Thursday, May 5, 2016

One Room Challenge: Baby Girl Nursery Week 5

Week Five was a productive week for us, thank goodness! The list still seems fairly long but everything is pretty much in progress that hasn't been checked off. Here is a look at our master list and then I will show you what we did this week:

Things that need to be accomplished:
-Trim work painted
-Ceiling Painted
-Closet door 2nd coat of paint/new hardware
-Install wallpaper {my MIL is handling this, thank goodness!}
-Hang window hardware {one is done} and drapes
-Embroidery detail on crib skirt
-Put together new chandelier and install
-Decisions made on wall accessories/finishing touches
-Attach pom pom trim to drapes
-Mirror over dresser to be painted

Let's start with the most exciting update: the wallpaper! Oh. My. Goodness. I am so in love with it. This is my first wallpaper experience in our home and it sort of makes me want to add it in 10 more places {I know, bad idea}! The impact of the paper as you first walk in the room is just so much more than I could have accomplished with paint. So glad I took this leap, it already feels rewarding! 

My MIL knew all about wallpapering and she handled the job, and executed it perfectly. I learned a little bit about it from her, and maybe, just maybe I could attempt it in the future. I had a fair amount of our second roll leftover and we decided to add a fun accent with the paper on the opposite wall. This project has me SO excited. It isn't quite finished but here is a peek: 

The new dentil trim over the wallpapered wall is completely finished- the other three walls are caulked and just need their final coat of paint. I'm really happy with the decision to add the trim addition. It seems like each room we work on we add something special like this and those are the details that make it go above and beyond. 

One drapery rod is hung so I could get the correct length for my drapes. I decided to re-use the drapes from Weeks' nursery and give them a fresh new look. This included the unfortunate task of removing the no-sew tape that attached the old fabric accent, which took an unfortunate amount of time to remove. Think: Goo Gone. But, once I started I was absolutely determined that these drapes were going to be IT and I would have them in like-new shape. So glad that is over with! After consulting with several helpful people we have a fun pom pom trim picked out too! Totally out of my little box but I am really happy with this fresh take on the pink in the nursery. What do you all think?

Some decisions have been made on art and that all will get finalized really soon. Oh, and fun story! I spoke with my Mom as she was heading out for some shopping a few days ago and I mentioned to her to keep an eye out for an arched mirror for the dresser. Low and behold, she finds one not even 20 minutes later. It will need a coat of paint this weekend but I feel like it is meant to be!

So looking forward to wrapping this one up this week. Stephen is even more happy his task list has dwindled down to just a few things to help me out :)

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Easy Buffalo Chicken Rice Bowls

I threw this meal together last night and it was a keeper. I realize the picture I took is not the most fabulous thing you will see all day, so please forgive me on that one! We love buffalo chicken here at our house. Even when I am really, really, really pregnant with horrible indigestion, I still love some buffalo chicken! We have made several variations of rice bowls before and I can't complain about any of them. This one is a new favorite. {And fun for Cinco de Mayo in a few days!} 


-Ground Chicken
-Franks Buffalo Wing Sauce
-Homemade Ranch Seasoning {adds so much flavor!}
-Jasmine Rice {we use minute kind you boil on the stove}
-Black Beans
-Shredded Lettuce
-Chopped Cherry Tomatoes
- Diced Avocado
-Shredded Cheese
-Sour Cream
-Tablespoon of butter

Melt one tablespoon of butter in a skillet and add your ground chicken. Cook until browned and no longer pink, and drain off any fat. {Be cooking your rice at this point, depending on the cooking time! Also, this is a good time to set out your veggies and toppings}. Add 1/4 cup of Franks Buffalo Wing sauce and 1 tablespoon of ranch seasoning to your ground chicken in the skillet. {*I had all the ingredients for the homemade ranch seasoning so that worked out perfectly}. Mix together and heat over low until it heated through. Remove from heat and set aside.

