Thursday, August 6, 2015

Design Idea: Sansevierias

I know you've probable seen or heard of the "snake plant" but I had a really had a hard time letting the word "snake" be in a title on my blog, so I went with the scientific name!  No, we aren't talking about the nasty creatures though, just a little way to purify your air indoors and add a touch of green. I'm sure you've seen them around the web, but they are an up and coming little popular plant. Maybe the next fiddle fig? I don't know. But I do love them in these rooms and I purchased one as well.

We planted ours last weekend and I literally haven't touched the thing since and it looks great. Snake plants or "sansevierias" are known for being an extremely easy indoor house plant to take care of. They can take low levels of light, drought and be neglected for weeks at a time. They also remove toxins from the air such as formaldehyde and benzene. Sounds like the perfect houseplant right?

I put ours right next to our fireplace. Every now and then I can get a whiff of the fireplace when I walk by it because the former owners legit used the thing, even with a wood stove. We haven't used it and have had it cleaned a few times. Since I have put the snake plant next to it, I haven't noticed the smell. Pretty cool! Do you have one? What is your favorite house plant?

Also~ if you follow me on instagram (@missdixie30) you saw that we had a little scare with make a long story short he is having his gallbladder removed tomorrow morning. He had started having some really bad pains (mainly in the middle of the night) and that started rounds of ultrasound...which led to an MRI. Thankfully, he just needs to have the surgery which is really common. We appreciate all your support and prayers so much already and as we have the surgery tomorrow!! Thank you, thank you!!! xoxo.


megan said...

Will say a prayer that Stephen's surgery goes well! You've convinced me that I need to add a snake plant or two to our house.

Melissa Fitch said...

Sending prayers your way. Many family members have had theirs removed and have been very happy with the results. Wishing him a speedy recovery!

Amanda June said...

I need to look into that plant because I have been known to kill any and all plants. I just forget about them, but love the way they look in a home. Prayers for Stephen!