Friday, June 12, 2015

Living Room...Making it Work

A few days ago I posted on finding a new living room rug. Thank you to those that weighed in on the options, it definitely got my wheels spinning. First, I went to our local carpet and flooring specialty store to see what their options were for having a rug made {sort of like out of a piece of carpet. Scroll down to see that option at the end}. I found a herringbone option I really, really love but it's still a little more than what I want to spend right now with Fathers Day and hubby's birthday right around the corner. So the long term plan is to invest in that rug in a few months, until then I have come up with a plan that will make it work! I will keep the jute rug and layer over it a black and white striped rug that we aren't using. So excited about this short term fix.

I made this design below and I can't wait to implement it! To start, we have a white sofa similar to below, and I am trading my plaid wingbacks with my parent's club chairs from their beach house. I love my estate sale wingbacks, but the mauve plaid just isn't working, and recovering would also be an added expense I am not up for right now. I've had them almost a year and they still are in their original plaid :) I'm hoping the club chairs aren't too big! Although this is technically our formal living room, it is definitely the room we spend the most time in because of its large size. The club chairs will add an element of "comfiness", I think.

I mentioned I have the ritvas I will be switching out with my old floral drapes, and we already have a starburst mirror hung in between the windows. Wall color is matched to pale powder by Farrow and Ball. It looks a little more green in the design than it does in my house. Love this color! It goes from our living room, foyer and down the hall. 

I actually already own {hoarder!!} the dalmation print fabric that I will turn into pillows, and now I just have to get the floral and the pink velvet. Not sure if I will use these exact fabrics, but they are good contenders! 

Living Room

roll arm chair / seabury sofa / ikea ritva / maui chunky loop rug / olin black rug / velvet pillow / floral pillow / dalmation pillow

Here is the herringbone rug that is currently the long term contender, placed alongside our wood floors and on top of the current rug. I love that it is still neutral, but has another element of design, but doesn't blend with the wood either. I think the current rug is not the right shade, making it look dull.

On another note, I had way too much doing this little e-design. Anyone want me to take a shot designing one for you? Free of charge! Email me or leave a comment below and we can be in touch.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!


Jennifer Miller said...

Yes! Oh my goodness, I love your design work! Will email you :). This post really helped me.... Great combos with the Dalmatian and black/white striped rug, plus using what you have & planning for the future. Practical and pretty! Thank you

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I think you have a great plan for now! Can't wait to see this space evolve in the coming months!