Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Currently Loving I

While I am still getting back in the swing of things I thought I would do a weekly round up of favorites: no particular category- fashion or home, or perhaps even recipe links, beauty favorites, etc. A good and simple, yet efficient way to stay in touch on these busy summer days. Be sure to look for it each week, I'm aiming to have it on Tuesdays or Wednesdays!

pocket t {major sale! I have 2 colors and you cannot beat this price!!} // summer shorts {great everyday jean shorts I am lovin'} // sandals {love these pretty sandals with a tassel} // polish {my go-to pink this summer} // ibiza tote {so pretty} // pillow {on my wish list} //  woven straw tote {perfect for  the beachy holiday this coming weekend!}

Also, to see my All American outfit inspiration for the fam, see here.
Don't forget to send me any post requests! xo.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Newborn Favorites: Sleeping and Eating

I wanted to round up some favorites from my experiences with 2 newborns, totally different from one another. Let me first start off by filling you on how I fed/am feeding my children {America is fascinated by that right?!?} With my first, Weeks, I started exclusively pumping after about 2 weeks of unsuccessful and frustrating breastfeeding, and him losing weight or not gaining weight. In no way was I going to let my goal of breastfeeding get in the way of him gaining weight, so I started pumping. I exclusively pumped for several months and generated a decent freezer supply to keep him breastfed a while after I stopped pumping. I threw in the towel on EP after we introduced formula, because 1) he liked it 2) it kept him full with his big appetite that was hard to keep up with {round the clock feeding every 2 hours!} Exclusively pumping is a huge undertaking. Can't even put it into words. It was incredibly hard to do this and feel like I could care for a newborn at the same time. This experience was pretty hard at the time...I was discouraged and felt like a failure for not making the breastfeeding work. However, I stand by that breastfeeding was not in our deck of cards and no matter how long it took we weren't going to get it. I am especially sensitive to any mothers that choose formula and bottles for whatever reason it may be. I know the struggles and I completely feel for any woman battling the breastfeeding issue- emotionally and physically. 

Frances Ann is so far doing a wonderful job with breastfeeding, much to my surprise. As soon as I arrived into our room from recovery, girl was ready to eat. Our nurse even commented that it was the best "first feed" she had ever witnessed from a newborn. I only mention this because I want other Moms that may have had a tough experience the first time to be encouraged for the second child. Enough about my experiences though, {I usually don't share things like this!} but I wanted to fill you all in on how I have this "wealth" of knowledge for the range of products below! {totally joking on the wealth of knowledge part too}...

newborn faves

Having a positioning pillow is key, especially with breastfeeding. I am using the boppy pillow this time around- learn from my mistake and don't use a knockoff like I did the first time! I always heard the best things about tommee tippee bottles and Weeks did great with them.  I was religious about using this  bottle sterilizer for pump parts and bottles to keep everything clean. Right now, I am using this hand pump after some feedings just to keep my supply up and to have some milk in storage for occasional bottles. This is my double pump  that works really, really well. I would prefer it to the hospital grade pump we borrowed with Weeks, just for convenience and size.

 Both babies knew how to escape the swaddle from the get-go and blanket anxiety immediately ensued for me. Luckily, both babies love their sleep sacks and I do too! This one is recommended by our doctor as well. The rock and play was a game changer for Weeks....nights became exponentially easier after we started using it! Frances Ann goes in it occasionally for naps- she is still a little small to be really comfy in it at night I think. She is currently very content in her bassinet for night time. This time around, I went with a smaller, portable swing and love it! It is so nice that it takes up minimal space as far as baby equipment is concerned. It folds up for easy travel too. We are using it for naps and for a place for Frances Ann to be when I am in the kitchen, doing laundry, etc. I use these swaddle blankets for draping for nursing and for light layers when we are out and about. I don't actually swaddle with them.  Both babies started out with these pacifiers, although we might switch Frances Ann soon.

Whichever way you are feeding your baby, or plan to- I bet you are doing a good job at it! Hope these tips can help you in some way or another if you are the market for it. If I could change one thing it would be to give myself a little more grace however we handle the feeding, sleeping and parenting thing ;)

Monday, June 20, 2016

All American Family

One of my favorite holidays is quickly approaching! Seriously, I am in awe that the 4th is right around the corner. The month of June has totally escaped me {with good reason}! I loved pulling together some All American inspiration to get everyone's wheels turning for the upcoming celebration of America. We all definitely deserve some fun summertime treats, right?

all american
tie front shirt {I need this! love the tie front} // eyelet skirt // wedge
rug // doormat // radio  {this is perfect for the beach} // float {it is the summer of the float, right? Everyone needs one} // beach bag // wine $ {for your wine money...love it}

all american kids

shorts {we love these boys shorts too!} // check shirt {ordered this!} // rash guard {I love rash guards for kids} // flutter shortie {ordered this as well, I can't wait for Weeks and Frances Ann to match!} // denim mary jane // 2 piece set {do they make this in big girl sizes? prob not as cute ;) }

Monday, June 13, 2016

Welcome Frances Ann

Our sweet baby girl is here!

We welcomed Frances Ann into our lives May 25, at 8:26 am, weighing in at 6 pounds and 9 ounces. So far she has been a total sweetheart....we are loving her cute personality, her alertness, the way Weeks will grab her hand, soft snuggles, adorable noises, those sleeping smiles and the way she has expanded our family and love many times over!

Frances Ann is a combination of her two great grandmother's...Frances was Stephen's beloved Grandma who passed away in 2013...full of love, wit and wisdom; down to earth, and a fantastic country cook. Ann is my grandmother...a graceful and dynamic lady, and a talented artist. We are planning on going with the whole double name thing...I love that southern way! 

