Monday, August 31, 2015

Forgoing Perfection and Weekend Randoms....

Oh my gosh have to read this post at The Decor Fix. It totally lit a fire behind me to stop waiting for my house to be "perfect" enough....and I'm not sure who I am trying to impress when I say I want it to be perfect. The truth is, we still have a million things on our to-do list for our house. Yes, that is part of the fun. There are big things like our master bath, all the way down to little things like replacing brass outlet covers and painting trim. Those little projects are so not the fun stuff, but the stuff we really need to buckle down and do. Those same projects are the ones that are essentially "free" at this point because we have all the supplies sitting in our work room waiting for them to be used. So, there's a great reason to get started, right? I worked on our entry way yesterday and will show you some photos of that tomorrow...and guess what, it's totally not perfect, finished or styled but it's progress!

I guess Fall really is right around the corner. In my mind, Fall starts September ready or not! I picked up these baby sunflowers and a mixed bouquet at Lowes Food yesterday, and love how this little arrangement turned out. I hope they keep sunflowers like these for a while because they are so darn cute!

I tried this Pimiento Cheese on our boat ride Saturday and promptly went to pick some up for our appetizer last night at my in-laws. I bought it at Lowes but I haven't looked for it eleswhere yet. SO GOOD. It's a whole new level.

A little update on my Rodan + Fields business. So far I am loving it. I love hearing how these products are loved by SO many people {including myself}. I am giving the Acute Care a try this week...if you have never heard of it, people compare the results to botox for filling lines except this is a little patch that goes on your skin overnight. From the business standpoint side, you never want to be one of those annoying friends that is pestering- but at the same time you WANT your friends to bask in the glory of the results. So far, I have taken it slow but I am still doing really good for my first month! I am pleasantly surprised. By the way, I promised not to promote R+F  on my blog unless I was running a special- and if you are at all interested in the products I am offering a free sunless tanner if you sign up to be a Preferred Customer today. One day only! Email me with any questions:)

I am off to do Monday things and continue on our entry way! And thanks to everyone who weighed in on my pillow debate. I think I have a winning combination!! xo.

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Owen Ross Davis said...

I'd love to try the sunless tanner!! How do I sign up to be a preferred customer? Beach days are almost over and I'm 100% against tanning beds so I need some tanner in my life come mid-October :)