Set out your bowls and topping buffet style and let each person assemble their own! Your rice is your base, then the chicken and add from there. Enjoy! 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Mothers Day Gift Guide

I've always tremendously valued my Mom and celebrating her on Mother's Day, but once you become a Mom, you realize how special it is not only to be a Mother, but to be honored by those that love you. The older I get the more I realize just how much my Mom has done for me and continues to do. Mom's deserve it all, really! Nothing means more than quality time, sweet gestures and genuine love...but these ideas below certainly don't hurt!

mothers day

This pretty andy bracelet is beautiful for any mother at any age. Keep it classic with a pearl stone. It always feels good to have a cute new pair of flip flops. I love these jelly flip flops, and you could add a pedicure gift certificate to go the extra mile. I included two of my favorite perfumes: peony and blush suede and wood sage and sea salt. I wear these year round, sometimes even layered. I love the way Jo Malone scents age throughout the day! It's fun to drink out of a cute mug and I choose this take a bow mug. This lulie wallace candle would be pretty on a bedside table, especially on the coast! These tassel earrings are the perfect amount of fun for a summer night. Y'all know how I am about my robes. Gotta have a good one and this waffle knit robe is the perfect weight for summer! You can't be sweating while you get ready now. For the classic blue and white lover, I love the double happiness pot...add a sweet flower to make it extra special and sweet.

For the record, sweet husband... I will take the robe, earrings and bracelet. Love you, mean it! ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

One Room Challenge: Baby Girl Nursery Week 4

Here we are again, another week into the Spring One Room Challenge! We are busy squeezing in a nursery project before our baby girl makes her debut. Let's cut straight to the chase since everyone is short on time :)

Things that got accomplished this week:
-Walls painted
-New trim addition {to add to our crown molding}
-Crib Skirt made 
-Wallpaper, window hardware and new chandelier is here
-Fresh coat of paint on vanity

Things that need to be accomplished:
-Trim work painted
-Closet door 2nd coat of paint/new hardware
-Install wallpaper {my MIL is handling this, thank goodness!}
-Hang window hardware and drapes
-Embroidery detail on crib skirt
-Put together new chandelier and install
-Decisions made on wall accessories/finishing touches

You can see below the trim that we added. Loving the dentil trim. The original crown is at the top, then a gap, and then another piece of trim over the dentil. All of this will be painted White Dove by BM.

I'll be honest, I've been feeling quite scatterbrained about the nursery. One day it seems like it is headed in the right direction and then the next day I am changing my mind and coming up with another idea. I'm finally at the point where I want to get this all out of my head and into real life...ha! Does that make sense? I think after last night I am finally headed in the right direction with some decisions and that is a big relief.

Here is a peek at the inspiration for the crib skirt I made:

I loved this crib skirt but wasn't fond of the drop length, and I had my mind set on an adjustable length as the crib starts high and moves down. This was really a simple project- the ruffling added a learning curve but was otherwise easy. I love the detail of the embroidery and want to do that as well.

I also don't want to overdo the room, which is why simplicity keeps coming back around. I want there to be room to grow. Room for accessories and new decor as she gets older and accumulates more treasures from gifts, birthdays, and experiences. But, I want it to feel like a finished space at the same time, ready for her arrival. I know there is a happy medium in there somewhere and I intend on finding it! So, here's wishing everyone a good week ahead!

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Pregnancy Favorites

pregnancy favorites

These are always helpful to me so I wanted to round up my tried and true favorites from this pregnancy. Every pregnant woman wants to avoid stretch marks like the plague and so far I have lucked out again. My skin is always on the drier side so I don't know how it's managed to do this well with no stretch marks for 2 pregnancies {come on baby girl, let's not start that now!}. My morning routine includes the mustela cream {such a good cream, pricey but WORTH it} and at night I use the coconut oil. It is a pressed oil so just scoop a little out, warm it up in your hands and put it on.

Sometime this winter I broke out in dry patches on my sides, which ended up being eczema after a visit to the dermatologist. Good news: my skin looked great for my yearly checkup! She recommended always using a good body soap like Dove {not a place to skimp}, and then within three minutes of getting out of the shower I must put on a cream- {no lotions or anything coming from a pump}! This cerave was her choice and I am hooked. Good for anyone, pregnant or not, and my dry skin issues are resolved on my body. That is a great feeling!

I tried lots of maternity jeans and AG was my favorite this pregnancy. The legging jean is so comfortable and flattering, and the belly part is not too low which was my complaint about so many other brands. I have the Hailey shorts and they are just as amazing! My advice is to invest in a good jean or short {or both, in my case} depending on what season you are in. Take them off at the end of the day and wash and wear them again, over and over! Fit is key.

I never found a true favorite maternity legging this time around, which was disappointing. I had my issues with each, and nothing compared to my love: the live in legging by Zella. I am still wearing these at 33 weeks, stretching the heck out of them, but they work! Nothing sucks you in like Zella, and I stand by that! Since summer is coming up, the capri version would be another pick.

