Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday: All Sorts of Fun Stuff

One: My Favorite Things
In case you missed our announcement earlier this week, we are so excited to bring you a gift guide link up series for the holidays. Does anyone else have people demanding lists from you already? Yes, I do. I love those people. But I do feel like I always fail them on getting a list on time. This year, I'm on top of it! Make sure to join us this coming Tuesday for linking up YOUR Christmas list.

Two. Cant Stop Wont Stop
Ok, so I barely have gotten over my One Room Challenge Hangover and I am already jumping on board to Christmas decorations. Some years I am into it, some years I am not. I mean, I always do some decorations, but sometimes I don't feel like reinventing the wheel and all that. This year, I am into the decorations. I am sure it's because we have a new house/new space to decorate. Oh, and I do have a brand new staircase that is begging for some garland! Inside squeel/yay! I already got started on some easy indoor blooms this week...If you want to see my post on how to force paperwhites, check here.

Three. Savoring Soups.
I just love soup season, don't you? Best part- leftovers. I made this soup several weeks ago and have one container left in the freezer. It just might get pulled out this weekend since we are under a freeze warning! {Straight from summer to winter in the south} Find the recipe here. It is incredible and I can't wait to make it again!

Four. J.Crew Sale
Hello...25% off. I remember some things I wanted last year being sold out come stock up now. I am loving this sweater, this vest and this would be on repeat at least once a week  Remember to use the code SHOPNOW at checkout! Link for popover below is here.

Five. Veterans Day.
I have a very big soft spot for Veterans and all of those who are serving our country. What a sacrifice! My grandfather was a pilot in WW2 and I greatly admire him. I only wish I could hear more of his stories. We live close to a base and occasionally see marines in local restaurants. Last night, one happened to sit right behind us in an otherwise empty restaurant. I didn't even have to turn around, after hearing him speak to the waiter, I knew that this young man was probably in the marines. When he was in the bathroom, Stephen asked the waiter if he indeed was a marine and he agreed most likely. Stephen told him to go ahead and give him his tab. As soon as that young man asked for his check and heard it was taken care of, he jumped up and walked right to our side, thanking us. {Btw we didn't ask the waiter to tell him it was us but he did so anyway}We in turn were thanking him...who else would be so gracious? They deserve so much more than one day of recognition...

Linking up with the lovely ladies of Five on Friday: Christina, April, Darci, Natasha...I'm glad to be back on it this week! Have a great weekend everyone!


Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

I agree that we went from still very warm to freeze warnings! Crazy! But I've enjoyed the comfort food and bundling up. I have to agree that I also have a soft spot for all the veterans. My dad was in Vietnam and both of my grandfathers were in WW2. I'm always so thankful for those that choose to serve our country! I can't even imagine what all they endure and their families.

Nat said...

What you and Stephan did was so nice! Veterans deserve so much more than they get for their service. I'm excited for the link up next week. I still can't get over your one room challenge- it was so good!! I'm ready to start Christmas decorating too, I'm really excited for the holiday this year

April Lynn | Our Little Loves said...

New follower from the link-up!

Are you in TX? I'm in Houston. This dang cold weather!

Life As You Live It said...

That popover is perfect!