machine washable...that is SO nice to not have a totally ruined piece of furniture if you have an unfortunate mishap. I found a sweet, sweet lady to do the slipcover and she came and measured yesterday. I can't wait to see it done! Below I have it draped with a white sheet just so I could see how it looked. 

I also draped the wingbacks with two different grey throws I have, because I have decided on a grey twill for them. That fabric hasn't arrived yet... and I also have to lock in someone to get the job done in just a few weeks. Fingers crossed that works! 

I worked on the small bookcase next to the TV and I am loving it. I can see it from the kitchen and I love all the personality and color with out being too overwhelming. 

We have quite a collection of blue vintage jars and I love this showcase of them! It also give the bookcase a nice break from little objects and books, making a statement.


I enlisted Stephen's help to fancy up the bookcase just a tad bit, and add furniture feet. I was really bothered because the shelf seemed so low, which it was. Even though its no fancy shelf, it still does wonders that it's a little taller for the eye. I'll share the process in that soon! Pretty easy. I still have to touch up the feet a little bit but we are on our way.

And circling back to my favorite part, I am loving seeing some pops of color in the form of fabric! I had bought the chiang mai sample a while back, and the blue and white as well. I picked up the plaid on a whim this week and I am amazed how much I love it together! 

And what we spent a good deal of time working on, the stairs! Here are some befores...

We are still in the process, but we demo'ed the railing, patched and started on the risers.

It may not seem like a big difference but I swear it is. Next up is sanding the treads and staining, which I started trying out below.

I used this Valspar paint and I have absolutely loved it! 

Thats all for me this week. I feel better about the direction we are headed in with some major decisions tackled, but there is still so much more to do! 

Make sure to check out all the lovely designers and everyone else linking up to the One Room Challenge. Thanks again for reading y'all.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

An Amazing Salad + Shopbop Sale!

First off, I want to share this amazing salad that we have made twice already this week. I had it at my parents house several weeks ago and couldn't wait to have it at home. I get sooo tired of a basic salad that I just don't even care to eat them. This changes all that and its super easy (no chopping extra veggies!) The one thing that makes it is definitely the dressing, which is from Whole Foods. I had my Mom bring me some last week since we don't have one here! 


Romaine Lettuce
Blackberry Vinaigrette 
Gorgonzola Cheese
Glazed Pecans {I actually used regular chopped pecans}
Dried Cranberries

Wash and dry chopped romaine, and top with ingredients!

I served this with Christina's Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin on Sunday night...and Stephen was impressed! Wowza, that tenderloin is a new favorite!! Really, such a fantastic fall meal! 


I know I usually don't post back to back shopping posts, but this is too good to skip. Shopbop just started their Friends and Family sale, which is so exciting. 25% off y'all. Some people shop sales for things that they never would buy under normal circumstances, like a fancy dress or tall leather boots. I take these opportunities to stock up on staples! I'm talking jeans, booties, jackets, etc. These are my investment pieces that I do spend more on, but I do like to price shop when I know I am spending a good amount of money on something. When you know you need these things, you can easily coordinate your buying during sales. I picked out some of my favorites below to get you thinking...

I'm secretly obsessed with Sorel boots {and if it ever gets cold enough} I hope I can wear them all weekend long running errands and grocery shopping in comfort, or even just taking the dogs out for a little walk. I love my slim illusion jeans, but my Mom is bragging on the Photo Ready pair...tough choice! I've heard great things about the Spanx leggings and I love the leather touch. And it is hard to pick a favorite between all of these booties. You pretty much can't go wrong!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sweater Weather

Are you enjoying wearing comfy, cozy sweaters yet? I am not. It is so stinking hot here and I am so dreaming of sweater weather. I love summer so much, but when we are approaching mid-October and my summer clothes are no longer appropriate or appealing, I just want to wear some fall clothes. I rounded up a few pretty sweaters that are all on sale {some sales are ending today!}

These pretties are all at Piperlime, {Enter FALL20 at checkout, ends tonight}

Everyone's favorite Swing Sweater is quite the deal today with free shipping and extra 40% off! I am pulling the trigger on this one.

While browsing Madewell, I was so pleasantly surprised on how much I loved their collection of sweaters, maybe my favorite so far. Each looks to be flattering and comfortable. Something I can easily throw on with a pair of great fitting jeans and boots and feel good. That is my go-to outfit in the fall {or winter} These are all 30% off with code OHFALL.