I have had so many allergy issues, colds, and even a stomach bug this pregnancy. Combine all that with getting up to use the bathroom numerous times a get a tired Momma. Thankful for my eye cream that combats those dark circles better than any other eye cream I know of. Yep, I'm a consultant and I swear by it. I'm happy to chat if you have questions. Whether Rodan + Fields annoys you or works.

I have loved these boyfriend t-shirts for days when you could care less and just want to throw on a t-shirt. These work instead of having to go through my husbands drawer for one!

There are a few other fun items that have been a big part of baby #2 like Zantac, Tums and Sprite. Also worth mentioning, I really wanted a pregnancy pillow to work out for me but I just did not like the feeling of confinement with the shape of the pillow. I like to be able to move and the pregnancy pillow made that more difficult. Instead, I found a firmer {think, cheap} regular size pillow that I could use to support my side. I know so many women swear by the pregnancy pillows, it just wasn't for me!

If I'm missing anything, send me your favorites to make these last 5 weeks go smoothly! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

One Room Challenge: Baby Girl Nursery Week 3

Thanks for joining me back here to the halfway point for this challenge. If you are just tuning in, we are designing our baby girl's nursery that we are expecting in June. Nothing like the last minute here y'all. The design is sweet and chic {see design board here}: plenty of neutrals with pops of pink, a hint of glam, and plenty of girly things to keep it sweet enough for a baby. 

Here is what got accomplished this week:

We have a paint color! I ran by Benjamin Moore on the way home from my checkup yesterday and one of my samples was a perfect match. The color I selected is Timid White and it pairs with our wallpaper choice perfectly. I'm really hoping the walls get painted this weekend, even though that was on the list last week!

Some of the trim and doors in our fixer upper house are still yet to be repainted our trim color, White Dove, and the doors in the nursery are two of them. Stephen got one painted and switched out the hardware to brass {we are going all brass in our house!} and the other awaits.

My window hardware should be arriving today...I ordered it the beginning of April and have gotten delayed shipment notifications since. That is rather frustrating because I am waiting to decide on the window treatments until they are here! So that is in limbo.

Crib sheets are on the way...check, check! I really would like to do a crib skirt myself after really not liking the one that we had for Weeks. Crib mattresses are SO snug against the crib these days and I practically had a fight with the mattress and skirt each time I changed his sheet. The skirt I would like to make actually ties onto the wire underneath the mattress and is adjustable as the mattress moves down. On the lookout for fabric this weekend!

The vanity needs a coat of paint, which is ready to go. I also removed the hardware to strip it of the decorative paint it had. After a few pinterest searches, the hardware is restored to original brass and they are beauties! Pics to come.

I showed you last week these sweet pineapple knobs...well they are no longer part of the nursery. I managed to cut my finger on the outer edge of the end piece and Stephen nicked two pairs of dress pants on them! What?! Seriously, how does that happen? They are knobs! I still love the knobs and hope I can incorporate them somewhere else in our home, but they are not ideal for a piece of furniture you brush against, let alone in a nursery. Instead, I found these at Hobby Lobby and love them!

And for one last design change, Stephen installed the light and it isn't quite enough light for the room. He also called it "weird" and I frantically searched for something else. I found a chandelier at a great price and I am hoping that is the winner! 

Per usual, we are behind schedule and Week 4 is going to have a lot of making up to do! That is all for my update this week, I can't wait to see what everyone else has accomplished!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday Deals and Steals

I snagged the smaller size basket below to line Weeks' bookshelves with yesterday. The ones I planned on getting were actually too tall {don't you hate to have to go measure something!}, but I love this look even more. They will be sturdy for toys and smaller books, and you have to love the gold braided edge. Only $9.99! Such a steal!! I also love these as another option, and heavily discounted too.

My favorite flip flops are on sale from last year at a great price! I wore these things everywhere- beach, errands, dinner, traveling, you name it. The foot bed is really comfortable and the nude color goes with everything. 

I may or may not know a certain baby that already has this hanging in her closet in this pattern! This one has more sizes so I wanted to highlight it instead. So. CUTE.

Also, the gingham beach tunic I mentioned yesterday is now an additional 30% off, making it even more of a must buy for summer! J.Crew is running their 30% off sale: I'm eyeing this shirt, this beach tunic, and these denim shorts!