Friday, August 4, 2017

Five On Friday- Catching Up!

1. My sister's bachelorette party was last weekend and we had so much fun! I made champagne gummy bears and followed this tutorial. Super simple- soak them in champagne over night! I used these gummy bears because I wanted them to all be one color (pink!). I wish I had a picture but I am currently with out ALL my photos because I had to get a new phone. I'm hoping when I make it to the apple store they will recover my old phone with everything on it! #ugh

2. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is wrapping up, as y'all have probably heard! So many things sold out, but of course there is still tons of selection left. One category I sort of skipped over was blouses. But after seeing these pretties, I am second guessing! All are so affordable and so cute. I think the one on the right with the contrast trim would be super flattering too! See the rest of my picks here and try ons here!

Untitled #126

3. We need a new show to binge on...we just finished Season 6 of Scandal, which was so good. I've heard a lot about Ozark but have not even looked into it at all so I have no idea what it is about! Any recs?

4. Construction is nearly done on the garage- we are waiting on some touch up paint! That is all. We are hoping for good weather this weekend to be able to move everything in and clean up. Our screened porch has been our makeshift garage and I can't wait to reclaim it for a pretty purpose! 

5. In between all that, I will be working on my oyster crosses. If you need me, I'll be right here! Follow along on insta to see how this round turns out.

Happy Weekend! 

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

$24 Top To Transition To Fall

I thought I had to mention this perfect little top on major sale that I just received in the mail! (No, it is not part of the Nordstrom sale!😜) It is almost like athletic wear material you would find in yoga tops, making it super comfortable and very flattering. I love that little tie! You can adjust it as well to make it tighter or looser if needed. It runs on the larger size so I would  size down. This is the small, but I just ordered the grey in an XS. The arm holes were a little big on me too, which is always an issue with me! I wore a white tank to deal with that problem. You could dress this down with yoga pants as well but still look so cute. Basically, I love it!!

The best part of this top is the colorways! They are definitely more fall colors, and since it is hot here through October sometimes, the sleeveless style makes it pretty much perfect! Go ahead and scoop one (or two!) up and let me know if ya did.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Nordstrom Sale- What I Bought And A Few Wants

Ok so here is the real deal of the things I have actually purchased from the biggest sale of the year, which is now open to the public!! Later in the post, a few things I am waiting for restocks on! This is the one time of the year I don't feel bad on stocking up a bit. Also noted, I think this sale is a great time to buy big ticket items that you might need for the upcoming season. Think designer jeans, sweaters, shoes/boots, purses... Right now I feel pretty set on shoes/boots so I am holding back there, and instead looking for some more basics for my wardrobe. I purged A LOT over the last few years after being pregnant and having a baby, and I still don't feel like I have it quite right! Also- I feel kind of silly with this list because written down it seems like a lot. Just make sure you check the prices, because these are GREAT deals! I snapped a few photos when I tried these on yesterday with my little helper, but we all know I am not a fashion blogger. Although, that seems like it would be really fun! ;)

AG jeans I wanted these last year and they sold out in my size during the sale...all year long I have wanted a pair! They aren't called the "legging" for no reason...they really feel like the closest to a legging I have found, but still a true jean. Already a new favorite!

Plaid Button Down Shirt To add to my arsenal of button down tops. I love the black colorway in this one.

Grey Leggings (same as my favorite black ones!) I also switched it up and went with the grey version in the full length live in legging. I was hesitant because black is always so easy, but I think I will really enjoy having the grey to choose from too! In case you missed my previous posts on these leggings- I LIVE in them. Literally, almost every day of the winter I have these on if I am not at work! Wear them to work out or wear them with a sweater and boots. They pass all the tests...

Adidas T-Shirt Working out is always better with a new top or two. Twenty bucks for a cute shirt isn't bad!