I was not planning on hospital photos, but our nanny actually doubles as a photographer on the side, her website is here. I mainly wanted to capture Weeks and his new baby sister. Our "newborn" photos are actually tomorrow!

Frances Ann's hat // my robe and short set // bracelet

Thanks for tuning back in after my baby break! As I am transitioning into this new phase of having toddler and a newborn, life is sure to be busy. Right now I am just mastering the art of getting a baby and a toddler fed and happy, bedtimes, clean laundry and squeezing in quick showers and 2 minute makeup routines. Having my little break was nice- and I certainly did not want to miss any sweet moments right in front of me. But, I do love this little space and have missed it for the last few weeks. Any post suggestions are happily welcomed, please send me any requests you might have :)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Nursery Notes & Special Artwork

The nursery has been revealed and we are anxiously awaiting baby girl's arrival. Since I didn't go into much detail on the reveal post, I thought I would mention some special details about her nursery that I left out!

First of all, this pretty print just arrived from Dana at Indigo Home. I have been a follower of Dana's for a long time on instagram and totally missed that she did these beautiful prints of my very own Meredith College! Every Meredith girl is proud of her college and we all share a special connection. As soon as I saw the bright pink, I knew it was meant to be in baby girl's nursery. It has been the perfect finishing touch for this nook.

A little note about Dana- what a total sweetheart. She was so pleasant to work with and I admire her work so much. If you want to see some of the prettiest hand painted blue and white pieces, see my favorite vase here, a beautiful trivet here and ginger jar trivet here. As you all know, I am a blue and white lovah...so her beautiful work is right up my alley! I love the unique finds on etsy, but when you find an artist that has such a kind personality, it makes shopping small even better.

A little detail about the wallpapered book ledges: we finished the accent wall and I had quite a bit of wallpaper leftover. I had thrown so many ideas back and forth in my mind about what could go behind the rocker and finally it all clicked at just the right time. We measured out the space we wanted to be papered, cut it, and pasted it on the wall. Next, Stephen cut trim molding to make the box around it, attaching it with a nail gun. It got caulked, patched and painted. We had the ikea shelves from Weeks' nursery and Stephen cut them down to the appropriate size. Voila! Instant art. I love this addition so much! 

I'm newly obsessed with felt flowers for a baby girl. I made several that you might have noticed in my post. They are fun and simple, but added a special touch to a few places in the nursery I needed that something else. Next up, I'm making some hair bows! 

The ribbon banner came together at the very last minute as well. I had a bag full of bows from my baby shower and put them to good use. I tied a bunch of them onto a fabric strip and added leftover buffalo check fabric strips, and excess pom pom trim. I love this punch of color and is that airy feel I needed on this side of the room, especially since we skipped the mobile this time around. 

For the original nursery reveal post with sources, see here. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Currently Loving

Happy Monday! I want to thank everyone for the many, many sweet messages on our nursery reveal. I have such a huge sense of relief it is not even funny. I really struggled about a month ago if I would have a nursery ready for this baby girl or not...so it feels pretty good to have it done. So, thank you again for all the love! Since my big work is out of the way, it's time for fun and shopping. I am loving the thought of buying new clothes for summer. I have no idea what kind of post-baby body I will be rocking but new clothes always make you feel better. Plus, I have done a major, major closet overhaul over the past 9 months weeding out anything and everything that is not worn regularly. In other words, my tastes changed and I need new ;)

Everything at J.Crew Factory is 50% off and I am loving the selection! Y'all know me and gingham and check...it doesn't stop with home decor, I love it for fashion too. 

Love this pink! Throw on with a black top and you are done.

boardwalk short

These are a fun short that looks so cute with a pretty, crisp white top {see here}.

I have a pair of jacquard shorts from last year and I wore them quite a bit. This color is so pretty.

This top is adorable. 

striped flounce shirt

Loft extended their 30% off sale for today and there are some great finds here as well.  There really are a ton of great everyday kind of clothes, yet something you can put on for a polished look at a great price. Absolutely adore the jumpsuit below. Other jumpsuits I have noticed don't look that cute with flats but I love it here! Makes for an easy outfit choice when you really don't want to put on heels.

off the shoulder jumpsuit

A few items are actually 50% off including these pretty lace shorts. Seriously, a steal! I love lace shorts for summer, I think they fit better most of the time too. Shorts can be a hard fit if you want them to be flattering {of course you do}.

Floral Lace Scallop Short

Lastly, are these sandals not gorgeous? Ok, I'm in love.

Marcia Sandal

Hope you all have a great start to your week!

Friday, May 13, 2016

One Room Challenge Love!

If you have ever participated in the One Room Challenge, you definitely know the huge undertaking it is to complete a room from start to finish in 6 weeks. There are so many decisions to be made, projects that don't turn out like you expect, purchases and returns, frustrated husbands from all your many needs ;), styling to a T....and then the photographs! It is a lot to squeeze in and post on every week. But, as I have learned, it is totally worth it for me. I work best with a deadline and this year was no exception! To throw another wrench into the situation, I was sidelined on "modified bed rest" so most of my work was done right from a chair or behind the computer. It was tough but I am so glad we have the nursery completed before baby girl arrives.

I want to give some love to these ladies who worked tirelessly to complete these fabulous rooms. It is a labor of love, but it feels great and is well deserved to be recognized for such an accomplishment! There were so many beautiful rooms here, but these are a handful of my faves!

If you participated, send me your link so I can be sure to check out your reveal! I haven't had a chance to look at them all and I know more amazing spaces await!