Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Living Room E-Design #1

I mentioned a few weeks ago I had a great time working on an E-design for myself. It really helped me to design the room the way I want it to look instead of piecing it together over time and hoping it works. Can't wait to show y'all where we are on our room! Until then, here is a reader that contacted me about her living room. Shauna has a family of three {husband, herself and one toddler} and another one on the way. They wanted something comfortable but couldn't figure out how to "design" their space. Here is what I came up with!

Gallery wall over sideboard

Mostly brown/tan furniture and accents

Overall, a great space, just needs some brighter colors to break up the tan and brown.

Here is what I came up with! 

Family Room: Shauna

I know everyone has their own budget and since this was just a "design" I tried to keep it somewhere in the middle of the road of designing for style, but also cost conscious. I know sofas and chairs are big purchases and I still think the client could use most of the room with her current furniture if she didn't want to do the new slipcovered furniture route. By the way, I love my slipcovers! Both the sofa and the chairs look like they will be extremely durable, yet have a chic style. Absolutely love the skirt on the chairs. Love, love, love.

The living room has great "bones" and character and is actually a really great set up. So many living rooms have quirky things to work around but they had theirs set up really well. My very first thought was to paint the brick around the fireplace the same color as the bookshelves. It will make the space seem bigger and seamless. Can we talk about the fireplace and bookcases for a second? So jealous of this feature! While we are talking about the bookshelves, I have a simple idea...I regularly frequent thrift shops/ consignment stores for books with nice bindings {check under the covers!} that I can use on my bookshelves. Maybe even look for a bunch in the same color scheme {i.e all white, all brown, all tan, all turquoise} It will take time but it is worth it and its something you can do over time. I also added a few items that will make those shelves pop. I suggested using some metallics, and other items that tie back to the rest of the room. Don't use all small items or else they will be lost on the shelves. Above the fireplace, I thought a round sunburst mirror style would be really nice.

For the white sofa and chairs: I added a classic buffalo check and a fun geometric. I think the pillows in the room really add some energy that the space needs. I have learned nice pillows make a big difference. Try and use down inserts if possible. 

I would keep the side table the client already owns against the wall, add a few lamps and use a large scale piece of art over it instead of the gallery wall. I would then, in turn, make a gallery wall around the tv instead.

I think the wall color is great and I would wait on the rug after they made some more decisions. {In most cases the rug would come first, but here I think she can wait since it sort of works!} 


Shauna seemed really happy with her design and I look forward to hearing how she implements it in her home. If you are interested in a complimentary e-design, email me, with photos, information on your current space, the direction you want to go in and what you hope to get out of the e-design. Must be willing to let me share your photos on Miss Dixie :) Look forward to hearing from y'all! 


Caroline {Virginia Sweet} said...

love the clean, classic look going on here in the redesign!!

Madeline {Poppy Style} said...

I am SO reaching out when we have our sunroom ready to decorate! We are about to paint it and put tile down, but that is all I have so far! love your board!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

You are seriously talented! I would love to have you work on one of our rooms!

Chelsea said...

I would love to do an e-design with you ;) Please let me know what I need to do?? We just moved to a new house so it is crazy

Nat said...

Love the living room design you did!! We are moving to a new house and would love your help with some rooms so I will be emailing you soon!

Stephanie Chalk said...

What an awesome design, I love all your ideas and updates for the client! Xo, Stephanie