Striped T-Shirt I was iffy about the quality of this since it is so inexpensive, but so far I think it is a great piece, especially for layering. I might consider adding a few more colors at this price! Still wearing the AG jeans in this pic too.

I also snagged these jammies (no pic!) and this lotion that I have heard rave reviews on. I have super dry skin in the winter and I'm hoping this will solve all my problems!

I have been stalking Nordstrom all week waiting for one of these to come back in my size in the pretty off white color. I've decided its a must have for fall this year!
Cozy Cardigan OR Circle Cardigan

What did you guys get? xo.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

First #NSALE picks

The Nordstrom Sale is finally here! Last year I signed up to be a card holder that just links to my bank account. I actually don't even have to use the card itself and just my regular credit card when I am checking out. (I like to keep things simple and use 2 cards only!) Anyway, my point is I think it is worth it to have an account to be able to shop the sale early without any big commitments to a new credit card. So check that out if you haven't! I'm headed up to Raleigh this morning so I will do a more lengthy recap soon...but if you want to know what I had to snag early this morning? These jeans were my top pick! I won't let them slip through my fingers like I did last year by waiting!

These flats are a great buy. I have a pair of black Revas that might possibly be 10 years old. Yes, that is crazy. Good news is they last right?!

I have this dress and love it. It's the perfect dress to wear to church, a shower, work or even out to dinner! I love this brand - this is another really cute dress by them.

I think its safe to say that military jackets are here to stay.  They have been going strong for a few years now and I wouldn't mind having this one. I love it paired with a striped top like below- such an easy look!

Tops with a big tie on the front are calling my name! This one (below), this one is crisp in white, and this is the perfect grey for a cozy day!

I mention them every year, they are so worth it. Add these leggings to your cart and do not look back. I have lost track of how many pairs I own and basically wear them in the winter every single day unless I am working..true story! They suck you in and wash so well. I try to line dry mine to keep them looking newish.

Ok...that's all for now but I can't wait to keep looking through the sale with all new fall fashions, marked down for a short time. Sounds like Christmas in July, right? Please let me know if there are any areas you want me to focus on as I do recaps for the sale!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Master Bathroom Makeover + PRIME finds!

If you have ever thought that I have decorating ADD then you are most definitely correct. I jump around all the time and I really never make decisions until it feels right or I am SO ready for it. I got that cue on Wednesday morning after being away at the beach for almost a week. I just couldn't deal with our bathroom anymore.

Let's backtrack and fill you in on our bathroom. It is not your spacious master that you see in bathrooms these days. Our house was built in '89 just as master baths really started to be a thing. Unfortunately, our house missed that boat! There is a separate room for the shower and toilet with a door, and then a single vanity with a large sink, three drawers, a cabinet and a hamper. It was definitely one of the drawbacks to the house, but of course not a deal breaker since here we are. Did I mention the carolina blue/white chevron wallpaper surrounding the sink? Our kids however, have the largest bathroom in the house, which I am so envious of! In case you missed when we moved in, we are in love with this house- but none of them are perfect.

Now that you are up to speed on the looks of the current bathroom, let's fast forward to my birthday in November of 2016. I asked for basically, a bathroom makeover for our master- all of the pretty parts at least. Those pretty little brass fixtures have been tucked away just waiting for their moment to come out to shine. Please don't ask why they have been sitting in the has something to do with half painted walls and chevron wallpaper.

Right now, we are knees deep in a garage/breezeway and patio addition, and I knew my patient husband might lose his marbles if I asked for a complete bathroom reno anytime soon. That is fine, because I really am not up for it either. But, when I came home from the beach last week I was ready to strip some wallpaper and make this thing decent. To get you up to speed completely, I have stripped the wallpaper (my first time ever on my own! I was nervous!), painted the walls, and Stephen has installed all the new bath hardware (towel hooks, TP, etc).