I love how pretty this Cable Front Sweater is. I am loving the cable look this year! This Texturework Sweater reminds me of the swing sweater but a little shorter, just a classic piece. This is a fun twist on a basic sweater, the Tracklist Side Zip. And I love this vibrant color in the Firelight Pullover!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week 2

Welcome back to the second week of the ORC. This week I crossed off the first thing on my to do list- painting the den! I stuck true to the idea in my mind, and painted the walls a charcoal color. With all the  white trim, paneling and brick, I knew the room could handle the deep color. I started out by testing several colors....

The two top colors are actually the same color, which is the one I ended up choosing. The two bottom left colors just seemed a little too cold and dark. And the bottom right was actually just a sample I had on hand from a long time ago, revere pewter. I actually found my final choice when I was browsing through the latest Pottery Barn. I love looking at rooms and seeing if I can find a paint source. I think it is a great starting point, however, they can always look way different in your room.

I really lucked out by trying this one. It is Mink by Sherwin Williams, and I had it matched at Lowes in a Valpsar paint. It was dark enough for some depth and personality, but not too dark like the others, seeming black. I love how it looks with the gold, which was my determining factor. This room is going to have lots of pops of gold! 

I also starting working on the bookshelves. They still have a long way to go. These shelves were originally in Stephen's office in our last house. And they were jam packed full of "man things" so we are having to compromise here and make them presentable for the den, yet still include some of his collectibles. I really don't mind because I think a mix is interesting and personal. However, it cracks me up to look at these photos with the book titles...we are ranging from everything from Nascar to Emily Giffin to Drew Brees to Design Sponge! One thing I did was flip the book jackets inside out so the white side was showing instead of the colorful book side. I wanted a more streamlined look and this was an easy way to achieve that. I also bought some large scrapbook paper in gold and white and cut custom sized book jackets for some smaller books. Loving this touch! 

I also spent a good deal of time researching fabric for my slipcovers and ordered some samples. Of course, the wrong sample got sent to me that I needed to get the slipcover going. And then, a strange thing happened. Once the walls got painted the dark charcoal, I didn't hate the gold and yellow fabric on the chairs/loveseat. Of course, I don't want to use both of them together, but I think one or the other could work. And that would just be so fantastic for my budget. What are your thoughts? The original plan was the loveseat would be slipcovered in a white denim {good for babies/dogs and a little more casual} and the the wingbacks in a light grey velvet. I will be adding in some blue and white, yellow/gold tones and possibly a pop of lilac or pinky-red. How is that for indecisiveness? Rugs will be switched around, throws, add pillows, lamps, etc. So basically we are working with a blank slate! Once again, would love your advice!

Here are the two pieces of furniture next to each other for comparison:

Don't forget to check out what everyone else is up to at the One Room Challenge...
thanks for checking in with me this week!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tory Eye Candy + Sale Picks

If you plan on buying some Tory Burch this fall, you might as well do it today. Today is the last of the Friends + Fans Event, where you receive 25% off with code FRIENDLIEST. I am really loving her fall shoe collection with updated styles, but also sure to be classics. I wear my Tory Burch shoes for-ev-er. I mean, they do last forever and they are timeless. They end up being so worth the price tag in the long run. Here is what I have my eye on! 

I love a good pair of booties- these are perfection with that heel and beautiful suede! Get in my closet.

I picture these being the shoe you literally want to throw on every day. They can be very casual, or just simple and cute with a fun outfit. These are pretty in silver too.

We all own these right? Ok mine are on their last leg, I have had them for YEARS. But they still are one of my favorite shoes!

I don't own any in silver, and I love the finish on these. I think they would brighten up a black ensemble in the midst of a dreary winter!

Wow, these are gorgeous. If I had more nights out (haha, right!) these would be #1 on my list. They are insane.

These are too cute, and another classic. I love the tortoise shell touch.
And I had to include this sweet little hat. I mean, it's it not! 
I'm now dreaming of a snow day.

Hope y'all had a great fall's finally starting to feel like it here!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

One Room Challenge- Week 1

So I am really excited to announce I am going to join in so many talented bloggers and designers, and tackle designing a room in six weeks! I will be linking up each week to the One Room Challenge, sharing my progress {fingers crossed} and I am thrilled and oh-so-nervous at the same time. I've got some ideas in my head and I can't wait to get started.