I have ordered the mirror and cabinet hardware, but the mirror is on backorder for several more weeks. Darn. It's right up my alley in bamboo 😍 I want to give the trim a fresh coat of paint, as well as the vanity, and install a new window shade.

bathroom makeover

If I'm being honest, sometimes these are my favorite kind of projects when you can really make something out of nothing with out any major work. I'll get into details at a later time on our future plans for a bathroom reno, which involves moving walls, tiling, new shower etc. This makeover is purely cosmetic this time around! Can't wait to show you guys some progress!

As most of you probably's Prime Day! This is the one day a year Amazon hosts a huge sale on thousands of items and the deals can be incredible. Everyone has their own thing they are looking for so I won't go into too much detail. But, I can tell you my Prime membership is worth its weight in gold for items that I don't want to have to run out for or are hard to find. Warning- your husband will probably complain with the amount of Amazon packages that tend to arrive weekly! The deals will change throughout the day and I am not totally sure how the pricing strategy works. So, just keep looking! Here are a few things I found: This wet brush set is perfect! Weeks and I both use them and I'm getting this set to throw in the diaper bag, boat bag, etc. This top is adorable. Love the fun print. I ordered this dress for $35! A $255 dress that I scored for $55! This dress is so pretty and feminine.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fun In The Sun!

It is clearly summertime over here, hence the lack of posting! Who else is trying to wrap their head around the fact that it is the Fourth of July on Tuesday?! Always been one of my favorite holidays. I rounded up some of my favorite summer essentials for some fun in the sun. Everything is on Prime- so at this point you could still have them delivered Monday for the Fourth! 

fun in the sun
Might as well get a new set of beach toys because those little pieces get lost and put in ten different locations! // We use our wagon every day of the week for evening walks. Truly, an essential in my book for kids. They can use it so much longer than any other "toy". // I have always wanted an instax mini...I think it would be fun to take daily photos during the summer and collect them on a board for a collage to look back on! // I recently went to the dermatologist for my yearly check and she recommended this daily moisturizer with SPF. Unlike so many others, it doesn't leave my skin greasy. In fact, I can hardly tell I have it on! EltaMD SPF 46 // Last minute party? Snag this USA banner // Ever since the first time I put sunscreen on Weeks as a baby, he has had a reaction around his eyes to every brand I have tried. I could never figure out if he was getting burned, reacting to the sunscreen or what. I found this sunscreen which is completely safe with no harmful ingredients and it goes on SO easy. No rash around my little man's eyes! Finally!! thinkbaby sunscreen // Both kids love this float and you can use it 4 different ways. 4 in 1 float // My favorite swim diapers are these little swimmers // While getting safe sunscreen for the kids, I bought this for me sunology sunscreen

Not pictured- I would love these mason jar lanterns for our new patio! We are finishing up construction on the new addition in the next few weeks and I can't wait to show you guys!!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Pool Days of Summer

Happy Friday y'all! I am so totally thrown off after getting back from our family vacation on Wednesday. You might follow along on instagram, we were in Williamsburg, Virginia. I had not been since I was a baby so it was all brand new to me. We barely touched on a lot of the historical sites so we will definitely be back in the future!

It's hard to believe we are already halfway through June and I feel like the summer is just beginning! Don't think I am lame here, but my big elaborate plan for the summer is get the kids to the pool and playground several days through the week and then enjoy at least one boat/beach/pool day a weekend. Stephen and I are work horses and always find ourselves engulfed in a new project or work. So, it's our goal to enjoy the summer and most of all, make it special for the kids! During nap times I plan to tackle my little home projects that I am always workin' away on :)

Since I had so many messages about this swimsuit I wanted to link it up here for you. I actually bought it last year when I was nowhere close to wanting to put on a swimsuit post-baby, but I am finally wearing it this year! Find it here via amazon. But really... one pieces...where have you been all my life?! Also, this is the top only (major cheap now) and the bottoms to match. Find Frances Ann's cute suit here and my sunglasses here. Hope that helps y'all!