For anyone new that might be reading, this past Spring we found an old house we loved in a location that we loved even more, and pretty quickly decided to move and buy a new {old} house. As with most old homes, they have their fair share of work. The room that I selected for the ORC is maybe my favorite room in the house. In fact, it was my favorite when we first viewed the house. I saw so much character, and so much potential. Since we moved in, it has become "that room". And when I say "that room" I mean its the room all the odd belongings and mismatched pieces go into.

Everything you see that is white has been recently painted...I spent the better half of the summer laying on coats of paint to cover the wood tones. I know some people do not care for wood paneling, and I get that. I really love it though and I think it's so much more durable for babies and dogs. The TV box is not my favorite shape but we have looked into getting that redesigned and I think I would rather spend my money elsewhere.

The stairs have been stripped of their former heinous carpet {plus 1.5 million staples} and are a beautiful pine. However, that pine is not in good shape. There are markings all over the treads that the carpenters used back in 1973. Also, the banister is not legit. Those spindles are not ok and I have witnessed my puggle try to fly from the top opening down below a few times. The stairs are a major project themselves, and I'm not sure how much money we are willing to pour into preserving the pine/replacing...we will see as we do more research. In fact, the stairs might be their own mini room project, but I sure would love to improve them in some way during the next several weeks.

This is the opposite view. You can see on the far right where I started testing paint colors. I would like to paint the walls a dark charcoal, to pop against all the white. We have a long bookcase spanning the wall, and then a seating area with wingbacks and a loveseat. The furniture is in excellent condition, passed down to us from Stephen's parents. I am looking to recover or slipcover all three pieces.

I love bookcases but ours needs some work. Overall, I would like it to have a more cohesive look.

We have this sideboard on the exposed brick wall. The brick wall has recently been primed, but not painted yet. It's on the list. 

I love the wood beams but I am not crazy about the color! It is a really dark stained wood and closes in the room, even more so in these pictures. I would love suggestions on those :) And the ceiling fan and fireplace spotlight will be exiting the room asap! 

The fireplace used to have a wood burning stove which we removed. We don't plan on using it as a working fireplace, so I am enjoying the idea of decor in it instead. 

I know this room is reallllly hodge podge and cluttered. Don't doubt me just yet. I did want to keep it real and not edit it to make it look much better than it is though. What you see is what you get!

I hope y'all will follow along the next 6 weeks as we pull this room together just in time for the holidays. A big thanks to Linda for organizing it and allowing people like me to join in! I have been a huge fan for a long time and I am so excited to finally take part! Oh, and a big thanks to the hubs for agreeing to help me in the craziness!! Now go check out some other rooms that are being made over! Go ahead, its addictive! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome October- Fall in the Living Room

I'm keeping most of my decorations for fall in the living room this year. I like to keep it on the simpler side for fall and Halloween because I know what is right around the corner- Christmas. And I never want to be burnt out on Christmas decorations! I am using mostly things that I already had, keeping  #the20dollarchallenge in mind. 

I bought these velvet pumpkins a few years ago and mixed them in with a few new Hobby Lobby pumpkins that I brightened up with some white and gold paint. 

I also painted these polka dot pumpkins several years ago. Truth, nothing that you love ever goes out of style. People that know me know I am gold and white obsessed. 

I haven't gotten a chance to show you the living room, now have I?!? We painted the walls a gorgeous blue that changes shades throughout the day, and I love it. It ranges from a minty blue to grey blue and is a true chameleon. The pictures really don't even do it justice. The drapes are from our old bedroom and I love that they are serving a new purpose. They almost got put up for sale because I couldn't reinvent them in our room. The pillows are just a mix for now until I make more decisions.

On the other side of the room is our pretty mantel. I love that we now have a fireplace and mantel that doesn't have a television over it. It's fun to decorate. 

I have had the blue and white jars with cotton for a while and I am not tiring of them anytime soon. I added the cotton and other green vines for filler. Both jars I found at TJ Maxx or Ross {truely, a hidden gem for finding cheap blue and white!} I had the foam pumpkins left over from last year and painted them hot pink and gold. The mercury glass pumpkins were also from TJ Maxx last year, placed on top of gold candlesticks.

I feel like I have just enough fall decor inside now. I have a few Halloween decorations I will add in during the next few weeks. I wasn't into Halloween last year, but with a new space it is always fun to experiment and see how things look! 
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